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 “st” is a stained preparation;  
 “cs” is a cross section, such as a thin wafer of a worm; 
 “sq” is a squash preparation; and,  
 “sm” is a smear, such as a blood smear. 
 “sec” is a section 
CodeDescription Unit
A4799Slide M,Tilia Sp.,Woody Plant,c.spc
A4800Slide M,Eichhornia Sp.,Aquatic Plant,c.spc
A4433Slide M,Myelin-sheath – l.spc
A4434Slide M,Myelin sheath – t.spc
A4435Slide M,Allium root tip – l.spc
A4437Slide M,Bacteria: Diplococcus pneumoniaepc
A4438Slide M,Bacteria: Salmonella typhipc
A4439Slide M,Bacteria: Bacillus antraracispc
A4441Slide M,Bacteria: Clostridium lotanipc
A4442Slide M,Bacteria: Azotobacterpc
A4444Slide M,Bacteria: Vibrio choleraepc
A4187Slide M,Spirillum vollutanspc
A4188Slide M,Streptococcus lactispc
A4189Slide M,Anabaena hetercocysts w.mpc
A4190Slide M,Oscillatoria w.mpc
A4191Slide M,Porphyra w.mpc
A4192Slide M,Agaricuspc
A4193Slide M,Mucor Combinacationpc
A4194Slide M,Animal Tissuepc
A4195Slide M,Plant Tissuepc
A4196Slide M,Escherichia coli gram (-)pc
A4197Slide M,Streptococcus sppc
A4198Slide M,Mammaliapc
A4199Slide M,Motor Neuron Cell Smearpc
A4201Slide M,Dryopteris sp-soruspc
A4202Slide M,Lycopodium Strobilus (LS)pc
A4204Slide M,Simple Squamouspc
A4288Slide M,Sclerenchyma cell (CS)pc
A4173Slide M,Hyaline cartilage tissuepc
A3236Slide M,Plant Tissue: Parenchyma cells LSpc
A4174Slide M,Plant Tissue: Parenchyma cells TSpc
A4175Slide M,Plant Tissue: Tracheid cells WMpc
A4209Slide M,Plant Tissue: Tracheid cells LSpc
A4186Slide M,Plant Tissue: Tracheid cells TSpc
A4208Slide M,Plant Tissue: Collenchyma cells LSpc
A4176Slide M,Plant Tissue: Collenchyma cells TSpc
A4177Slide M,Plant Tissue: Vessel LSpc
A4178Slide M,Plant Tissue: Sieve Tubes LSpc
A4179Slide M,Simple cuboidal epitheliumpc
A4180Slide M,Simple columnar epitheliumpc
A4181Slide M,Pseudostratified epitheliumpc
A3690ASlide M,Bacteria set of 8 slidesset
A3691Slide M,Histology (16 slides/set)set
A3692ASlide M,Zoology set of 10 slidesset
A3496Slide M,Blood Tissuepc
A3498Slide M,Connective Tissuepc
A3499Slide M,Epithelial Tissuepc
A3500Slide M,Mammalian Digestive System: Oesophagus T/Spc
A3501Slide M,Vicia Fabapc
A1308Slide M,Algae : Chlamydomonas, w.m.pc
A1307Slide M,Algae : Spirogyra conjugation, w.m.pc
A2209Slide M,Amoebapc
A1355Slide M,Animal cell : simple, w.m.pc
A2361Slide M,Antheridiapc
A1320Slide M,Aorta : human, t.s.pc
A1319Slide M,Artery : t.s., elastica stainedpc
A4066Slide M,Artery, vein t.spc
A2054Slide M,Artery, vein & capillary, t.spc
A2542Slide M,Ascaris exellent slide to demonstrate animal mitosispc
A1313Slide M,Bacteria : Rhizobium,legumininosaru, in t.s. root and nodulepc
A1437Slide M,Bacteria : smear : Bacillus pc
A1314Slide M,Bacteria : smear : coccus, pc
A1436Slide M,Bacteria : smear : Spirillumpc
A3411Slide M,Bacteria: Escherichia coli pc
A3412Slide M,Bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus pc
A3413Slide M,Bacteria: Escherichia coli (unstained) pc
A3414Slide M,Bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus (unstained)pc
A3634Slide M,Bacteria: Various soil bacteriapc
A1318Slide M,Blood : human, Giemsa or Wright stained smearpc
A3790ASlide M,Blood : human, Giemsa or Wright stained smear (5pcs/pack)pack
A2037Slide M,Cardiac muscle, secpc
A2567Slide M,Cell heartpc
A1976Slide M,Cheekpc
A4058Slide M,Chick 20-22 hr, w.m.pc
A4059Slide M,Chick Chick 33 hr, w.mpc
A4060Slide M,Chick Chick 48 hr, w.mpc
A4061Slide M,Chick Chick 72 hr, w.mpc
A4062Slide M,Chick Chick 96 hr, w.m injectedpc
A4063Slide M,Chick composite rep. sag. Secpc
A2035Slide M,Ciliated epithelium,t.s.tracheapc
A2368Slide M,Cladophorapc
A2365Slide M,Closterium pc
A2043Slide M,Colon, cat, t.spc
A2036Slide M,Columnar epithelium, w.m.intestinepc
A1353Slide M,Corkroach : w.m. of dissected biting-lapping mouth partspc
A3419Slide M,Cycas cone LS maletpc
A3420Slide M,Cycas cone LS femaletpc
A2297Slide M,Dryopterispc
A2044Slide M,Duodenum, cat, t.spc
A2543Slide M,Earthworm x.spc
A2364Slide M,Eichhornia sppc
A1974Slide M,Euglenapc
A2559Slide M,Fallopian tube t.s mammalpc
A2544Slide M,Fern Prothalluspc
A2545Slide M,Fern, Yong sporopthytepc
A2546Slide M,Fern x.s of soripc
A2211Slide M,Filament of plantspc
A1342Slide M,Flower Lilium : Mature anture, t.s.pc
A1343Slide M,Flower Lilium : Ovary, t.s. showing arrangement of ovulespc
A2547Slide M,Frog, Blastula type sectionpc
A2548Slide M,Frog, late cleavage x.spc
A2549Slide M,Frog, uncleavage eggpc
A2550Slide M,Frog, two eggpc
A2551Slide M,Frog. early gastrula type sectionpc
A2552Slide M,Frog, late gastrula type sectionpc
A3406Slide M,Development of Frog egg tpc
A3429Slide M,Frog Embryo Cleavage , set of 6set
A2295Slide M,Funariapc
A3407Slide M,Funaria,male gametophyte l/s tpc
A3408Slide M,Funaria,female gametophyte l/s tpc
A1309Slide M,Fungi : Penicillium ,w.m.pc
A1310Slide M,Fungi : Saccharomyces (Yeast),smearpc
A1310BSlide M,Fungi : Saccharomyces (Yeast),smear (10pcs/pack)pack
A4445Slide M,Fungus: Rhizopus-showing sporangiumpc
A2366Slide M,Goniumpc
A3421Slide M,Gnetum cone LS maletpc
A3422Slide M,Gnetum cone LS femaletpc
A2210Slide M,Helianthus Leafpc
A2558Slide M,Hibiscus root t.spc
A1354Slide M,House fly : mouth parts with sucking tubepc
A4102Slide M, Hidrilla leafpc
A2051Slide M,Human chromosomes, femalepc
A2052Slide M,Human chromosomes, malepc
A2042Slide M,Human skin, v.s showing hair folliclespc
A3399Slide M,Human Muscle (3 type) pc
A3400Slide M,Human Bone Tissue pc
A3401Slide M,Human Gristletpc
A3428Slide M,Human Basic Tissue type slide set-40 slidesset
A1316Slide M,Hydra : extended specimen for general body structure, carefully stained and w.m.pc
A1315Slide M,Hydra : with one or more budspc
A2045Slide M,Ileum, t.s. for villii & goblet cellspc
A1330Slide M,Kidney : human, t.s. showing cortex and medulla with glomerulipc
A1340Slide M,Leaf Dicot : Gossypium, cotton, dicot leaf, t.s.pc
A1341Slide M,Leaf monocot : Zea mays, corn, monocot leaf, t.s.pc
A2046Slide M,Liver, t.s. for bite ducts, hepatic cell & blood vesselspc
A1430Slide M,Locust,squash testis showing cell meiosispc
A2041Slide M,Lung, t.s showing alveoli, broncioles & bronchipc
A2362Slide M,Lycopodium sp Strobiluspc
A3409Slide M,Lycopodium Strobilus, l/stpc
A1317Slide M,Lymph gland : human, t.s.pc
A4479Slide M,Macroorganismpc
A2296Slide M,Marchantiapc
A3415Slide M,Marchantia gemma cup,sectpc
A3416Slide M,Marchantia male gametophyte-L/S (antheridium)pc
A3417Slide M,Marchantia female gametophyte-L/S (antheridium)pc
A3418Slide M,Marchantia thallus- c/s tpc
A3818Slide M,Meiosis animal cell all stages in one slide.pc
A3305Slide M,Meiosis plant cell all stages in one slide.pc
A3816Slide M,Mitosis animal cell all stages in one slide.pc
A3306Slide M,Mitosis plant cell all stages in one slide.pc
A2360Slide M,Mnium, Archegonical Headpc
A2560Slide M,Monohybrid corn (Angiosperm)pc
A1351Slide M,Mosquito : female, head, with piercing mouth parts, w.m.pc
A1352Slide M,Mosquito : male, head, with piercing mouth parts, w.m.pc
A2553Slide M,Moss, protonemapc
A1324Slide M,Motor nerve ending : w.m.pc
A2299Slide M,Mukorpc
A2554Slide M,Muscle & tendonpc
A2038Slide M,non-striated Muscle, t.s & l.spc
A1323Slide M,Nerve cells : w.mpc
A2561Slide M,Obelia colony w.m (coelenterata)pc
A1975Slide M,Onionpc
A2234Slide M,Onion rootpc
A1349Slide M,Ovary : rabbit, t.s.pc
A1439Slide M,Ovum : human, smearpc
A4139Slide M,Human Ovary-active phasepc
A2047Slide M,Pancreas, t.spc
A2556Slide M,Paramecium conjugationpc
A2555Slide M,Paramecium fissionpc
A1311Slide M,Paramecium : section through many specimens, stained for internal structurepc
A2298Slide M,Pinuspc
A2563Slide M,Pinus female cone (Gymnosperm)pc
A2566Slide M,Pinus leaf x.spc
A2564Slide M,Pinus seed l.s (Gymnosperm)pc
A3423Slide M,Pinus cone LS male tpc
A3424Slide M,Pinus cone LS female tpc
A1335Slide M,Phloem : l.s.pc
A1334Slide M,Phloem : t.s.pc
A4221Slide M,Phylum Coelenterata/cnidaria Hydrapc
A2557Slide M,Planaria reproductivepc
A3425Slide M,Planaria LSpc
A2562Slide M,Plant embroy (Angiosperm)pc
A2053Slide M,Plant cells, of onion epidermispc
A1356Slide M,Plant cell : simple, w.m.pc
A3827Slide M,Plant Aerating Tissue pc
A3402Slide M,Plant Meristem Tissue pc
A3403Slide M,Plant Epidermis Tissue pc
A3404Slide M,Plant General Tissuepc
A3405Slide M,Plant Vascular Plants Tissue pc
A2300Slide M,Pleurococcuspc
A2233Slide M,Pollen of flowerspc
A4702Slide M,Polytrichum Capsule sp.(l.s.) pc
A2535Slide M,Protozoa :Amoeba proteus,Rhizopoda,w.m.pc
A2212Slide M,Protozoa vorticellapc
A1978Slide M,Red Blood Cellpc
A1979Slide M,Reproductivepc
A1337Slide M,Root Dicot : Ranunculus, t.s. of a typical dicot root for general study pc
A2565Slide M,Root monocot : Zea mays, corn, typical monocot root l.s. showing all structurespc
A1336Slide M,Root monocot : Zea mays, corn, typical monocot root t.s. showing all structurespc
A2363Slide M,Selaginella sp Strobiluspc
A4203Slide M,Selaginella sp Strobilus (LS)pc
A3410Slide M,Selaginella Cone,l/spc
A1328Slide M,Skin : human, from general body surface showing sweat glandspc
A2048Slide M,Small intestine, t.spc
A1329Slide M,Smooth muscle : human, t.s. and l.s.pc
A1350Slide M,Sperm : human, smearpc
A1322Slide M,Spinal cord : human, t.s. for general structurepc
A2039Slide M,Spinal cord, c.spc
A2040Slide M,Spinal cord, t.s. for motor nerve cellspc
A1327Slide M,Squamous Epithelium : scrapings from human mouth, w.m.pc
A1338Slide M,Stem Dicot Helianthus,sunflower,typical dicot herbaceous stem t.s-open vascular bundles&all structurespc
A1339Slide M,Stem monocot : Zea mays, typical monocot stem with scattered bundles, t.s.pc
A2232Slide M,Stigma of plantspc
A2049Slide M,Stomach wall, l.s fundic regionpc
A1344Slide M,Stomata : Leaf epidermis showing stomatapc
A1326Slide M,Striated muscle : human, t.s.pc
A2050Slide M,Taste bud, secpc
A1347Slide M,Testis : rabbit, to showing proses spermatogenispc
A1331Slide M,Thyroid gland : t.s.pc
A1325Slide M,Tongue : rabbit, t.s., papillae with taste budspc
A1348Slide M,Uterus : rabbit, t.s.pc
A1438Slide M,Vein : t.s., elastica stainedpc
A1321Slide M,Vertebra w Spinal cord : mamal, t.s. showing white & gray matter, nerve cellspc
A2367Slide M,Volvoxpc
A1977Slide M,White Blood Cellpc
A1333Slide M,Xylem : l.s. herbaceous stem t.s. showing open vascular bundles and all structure very clearly.pc
A1332Slide M,Xylem : t.s.pc
A4072Slide Magazine straight Germanypc
A1037Slide Magazine round,Siro,Germanypc
A1507Slide Projector Kindermann diafocus 1500E-IRunit