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A1861Abacus plastic frame white beadsset
DA0001Absorption radiant heat,localset
A4031AC/DC adapter Input 220-240V,output DC8V 300mA for balance LT model unit
A4354AC/DC adapter Input 230V,output DC6V 300mA unit
A4837Accessories for A4644, Adjustable Sensor Rack with Stainless Rods or the horizontal Rods set
DA0002Accumulator 2V, 36AH, capacity 9 plates Lcpc
A2469Accumulator 2V,A502/10.0S Dryfit  rechargeable Germany pc
DA2278Accumulator Lead Acid cell Demo setset
A2682Aerofoil Kitset
A1645Air Compression Demonstratorset
A3933Air Cushion 40cm pc
A3934Air Cushion 45cmpc
DA0466Air Jet Car-set B (Explosion Principal Kit)set
DA1532Air Puck (set of 10pcs)set
A4705Air Track App. with Timer 4 digits 240-250v, Blower,Accessories kit Inset
A1431Air Track App.c/w air cushion rail 1200mm,digital Timer 4 digits,Blower & Accessories kit Cnset
DA0004Alat cahaya linearset
C1205Aluminium foil 45.7cm x 7.62 meter Diamondroll
A0008Aneroid barometer demonstration typeset
A0009Aneroid barometer precision type 11900set
DA0010Animal bone demo apparatusset
A1863Animal Cages 300 x 230 x H300mmset
A2695Animal Feeding Bottle 250mlpc
A2578Aquarium, 1.5 liter Diameter 120 x 180mm with coverset
A3754Aquarium, 3.3 liter Diameter 175 x 160mm overall height 190mm with coverset
A3908Aquarium,Glass with Iron stand 600 x 300 x 300 mm and plastic Cover set
A2661Aquarium,net 150 length x 125 breath x 250mm Handleunit
A2485Aquarium,Transparent plastic 300 x 190 x 210 mm with coverset
A2653Aquarium,Transparent plastic 350 x 200 x 270 mm with coverset
A4211Aquarium,Transparent plastic 450 x 300 x 340 mm with coverset
A0011Archimede’s Law Apparatusset
A0015Asbestos paper 330 x 165 x 2mm (6pcs/pack)pack
A4343Asbestos paper 330 x 330 x 2mm (9pcs/pack)pack
A3129Audio Amplifier with speaker-Allab set
A3823Autoclave Heater for YX-280B 18L Smithunit
A2756Autoclave Stainless steel YX-280B  18L Smithunit
A1865Autoclave Stainless steel YX-280B+ 24L Smithunit
A1292Autoclave,rubber Ring Inpc
A4813Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for training purposeset
A4604Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer -HM-3000A Smithset
A3353Balance Analytical 200g/1mg HC-B Smithunit
A3357Balance Analytical 210g/0.1mg HC-A Smithunit
A3385Balance Analytical 510g/1mg HC-B Smithunit
A3506Balance Bathroom Scale & Height Scale 11030set
A1648Balance Bathroom Scale 11030-C ( kg)unit
A3770Balance Bathroom Scale Digital unit
A4086Balance Double Beam 10gm x 0.01gm VX-10 Chinaunit
A2972Balance electronic 1000gm x 0.01gm LT1002 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A4131Balance electronic 1000gm x 0.01gm LT1002E Smithunit
A2158Balance electronic 1Kg x 0.5gm ACS-TH-1Kg Allabsunit
A2973Balance electronic 2000gm x 0.01gm LT2002 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A4132Balance electronic 2000gm x 0.01gm LT2002E Smithunit
A3354Balance Electronic 200g/1mg HC-C Smithunit
A3039Balance electronic 200gm x 0.01gm LT202 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A4129Balance electronic 200gm x 0.01gm LT202B Smithunit
A0027Balance electronic 200gm x 0.1gm ACS-TH-200 Allabsunit
A4127Balance electronic 200gm x 0.1gm LT200B Smithunit
A3137Balance electronic 200gm x 0.1gm LT201 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A2159Balance electronic 2Kg x 1.0gm ACS-TH-2Kg Allabsunit
A3021Balance electronic 300gm x 0.01gm LT302 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A3138Balance electronic 300gm x 0.1gm LT301 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A2518Balance electronic 500gm x 0.01gm LT-502 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A1684Balance electronic 500gm x 0.01gm LT-502E Smithunit
A3360Balance electronic 5Kg x 0.1gm LT5001 Smith with chargable batteryunit
A3361Balance electronic 5Kg x 0.1gm LT5001E Smithunit
A2957Balance electronic 600gm x 0.01gm LT602 Smith with chargeable batteryunit
A4130Balance electronic 600gm x 0.01gm LT602E Smithunit
A4128Balance electronic 600gm x 0.1gm LT600B Smithunit
A0037Balance Lever Arm,Aluminium frame Casting,plastic tray,Inset
A0205Balance Quadruple Beam MB-311unit
A2886Balance Simple Cn, 200g,1gset
DA1139Balance Simple Mathematical (Timbang Ringkas) Cnset
A0040Balance spring   5.0N/500g  Flat form plastic casepc
A0039Balance spring  2.5N/250g Flat form plastic casepc
A0328Balance spring  2.5N/250g round clear tube type pc
A4078Balance spring 1.0N Flat form plastic case Cnpc
A0038Balance spring 1.0N/100g  Flat form plastic casepc
A3289Balance spring 1.0N/100g round clear tube type pc
A0041Balance spring 10.0N/1000g Flat form plastic casepc
A1573Balance spring 10.0N/1000g round clear tube type pc
A3976Balance spring 100.0N/10000g  Flat form plastic case pc
A1939Balance spring 20.0N/2000g  Flat form plastic casepc
A3541Balance spring 20.0N/2000g round clear tube type pc
A1646Balance spring 5.0N/500g round clear tube type pc
A3975Balance spring 50.0N/5000g dual scale Flat form plastic case pc
A3977Balance spring 500.0N/50000g  Dial type Flat form plastic casepc
A4586Balance spring Digital dual range 10kg*5g ,50kg*10g set
A2293Balance spring top loading,10Kg x 50gmunit
A3044Balance spring top loading,1Kg x 5gmunit
A1845Balance spring top loading,5Kg x 20gmunit
A0042Balance table double  pan,Cap.:   200g x 0.2gset
A0043Balance table double  pan,Cap.:   500g x 0.5gset
A0044Balance table double  pan,Cap.: 1000g x 1.0gset
A0045Balance Triple Beam MB2610 Lark Chinaunit
A4398Balance Triple Beam MB2610E Chinaunit
A3505Balance Weighing & Height Machine Digital 11030-Dset
A3504Balance Weighing & Height Machine Mechanical 11030-Bset
A4649Ball & Ring Apparatus,Brass Ball Dia-18mm,Overall Length-200mm c/w 1 handleset
A0047Ball & Ring Apparatus,Brass Ball Dia-25mm,Overall Length-250mm c/w 1 handleset
A0048Ball & Ring Apparatus,Brass Ball Dia-25mm,Overall Length-250mm c/w 2 handleset
A3298ABall Bearing Diameter – 10mm (50pcs/pack)pack
A3299Ball Bearing Diameter – 15mm (50pcs/packpack
A3297Ball Bearing Diameter – 5mm 50pcs/packpack
A2851Ball Bearing Diameter-3.2mm,10pcs/packpack
A0049ABananas plug – black (50pcs/pack)pack
A0050ABananas plug – red  (50pcs/pack)pack
DA2640-2Bananas plug with wire Blackpc
DA2640Bananas plug with wire Black & Redpairs
DA2640-1Bananas plug with wire Redpc
A1552Bananas socket – black (A7402) XB-C001pc
A1553Bananas socket – red (A7402) XB-C001pc
A2400Bananas socket safety type- blackpc
A2401Bananas socket safety type- redpc
A4281Bar & Gauge apparatus 100mmset
A0052Bar & Gauge apparatus 75mmset
A0051Bar breaking apparatusset
A0082Barometer Fourtin’s accessory,Collarpc
A2056Barometer Fourtin’s accessory,Glass Inner tube OD/ID/L-8/6/880mmset
A2057Barometer Fourtin’s accessory,Glass Outer tube OD/ID/L-30/28/235mmset
A2055Barometer Fourtin’s accessory,Mercury container OD/ID-35/17mmset
A0053Barometer Fourtin’s with Thermometer without mercuryset
A2436Barometer Tube set of 2,ID/OD 5 / 8 x 900mm,3 / 7.5 x 900mm Borosilicate Glasspairs
A2757Base Ten Blocks,10x10x10mm/10pcs,10x10x100mm/9pcs,10x100x100mm/9pcs.set
P0566Basket Plastic L430 X W300 X H220mmpc
A4101Battery 6V1.3Ah for balance electronic LT Modelunit
DA0054Battery charger , 2 , 6 & 12Vpc
A3636Battery charger , 6 – 48V,22Apc
A2979Battery GP LR44 1.5V  Button Cellpc
A0055Battery holder 1 cell detachablepc
A4777Battery holder 1 cell detachable with terminalpc
DA3536Battery holder 1 cell for AA battery with wirespc
DA0056Battery holder 1 cell with 2 wirespc
DA0057Battery holder 1 cell with brass screw & terminalpc
DA4609Battery holder 1 cell with galvanized screwpc
DA0059Battery holder 2 cells & brass terminals 0V, 1.5V, 3V on base, for D batterypc
DA0058Battery holder 2 cells with 2 wires for D batterypc
DA0060Battery holder 2 cells with binding post for D batterypc
DA3269Battery holder 2 cells with galvanized screws for AA batterypc
DA0061Battery holder 2 cells with galvanized screws for D batterypc
DA3537Battery holder 2 cells with wires for AA baterypc
DA2124Battery holder 4 cells in linepc
DA0062Battery holder 4 cells side-by-sidepc
DA4233Battery holder 4 cells side-by-side with voltage control on base, 1.5V, 3V, 4.5V, 6Vset
A4685Battery Maxell CR2032 3V Button Cellpc
A2980Battery Mitsubishi LR 41 1.5V Button Cellpc
DA1452Battery Model ,set of 3 typesset
A2963Battery Panasonic CR2032 3V Button Cellpc
A3246Battery Panasonic Size 9V Extra Heavy Dutypc
A4050Battery Panasonic Size AA Heavy Duty (4pcs/pack)pack
A2961Battery Panasonic Size AA Heavy Duty (60pcs/box)box
A2962Battery Panasonic Size AAA Extra Heavy Duty (2pcs/pack)pack
A4732Battery Panasonic Size AAA Extra Heavy Duty (4pcs/pack)pack
A3577Battery Panasonic Size C Extra Heavy Duty (2pcs/pack)pack
A2960Battery Panasonic Size D Heavy Duty (24pcs/box)box
DA1967Bearing Sudutanset
A0064Bell electric 6V clear moulded plasticpc
DA0066Bell electric 6V loose dismantled parts (KBSR)(A0743)set
DA0065Bell electric 6V mounted on baseset
DA1524Bell electric 6V mounted with cell holderset
A2496Bell in Vacuum 150mm Plastic typeset
A0067Bell in Vacuum 180mm Glass typeset
A4405Belt for Dynamo Hand Driven A.C. and D.C. generator J11217 Cnpc
DA4678Bench Mat material Asbestos 300 x 300mm x 3mmpc
DA4678ABench Mat material Asbestos 300 x 300mm x 3mm (10pcs/pack)pack
DA3814Bench Mat material Synthetic Paper 600x450mm (100pcs/pack) (tender)pack
DA2394Bernoulli Tube – base only without tubesunit
A3550Bernoulli Tube – tube only Borosilicate without base (2 types/set)set
A2395Bernoulli Tube – tube only normal glass without base (2 types/set)set
A4358Bimetalic Strip ( Compound Bar )with Handle Blade 14 x 160mm (Iron/Brass)pc
A2821Bimetalic Strip with Handle 14 x 180mm Cnpc
A1703Bimetalic Strip with Handle 31 x 290mm Cnpc
DA0804Bimetallic Fricker (Pengelip Logam) KBSM T1set
A3231Binding post short size black Dia-11 x 32mm (A7403)pc
A0358Binding post short size red Dia-11 x 32mm (A7403)pc
A2871Binocular 10×50 ,Normal BW8-1pc
A0070Binocular 10×50 HCW,(red) BN7824 GQpc
A3495Bioviewer film,Animal Mitosispc
A1603Bioviewer film,Insect Mouth Partspc
A3497Bioviewer film,Life on the Soilpc
A1601Bioviewer films,A Sexual Reproductionpc
A1361Bioviewer films,Bacteriapc
A1362Bioviewer films,Cell Structurepc
A1363Bioviewer films,Circulatory Systempc
A1364Bioviewer films,Digestive Systempc
A1365Bioviewer films,Endocrine Systempc
A1366Bioviewer films,Excretory Organs in Mammalspc
A1367Bioviewer films,Flower of a Flowering Plantpc
A1368Bioviewer films,Human Bloodpc
A1369Bioviewer films,Human Meiosispc
A1370Bioviewer films,Hydrapc
A1371Bioviewer films,Leaf of Flowering Plantpc
A1372Bioviewer films,Meiosis in Lilium Antherpc
A1373Bioviewer films,Mucor-life Cycle of Mouldpc
A1374Bioviewer films,Muscle Tissuepc
A1375Bioviewer films,Nervous Systempc
A1604Bioviewer films,Ovary & Testis in Mammalspc
A1602Bioviewer films,Photosynthesis-Elementarypc
A1376Bioviewer films,Plant Mitosispc
A1377Bioviewer films,Protozoapc
A1378Bioviewer films,Root of Flowering Plantpc
A1379Bioviewer films,Skinpc
A1380Bioviewer films,Stem of Flowwering Plantpc
A1381Bioviewer films,The Viruspc
A3124Bioviewer films,Transport systempc
A3602Blood Cell Counter 5 keyspc
A3896Blood Cell Counter 8 keyspc
A0355Blood Lancet (100 pcs) for lancing device (non-medical usage)box
A1618Blood Lancing Device (non-medical usage)pc
A1649Blood pressure App.with Dial,Sphygmomanometer (non-medical usage)pc
A1064Blood pressure App.with Mercury,Sphygmomanometer (non-medical usage)pc
A2870Blood pressure Monitor Arm-Type Fully Automatic Electronic BPM612pc
A4481Blow pipe brass 110mmpc
A0073Blow pipe brass with nipple 200mmpc
A4561Blower only for Air Track App.set
A0074Bone cutter 150mmpc
A0077Bottle Carrier 2 places for 2.5L bottle, epoxy wire, L330xW165xH180mm overall H390mmpc
A3325Bottle Top Dispenser 10ml DZ7440110 pc
A3326Bottle Top Dispenser 25ml DZ7442525 pc
A3327Bottle Top Dispenser 50ml DZ7440550 pc
A0080Bourdon Gauge 0-1.35 x 105N/m with stand Diameter-100mmset
A1359Boyle’s law apparatus – Tubes accessories,set of 2 ( for A0081)set
A1357Boyle’s Law Apparatus Advance with oilset
DA4819Boyle’s law apparatus -Marriot (tender)set
DA3783Boyle’s law apparatus with Charles and Pressure Laws (tender) set
A0081Boyle’s law apparatus with Charles’ law attachmentset
A3143Bromine Diffusion kit set of 17 itemsset
A2013Brown Movement Demo App.,J07463pc
A3395Brush Beaker 406x60x152mm bristle end wooden handlepc
A3396Brush Beaker 406x76x152mm bristle end wooden handlepc
A3475ABrush Burette 750x30x150mm cotton end (5pcs/pack)pack
A1566ABrush Burette 900x15x150mm bristle end (5pcs/pack)pack
A0086ABrush Burette 900x15x150mm cotton end (5pcs/pack)pack
A3869ABrush Cervical 200mm,disposable,mould handle,non-sterile (100pcs/pack)pack
A0088ABrush Conical 1000ml 360×40/130x210mm cotton end (5pcs/pack)pack
A0089ABrush Conical 250ml 285×30/85x135mm Bristle end (5pcs/pack)pack
A0090ABrush Conical 500ml 320×30/105x170mm bristle end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2612ABrush Cylinder 1000ml 600x75x250mm fan end (2pcs/pack)pack
A2609ABrush Cylinder 100ml 360x35x150mm fan end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2610ABrush Cylinder 250ml 420x45x180mm fan end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2611ABrush Cylinder 500ml 500x60x210mm fan end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2802ABrush Pipette Measuring 12mm×180mm×600mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A2800ABrush Pipette Measuring 3mm×120mm×400mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A2801ABrush Pipette Measuring 5.5mm×120mm×400mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A2618ABrush Reagent Btl 1000ml 320x110x110mm fan end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2615ABrush Reagent Btl 125ml 230x60x60mm fan end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2616ABrush Reagent Btl 250ml 250x75x75mm fan end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2613ABrush Reagent Btl 30ml 160x45x30mm fan end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2617ABrush Reagent Btl 500ml 300x85x85mm fan end (5pcs/pack)pack
A2614ABrush Reagent Btl 60ml 180x50x35mm fan end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2620ABrush Test tube 200x10x45mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1554ABrush Test tube 200x10x45mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2838ABrush Test tube 200x20x80mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2839ABrush Test tube 200x20x80mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1568ABrush Test tube 240x30x85mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1555ABrush Test tube 240x30x85mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1569ABrush Test tube 255x45x90mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1522ABrush Test tube 255x45x90mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A1567ABrush Test tube 270x15x120mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A0091ABrush Test tube 270x15x120mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A0092ABrush Test tube 300x25x150mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A0087ABrush Test tube 300x30x150mm cotton end (10pcs/pack)pack
A2619ABrush Test tube 300x30x150mm fan end (10pcs/pack)pack
A4642ABrush Test tube 300x30x80mm bristle end (10pcs/pack)pack
A4656Bulb 2.5V 0.5A, single contact point, for Tellurium Orbit App.pc
A1819Bulb Halogen, Display Optic Studio bulb, 82V 360W, Osram 93525, for OHPpc
DA0095Bulb holder MES mounted on Baseset
A4840Bulb holder MES plastic Economypc
A1462Bulb holder MES plastic GQpc
A2730Bulb holder MES plastic with binding postpc
A0977Bulb holder, BC batten typepc
A2772Bulb holder, BC hanging type pc
A2769Bulb holder, SBC batten typepc
A2771Bulb holder, SBC hanging typepc
DA0096Bulb holder, SBC mounted on Basepc
DA2770Bulb holder, SBC mounted with wire & plugpc
A4610Bulb Incandescent Frosted 40watt 240V for Lamp Bench pc
A0106Bulb MES 1.5V 0.3A (50pcs/box)box
A0107Bulb MES 2.5V 0.3A (50pcs/box)box
A0108Bulb MES 3.8V 0.3A (50pcs/box)box
A0109Bulb MES 4.8V (50pcs/box)box
A0110Bulb MES 6.2V 0.5A (50pcs/box)box
A4282Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 12V 100W, G5.3, China, for ripple tank with screenpc
A4206Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 12V 10W, G5.3, China, for microscopepc
A4205Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 12V 20W, G5.3, China, for microscopepc
A1817Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 12V 35W, G4 0.7mm pin, China, for light boxpc
A4660Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 12V 35W, G5.3 1.2mm pin, China, for light boxpc
A0100Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 24V 150W Osram HLX64640, for slide projectorpc
A0101Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 24V 250W Osram HLX 64655, for OHPpc
A0097Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 6V 10W, G5.3, Chinapc
A4606Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 6V 20W, G4 0.7mm pin, China, for microscopepc
A2954Bulb Rocket, Halogen, 6V 20W, G5.3 1.0mm pin, China, for microscopepc
A0113Bulb SBC 12V 12W double contact pointpc
A0114Bulb SBC 12V 24W double contact pointpc
A0115Bulb SBC 12V 36W double contact pointpc
A0112Bulb SBC 12V 6W double contact pointpc
A0105Bulb SBC 220V 15W Cn double contact pointpc
A1820Bulb SBC 220V 20W Cn double contact pointpc
A3873Bulb Stroboscope Cnpc
A1294Burner Blow Torch with ignition “PROVIDUS”pc
A3543Burner Bunsen V-cut double ringspc
A1423Burner Bunsen w/stopcork, chromed straight brass tube, painted heavy base w/spare nipplepc
A0118Burner Bunsen, chromed straight brass tube, painted heavy base w/spare nipplepc
A4105Burner Lantern Lumo 206 Campingazpc
A2089Burner Portable Base PSEpc
A4608Burner Portable HmbG Ecopc 
A4608ABurner Portable HmbG Eco with Gas Cartridge “HmbG” Xtraset
A0494Burner Portable Labogaz 206 Campingaz France pc 
A3142Cabinet Drying for glasswares 2 steel grid shelves 2 sliding glass door metal Smithunit
A3668Cabinet Storage for Flammable liquids metal housing 1625x450x1075mm Orange colourunit
DA2940Cabinet Storage for microscope metal housingunit
A2422Cabinet Storage mild steel plate,2 swing half glass door with lock, 4 adjustable Shelves, 457x915x1829mmunit
A3304Cabinet Storage,Acid and Corrosive liquids metal 1625x450x1075mm Blue colour unit
A3114Caliper  Inside & Outside Combination chrome plated 105mmpc
A0126Caliper  Inside & Outside Combination chrome plated 150mmpc
A0124Caliper  Inside 150mmpc
A4125ACaliper  Inside and Outside 150mm (1unit each)set
A3087Caliper  Inside and Outside 200mm (1unit each)pairs
A0125Caliper  Outside 150mmpc
A2583Caliper Vernier 0-150mm x 0.01mm Digital pc
A1476Caliper Vernier 125mm x 0.02mm metal Cnpc
A0129Caliper Vernier 125mm, with roller adjustorpc
A0127Caliper Vernier 150mm x 0.02mm metal Cnpc
A1769Caliper Vernier 150mm x 0.1mm metal Cnpc
A0128Caliper Vernier 6″ plasticpc
DA1701Caliper Vernier Demo plastic typeset
A4500Call Bellpc
A0133Calorimeter Aluminium with stirrer & heater in Aluminium caseset
DA0130Calorimeter block aluminium , weight – 1kgpc
DA0131Calorimeter block brass , weight – 1kgpc
DA0132Calorimeter block copper , weight – 1kg Dia 38 x 110 Hpc
A1296Calorimeter block Iron , weight – 1kgpc
A3238Calorimeter block Lead , weight – 1kgpc
A3239Calorimeter block tin , weight – 1kg D38x118.4mm(white) or 152mm(grey)pc
A1511Calorimeter copper with stirrer & heater in copper caseset
A0134Calorimeter copper with stirrer without heater in copper caseset
A4359Calorimeter copper with stirrer without heater in wooden caseset
A2885Camera pin hole ,moulded typeset
DA0135Camera pin hole ,paper typeset
DA0136Camera pin hole ,pvc typeset
A2166Can copper,25 x 50mm (20ml)pc
A0137Can copper,75 x 100mm (250-300ml)pc
A0778Can Over Flow 75 x 100mm,copperpc
A3745Can Over Flow D125 x H225mm GI platepc
A2127Can Over Flow plastic Dia-90 x 107mmpc
A4108Canistor for sterilizing Petri dish 150mm,Stainless steel OD175xH170mmpc
A4107Canistor for sterilizing Petri dish 90mm,Stainless steel OD105xH230mmpc
A4788Canistor for sterilizing Petri dish 90mm,Stainless steel OD108xH250mmpc
A4812Canistor for sterilizing Pipette,Stainless steel OD63xH350mmpc
A3966Capacitor 1000pF Ceramic pc
A3380Capacitor 1000uF 16vpc
A3631Capacitor 2200uF pc
DA2427Capacitor 25000uF mounted on base set
A4316Capacitor C1 3300uF + C2 2200uFset
DA2606Capacitor set 4/set set
A3761Capacitor variable 0-500uF pc
DA1424Car Spring (Kereta Berspring)set
DA0138Cardboard tube joules’pc
DA0141Carta hanger aluminium L605xW60mmpc
DA0148Cas dalam voltan tinggiset
DA4556Casing plastic for Balance electronic Acculab V200unit
DA0032Casing plastic for Balance electronic Ohausunit
A1106Cathode ray tube showing deflection effect Chinaunit
A1104Cathode Tube with Maltese Cross Chinaunit
A0123C-Core ,laminated typepairs
A0122C-Core ,screwed type with Clippairs
A0121C-Core clippc
A0149Cell Daniel copperset
A0150Cell Leclancheset
A4686Cell lifters 180mm PE, sterile (10pcs/pack)pack
A4577Cell Scrapers pivoting blade, 30 x 230mm, PE blade, ABS handle, sterile, single wrap (10pcs/pack)pack
A4576Cell Scrapers swivel angle blade, 30 x 180mm,PE blade, ABS handle, sterile, single wrap (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1005Cell Simple (Sel Basah Ringkas T1)set
P0700Cell Spreader L shape D4xL150xS40mm ABS (Hockey Stick) EO/Gamma sterilization (100pcs/pack)pack
P0325Cell Spreader L shape D4xL150xS40mm ABS (Hockey Stick) non-sterile (20pcs/pack)pack
DG0644Cell Spreader L shape D5xL170xS67mm Glass (Hockey Stick) autoclavable non-sterilepc
A4524Cell Spreader Triangle shape D7xL120xS35mm Glass autoclavable non-sterilepc
P0448Cell Spreader Triangle shape D9xL215xS30mm PP autoclavable non-sterile (10pcs/pack)pack
P0449Cell Spreader Triangle shape D9xL240xS60mm PP autoclavable non-sterile (10pcs/pack)pack
A4027Cenco-Moe Apparatus with Retort Stand and Rod set
A0151Centrifuge electric operated, 3500rpm, 4x15ml swing out rotor, Smithunit
A0152Centrifuge electric operated, 3500rpm, 6x15ml swing out rotor, Smithunit
A0153Centrifuge hand operated, 2x15ml tubes rotorunit
A0154Centrifuge hand operated, 4x15ml tubes rotorunit
A3447Centrifuge Mini High Speed 12K rpm,RCF 6900g,6x2ml/1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml Rotor,2×8×0.2ml Rotor HWLABunit
A4650Centrifuge Mini, 4500rpm, RCF 2500g, 6x15ml/10ml/7ml/5ml/3ml/1.5ml, Timer, Brushless Motorunit
A4553Centrifuge Mini,12K rpm,RCF 6900g,6x2ml/1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml, 2×8×0.2ml Rotor,Timer,Brushless Motorunit
A2974Centrifuge Tube holder plastic 17/20 x 95mmunit
A2974ACentrifuge Tube holder plastic 17/20 x 95mm (10pcs/pack)pack
DA0155Centripetal force kit (GLASS)set
DA0156Centripetal force kit (PVC)set
A0158Charcoal Block,25 x 25 x 75mm pc
A2826Charcoal Block,30 x 30 x 100mm Chinapc
DA0404Charles’ Law Apparatus Lcset
DA3943Chart – Eye Test Chart Premium Alphabet A size:272x560mmpc
DA4117Chart – Eye Test Chart Premium Alphabet E size:272x560mmpc
DA3942Chart – Eye Test Chart Premium E Type size:272x560mmpc
DA3940Chart – Eye Test Chart Regular IIIiterate size:175x445mmpc
DA3939Chart – Eye Test Chart Regular Literate size:175x445mmpc
DA3941Chart – Eye Test Chart Regular Reverse size:175x445mmpc
A4581AChromatography paper 600mm x 600mm HmbG (25pcs/pack )pack
DA1394Circuit Board – Accessories onlypack
DA1395Circuit Board – Board only Series typepc
A0782Circuit Board – Board only with Holes bluepc
DA1394-1Circuit Board – Brass Bulb Holder pc
DA1394-2Circuit Board – Contact Switchpc
DA4044Circuit Board kit set
DA0162Circuit Board parallel typeset
DA0163Circuit Board series typeset
A0166Clamp burette Holder Alloy 2 places Epoxy chinapc
A4715Clamp burette Holder Alloy 2 places Painted Inpc
A4525Clamp burette Holder Alloy 2 places Polished chinapc
A4714Clamp burette Holder Alloy single places Painted Inpc
P0029Clamp burette Holder plastic 2 places,chinapc
P0030Clamp burette Holder plastic 2 places,kartell*140pc
P0258Clamp burette Holder plastic 2 places,PSE ( stock 1pc only)pc
A0084Clamp G 2″ Cast Ironpc
A0649Clamp G 3″ Cast Ironpc
A1400Clamp G 4″ Cast Ironpc
A0651Clamp G 5″ Cast Ironpc
A1401Clamp G 6″ Cast Ironpc
A1402Clamp G 8″ Cast Ironpc
A3011Clamp Thermometer ST120-15pc
A0172Clinostat clock movement typeunit
A0173Clinostat electric AC typeunit
A0174Clinostat electric DC battery typeunit
A3756Clip Bulldog – black handle (10pcs/pack)pack
A2023AClip Crocodile – black,long & short handle (50pcs/pack)pack
A0175AClip Crocodile – black,short handle (50pcs/pack)pack
A2024AClip Crocodile – red,long & short handle (50pcs/pack)pack
A0176AClip Crocodile – red,short handle (50pcs/pack)pack
A1971AClip Crocodile with sleeve – black (50pcs/pack)pack
A1972AClip Crocodile with sleeve – red (50pcs/pack)pack
A1828Clip Crocodile with wire (black) (10pcs/pack)pack
A2959Clip Crocodile with wire (red) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA4806Clip Crocodile with wire 50cm-red Black (pair)pack
A0178Clip Hoffman,Brass type,18x18mm Inpc
A2636Clip Hoffman,Brass type,25 x 25mm Indiapc
A0177Clip Hoffman,Brass type,30 x 30mm Indiapc
A0179Clip Mohr’s 50 x 50mm ( APP5071)pc
A4571Clip Universal for probe type Thermometer, Allapc
A4056Clip/Clamp Tubing OD5-8mm Roller type PPpc
DA1896Clock Demonstration plastic,445mm x 484mm x 1.4mm (5pcs/set)set
DA3604Cloud Chamber without radioactive sourceset
A1637Coil Primary & Secondary demo set 13  x 7mm Dia.set
DA1689Colour Addition kitset
A3936Colour Blindess Test Book 12 Plates Ishiharabook
A3937Colour Blindess Test Book 24 Plates Ishiharabook
A3938Colour Blindess Test Book 36 Plates Ishiharabook
A0183Colour Blindness test bookbook
DA0184Colour Disc, hand driven Diameter 250mm with standset
DA0186Colour Disc, with motorset
DA2674Colour Filter set of 3 colours with 50 x 50mm frameset
DA3045Colour Filter set of 6 colours size- 535 x 310mmset
DA0187Colour Filter set of 6 colours with 50 x 50mm frameset
A4633Colour Filter set of 7 colours PSset
DA0188Compact Light Sourceset
A1636Compass  Map YJ-1017Bpc
A1635Compass  Prismatic YJ-1015pc
A0189Compass 12.5mm Al, Inpc
A1712Compass 16mm Al, Inpc
A0190Compass 19mm plotting 2 sides glasspc
A2884Compass 20mm Pl, Cnpc
A0192Compass 25mm Al, Inpc
A2883Compass 34mm Al, Cnpc
A0195Compass 38mm Al, Inpc
A2532Compass 40mm Plpc
A2531Compass 40mm Pl – Chinese printedpc
A0196Compass 44mm Alpc
A4152Compass 44mm Al – Chinese printedpc
A0197Compass 45mm Al, Inpc
A2530Compass 45mm Pl, Cnpc
A0198Compass 50mm Al, Inpc
A2529Compass 75mm Alpc
A2592Compass Directional YJ1022G pc
A3479Conductivity Kit for electrolysisset
A4646Conductivity Meter PT-21 range:0-2000 uS/cm 0-50ºCset
DA0808Conductor & Insulator, w/Circuit Tester, MES bulb and battery holder on large baseset
DA0164Conductor & Insulator, w/Circuit Tester, MES bulb and battery holder on small baseset
DA0165Conductor & Insulator, w/Circuit Tester-Buzzer Typeset
A3054Conductor rod,300 x 3.2mm ,Al,Glass,Fe,Cu,Brass&1.6mm Fe,Cu,Brass (8pcs/pack)pack
A1761Conductor rod,300 x 3mm ,Al,Fe,Cu,Zn,Pb,Brass (6pcs/pack)pack
A1302AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-3mm aluminium (10pcs/pack)pack
A1303AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-3mm brass (10pcs/pack)pack
A1304AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-3mm copper (10pcs/pack)pack
A1306AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-3mm iron (10pcs/pack)pack
A0200AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-6mm aluminium (10pcs/pack)pack
A0201AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-6mm brass (10pcs/pack)pack
A0202AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-6mm copper (10pcs/pack)pack
A0204AConductor rod,length-200mm x Dia.-6mm iron (10pcs/pack)pack
DA4565Connecting base for Teltron TEL 520 Planar Diod Tube U191501unit
DA4564Connecting Base for Teltron TEL 523 Maltese Cross Tube U19153unit
DA4260Connecting Wire for Teltron Maltese Cross Tube,3 pcs wires/packpack
DA0208Contact key switchpc
DA4570Container c/w Lock (Suggestion Box) 100 x 100 x 200mm Acrylicpc
DA4784Container for 3 boxes of Glove L250 x W95 x H400mm Acrylicpc
DA4328Container for Concave & Convex Lens (22places) Acrylicpc
A1477Container for Concave Lens (20places) woodenpc
A0486Container for Convex Lens (20places) woodenpc
A0484Container for Glass Block (10places) woodenpc
DA4330Container for Micrometer Screw gauge (22places) Acrylicpc
DP0221Container for Model DNA senior, plasticpc
DP0278Container for Model of Skeleton 85cmunit
A0488Container for Prism (2 rows angled design holding place) woodenpc
A1741Container for Stopwatch (12pcs) woodenpc
A0485Container for Thermometer (20places) woodenpc
DA4329Container for Vernier Caliper (12places) Acrylicpc
DA4575Container Hanging book holder 405 x 255 x 50mm Acrylicpc
DA3776Container L200xW150xH100mm Plasticpc
A3554Convection Liquid Apparatus 170x200mm set
DA3094Conveyor Belt Apparatus consists of belt assembly and belt drive components. L500mm x W80mm set
A2680Cooker Pressure (Aluminium) Dia-260mm,Height-165mmpc
A0212Cork Borer set of   6 – 9.2/7.6/6.0/5.0/4.0/3.6mm and pinset
A0213Cork Borer set of 12 -18.5/16.6/15.3/14.0/12.3/10.5/9.2/7.6/6.0/5.4/4.2/3.6 and pinset
A0214Cork Borer Sharpenerpc
A0215Cork mat 150 x 100mm x 8mmpc
A3952Cork mat 300 x 200mm x 8mmpc
A3002Cork Ring D-100mm for 250ml flaskpc
A3003Cork Ring D-110mm for 500ml flaskpc
A2903Cork Ring D-120mm for 1000ml flaskpc
A3004Cork Ring D-140mm pc
A3005Cork Ring D-160mm pc
A2902Cork Ring D-80mm for 50/100ml flaskpc
A4692Cotton Swabs with 6″ wooden stick (500pcs/pack)(non-medical usage)pack
A4284Cotton Swabs with wooden stick (Gamma Y) HmbG (individual pack) (500pcs/pack)(non-medical usage)pack
A3849Cotton Wool 100% cotton(300g/pack)(non-medical usage)pack
A0167Counter & Ratemeter with G.M.Tube (Hand Held),IEC Cat.No.AP-1884-001set
A3061Counter & Ratemeter without G.M.Tube,IEC Cat.No.AP-1886-101set
A0232Cube Centimeter 1000pcs/set set
A1620Cube Material 1cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) (10pcs/set)set
A1622Cube Material 2cm Square, Metal (Al,Bra,Cu,Fe,Pb) (5pcs/set)set
A1757Cube Material 2cm Square, Non-metal (Ck,Pl,R,Wd,Ac,Gl,Ru) (7pcs/set)set
A0233Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) (Cu,Bra,Wd,Ck,Re,Pl,Ac,Fe,Pb,Al,Zn,Sn) (12pcs/set)set
A3780Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) (Cu,Bra,Wd,Ck,Re,Pl,Fe,Al,Pb) [(9x5pcs)/set]set
A4109Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Acrylicpc
A2803Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Aluminiumpc
A2804Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Brasspc
A2805Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Copperpc
A2806Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Corkpc
A2807Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Glasspc
A2808Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Ironpc
A2809Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Leadpc
A2810Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Plasticpc
A2811Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Resinpc
A2812Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Rubberpc
A4111Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Tinpc
A2814Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Woodpc
A4110Cube Material 2cm Square,(Kiub Ketumpatan) Zincpc
DA0013Current in Series Circuitset
A3795Cutter Glass (3-15mm), Roller, Oil Feed, Pencil style, strengthen metal handle, Cnpc
A0395Cutter Glass Tubingpc
A3651Cutter Glass, Carbide Tip, Pencil style Inpc
DA1747Cutter Hot Wirepc
P0232Cuvette holder PE, 12 places, ideal for 12x12mm cuvette, L170xW50xH15mm, kartell*260pc
A4826Deflection Tube with Induction coil Kit Chinaset
A1550Demonstration meter (Binding post)set
A4262Demonstration meter (Digital)set
A0235Demonstration meter (Selector), 14 rangesset
A2671Demonstration meter, 6 scales 0-1A,0-5A,10A, 0-5V,0-10V,0-15V DCset
A3081Demonstration meter, 8 scales 0-5V,0-15V,2.5-0-2.5mA,10-0-10mA,0-5A DC,0-5V,0-15V,0-5A ACset
DA2130Demonstration Motor-AC & DC set
A4153Density Determination set : (a)Aluminium set (b)Brass set (c)Acrylic set (Tender)set
A4154Density kit -5 different shaped Brass object  (Tender)set
A4594Density Set “Alllab”  (Tender)set
A4018Dental Mirror (non medical purpose)pc
A2416Diffraction grating     50 lines/mm pc
A0239Diffraction grating   100 lines/mm pc
A0240Diffraction grating   300 lines/mm pc
A0241Diffraction grating   600 lines/mm pc
A0242Diffraction grating 1200 lines/mm pc
A0243Diffraction grating 3 in lines 100/300/600, 30 x 90mmpc
DA0244Diffraction grating kitset
A4640Digital Constant Temperature Controller for  DK-98unit
A4639Digital Constant Temperature Controller for HH-1unit
A4641Digital Constant Temperature Controller for HH-6 unit
A4399Digital Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Sensor Indicator EMF Meter Tester DT-1130unit
A0246Diode bulb 6AL5 onlypc
A3749Diode LED type, 50pcs/setset
DA2355Diode set on base, Germanium, Silicon and LED typeset
A0248Discharge Tubeset
A4772Display Board for Balance electronic LT602Eunit
A3871Dissecting Flapper stainless steel 120mmpc
A1421Dissecting set All-labs 14 items (non-medical usage)set
A0253Dissecting set Gold Cross(14 items) (non-medical usage)set
A0688Dive Ball Demo Modelset
DA3963DNA Extraction Kit (Onion)set
DA0255Double Slite Kitset
DA0263Dynamo Bicycle model ,cut off type 3Vset
A1634Dynamo Hand Driven A.C. and D.C. generator J11217 Cnset
DA0815Dynamo Hand Driven A.C. and D.C. generator Lcset
A2641Ear Phone ST-168set
A2999Ear Wash Ball rubber Big ( Ear syringe )pc
A3000Ear Wash Ball rubber Medium ( Ear syringe )pc
A3001Ear Wash Ball rubber Small ( Ear syringe )pc
DA0265Elastic Cord with 2 ringspc
A0266Eldon Card ABO & RhO (D) 2521-25 (set of 50 Test)box
A0266BEldon Card ABO & RhO (D) c/w dispensor,lancet & cotton swab.(set of 50 Test)set
DA0267Electric Field apparatus with 6 electrodesset
A2090Electric Generator AC/DC Demonstrator for Machineryset
DA0478Electric Kit set of 4 (Complete/Series/Parallel Circuit, Function of Switch)set
DA2774Electric Kit, 5 in 1, Complete/Series/Parallel Circuit, Function of Switch, Circuit Testerset
DA2577Electric Motor   3v mounted, RF-500TB-18280set
DA0269Electric Motor   6v mountedset
A0270Electric Motor   6v Unmountedset
DA0274Electric Motor & Dynamo(Generator) DC (with magnets)set
A0268Electric Motor 1.5v-4.5v unmounted, RF-140-17130pc
DA0271Electric Motor 10v mountedset
DA0272Electric Motor 12v mounted, EG-530-2Fset
A0273Electric Motor 12v Unmountedset
DA3820Electric Motor DC (with magnets)set
A4835Electric Motor Demonstration, 3 interchangeable types of armatures two pole, three pole and four poleset
A4835Electric Motor Demonstration, 3 interchangeable types of armatures two pole, three pole and four poleset
DA1540Electrical energy Conversion Kit (Kit Pertukaran Tenaga Elektrik)set
DA2261Electricity Circuit Board Simple, 10 experimentsset
DA3771Electricity Kit, Circuit Board Series typeset
A1531BElectrode Carbon ,5 x 150mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A1531AElectrode Carbon ,5 x 150mm (50pcs/pack)pack
A4333BElectrode Carbon ,5 x 200mm, (10pcs/pack)pack
A4333AElectrode Carbon ,5 x 200mm, (40pcs/pack)pack
A0140AElectrode Carbon ,6 x 200mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A4100Electrode Carbon ,8 x 200mmpc
DA0231Electrode holder – for foilset
DA0276Electrode holder – for rodset
DA2827Electrode holder – for rod with carbon rod 2pcsset
A3302Electrolysis – Salt Bridge glass D13xW80xH100mmpc
DA0652Electrolysis Cell , glass tube typepc
DA3583Electrolysis Cell , glass tube type & 2 test-tubesset
DA2484Electrolysis Cell , simple c/w carbon electrode,2 test-tubes & switchset
DA1432Electrolysis Cell , simple plastic typepc
DA3584Electrolysis Cell , simple plastic type & 2 test-tubesset
DA2970Electrolysis Cell Large c/w brass electrode & 2 test-tubesset
DA0283Electrolysis Cell Large c/w carbon electrode & test tubesset
DA4484Electrolysis Cell Large c/w Copper electrode & 2 test-tubesset
A0284Electromagnet Horseshoe (Solenoid)set
DA1612Electromagnetic Field kit,set of 3set
DA4803Electromagnetic Field kit,set of 3 (Tender)set
DA0285Electromagnetic Field kit,set of 9set
DA2167Electromagnetic kit (1) tenderset
DA2168Electromagnetic kit (2) tenderset
DA0286Electromagnetic kit (4C-core) 1/4 kitset
DA3782Electromagnetic kit (tender)set
DA0288Electronic Kit (Form 3)-Set of 10-Elektronik Kit (Tingkatan 3)set
A0298Electronic kit 318 experiments ( Brain Box )set
DA0292Electronic Kit T3- Capacitor AC & DC – Kapasitor AU & AT T3set
DA0293Electronic Kit T3- Capasitor -Kapasitor T3set
DA0289Electronic Kit T3- Diode – Diod Semiconductor T3set
DA0291Electronic Kit T3- Inductor – Induktor T3set
DA0290Electronic Kit T3- Ohm’s Law – Hukum Ohm T3set
DA0294Electronic Kit T3- Parallel Circuit – Litar Selari T3set
DA0955Electronic Kit T3- Resistance -Rintangan T3set
DA0296Electronic Kit T3- Resistor – Perintang T3set
DA0295Electronic Kit T3- Series Circuit – Litar Sesiri T3set
DA0297Electronic Kit T3- Transistor – Transistor T3set
DA0299-5Electronic Kit T5- DIOD REKTIFIER (PENUH GELOMBANG): Function of a diode as a full wave rectifierset
DA0299-4Electronic Kit T5- DIOD REKTIFIER (SETENGAH GELOMBANG),Function of diode as a half wave rectifierset
DA0299-3Electronic Kit T5- DIOD: Diodeset
DA0299-14Electronic Kit T5- full wave & half wave rectifier (Tender)set
DA0299-8Electronic Kit T5- FUNGSI PERINTANG PEKA CAHAYA: LDR (Light – dependant Resistor)set
DA0299-10Electronic Kit T5- IC AMPLIFIER: IC Amplifierset
DA0299-2Electronic Kit T5- KAPASITOR: Capacitorset
DA0299-12Electronic Kit T5- PEMBESAR SUARA : Speakerset
DA0299-1Electronic Kit T5- PERINTANG: Resistanceset
DA0299-11Electronic Kit T5- RADIO RINGKAS: Simple Radioset
DA0299Electronic kit T5 set of 13set
DA0299-7Electronic Kit T5- TRANSISTOR SEBAGAI AMPLIFIER: Transistor as Amplifierset
DA0299-9Electronic Kit T5- TRANSISTOR SEBAGAI SUIS CAHAYA :Transistor as light switchset
DA0299-6Electronic Kit T5- TRANSISTOR: Transistorset
DA0299-13Electronic Kit T5-Transistor Switch-Heatset
DA0300Electroscope large with Heater ,plastic typeset
DA0301Electroscope small plastic typeset
DA0303Electrostatic kit – accessories onlyset
DA0302Electrostatic kit – complete setset
C1057Electrostatic kit – Gold Leaf 10 x 48mm (10 slices/pack)pack
A2439Electrostatic kit – Pitch Ballsset
A2706Electrostatic kit – Rod Acrylic D11-12 x L300mm onlypc
A0264Electrostatic kit – Rod Ebonite D12mm x L270mmpc
A1836Electrostatic kit – Rod flint glass D12-14 x L300mm and Silk Cloth only (each 1pc)set
A3048Electrostatic kit – Rod Nylon D12 x L300mm onlypc
A2331Electrostatic kit – Rod PVC D11-14 x L300mm onlypc
DA2731Electrostatic kit – silk cloth onlypc
A1079Electrostatic kit – Strip Cellulose Acetate only pc
DA1080Electrostatic kit – Strip Polythene onlypc
DA1499Electrostatic kit – yellow cotton wool cloth 300x300mm  onlypc
DA0305Energy conversion kit – Battery unitset
DA0306Energy conversion kit – Flywheel unit with motorset
DA0307Energy conversion kit – Friction Calorimeter unitset
DA0308Energy conversion kit – Head of water unitset
DA0309Energy conversion kit – Lamp unitset
DA0310Energy conversion kit – Line shaft unit/motorset
DA0311Energy conversion kit – Pump & Turbine unit/motorset
A0313Energy conversion kit – Steam Engineset
DA0315Energy conversion kit – Switch unitset
A1895Engine 2 Stroke Diesel wooden base Inset
A0316Engine 2 Stroke Petrol wooden base Inset
A0319Engine 4 Stroke Diesel Cnset
A0317Engine 4 Stroke Diesel wooden base Inset
A0320Engine 4 Stroke Petrol Cnset
A0318Engine 4 Stroke Petrol wooden base Inset
A2320Engine Rotary Wankell model Inset
A4069Ergonome 2D model 170mm PPset
A4070Ergonome 2D model 340mm PPset
DA2230Experiment Circuit Board-Dual Colour LED (BM)set
DA2231Experiment Circuit Board-LDRset
DA2229Experiment Circuit Board-Transistor (BM)set
A0324Eye Model Functional, cnset
A2492Eye Model Kit ,consists of 5 types Len meniscus, 50mm dia,(+11D,+8D,+5.5D,+2.5D, & -3D). Kelalang dasar bulat, 5000ml cap., plastesin 200g, fluorescein solution (conc) 150ml and ring stand for flask on wooden base.set
DA1848Fibre Optic Apparatusset
A2025Filter paper ashless high speed 201,D- 9.0cm Double Rings/Smithbox
A0340Filter paper ashless high speed 201,D-11.0cm Double Rings/Smithbox
A0341Filter paper ashless high speed 201,D-12.5cm Smithbox
A0342Filter paper ashless high speed 201,D-15.0cm Smithbox
A0347Filter paper ashless low speed 203,D-  9.0cm Double Ringsbox
A0348Filter paper ashless low speed 203,D-11.0cm Double Ringsbox
A0349Filter paper ashless low speed 203,D-12.5cm Smithbox
A0350Filter paper ashless low speed 203,D-15.0cm Double Ringsbox
A0343Filter paper ashless medium speed 202,D-  9.0cm Double Rings (stock 2 box only)box
A0344Filter paper ashless medium speed 202,D-11.0cm Double Ringsbox
A0345Filter paper ashless medium speed 202,D-12.5cm Double Ringsbox
A0346Filter paper ashless medium speed 202,D-15.0cm Double Ringsbox
A0329Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-  9.0cm Smithbox
A0330Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-11.0cm Smithbox
A4672Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-12.5cm Single Ringbox
A0331Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-12.5cm Smithbox
A0332Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-15.0cm Smithbox
A1866Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-18.0cm Smithbox
A0333Filter paper qualitative high speed 101,D-24.0cm Smithbox
A0334Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-  9.0cm  Smithbox
A0335Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-11.0cm  Smithbox
A4673Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-12.5cm  Single Ringbox
A0336Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-12.5cm  Smithbox
A0337Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-15.0cm  Smithbox
A4485Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-15.0cm Double Ringbox
A0338Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-18.0cm  Smithbox
A0339Filter paper qualitative medium speed 102,D-24.0cm  Smithbox
A0351Filter paper qualitative wet strengthened high speed 601,D-11.0cm box
A2370Filter paper qualitative wet strengthened high speed 601,D-9.0cm Double Ringsbox
DA0806Fire Alarm, Bimetallic method (Penggera Kebakaran) Juniorset
DA4054Flag Stand with 8 Holder L920mm x W500mm x H820mmunit
A3448Flask Clamp for.100ml flask used with A3446set
A3593Flask Clamp for.250ml flask used with A3446set
A3594Flask Clamp for.500ml flask used with A3446set
A4687Fleming Left Hand Rule app.270x185x110mmset
DA0364Fleming Left Hand Rule app.Junior 180x100x80mmset
DA0275Fleming Left Hand Rule app.Seniorset
DA0365Flip Chart Boardset
DA2937Fluid Pressure Apparatus (Spouting Cylinder Mariotte ) moulded PPset
DA1010Fluid Pressure Apparatus (Spouting Cylinder Mariotte ) PVCset
DA0366Fluorescent Lamp modelset
DA0367Flywheel dia. 115mm. wt 1.2set
C0019Foil Aluminium 0.1 x 170mm LR, Bendosen500g
C1543Foil Brass 0.1mm x 100mm LR, Bendosen250gm
C0248Foil Copper 0.1mm x 100mm LR, Bendosen250g
C0415Foil Lead 0.19mm x 100mm CP PC 99% ** T,N 9/III250g
C0716Foil Silver 0.2 x W30mm x L342mm 99.9%25gm
C0866Foil Tin 0.4mm x W100mm x L850mm Bendosen (100g/pack)pack
C1324Foil Zinc 0.15~0.25mm x 100mm ( tender )250gm
C2598Foil Zinc 0.2~0.25mm x 100mm Bendosen500g
DA0368Food Calorimeter, borosilicate set
A1574Force & Mechanical set senior set J80220set
A1643Force Board for Composition and Decomposition of Force set
DA0783Force Board Vector Dia-355mm,3-clamp.set
DA2273Force Board Vector Dia-355mm,4-clamp,2-hanger,10-50gm slotted weight,2-newton balance.set
DA2273AForce Board Vector Dia-355mm,4-clamp,weight 5g,10g20g50g,50g hanger(Tender)set
A1867Forcep 110mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A2872Forcep 110mm curve blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1397Forcep 110mm curve sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1868Forcep 110mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
P0533Forcep 120mm autoclavable PPpc
A4472Forcep 120mm flat and wide tip SS (non-medical usage)pc
A0370Forcep 125mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A2761Forcep 125mm curve blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1383Forcep 125mm curve sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4842Forcep 125mm fine sharp (non-medical usage)pc
A3986Forcep 125mm fine sharp, ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3989Forcep 125mm fine sharp, ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive, SS, TS-14 (non-medical usage)pc
A3988Forcep 125mm fine sharp/curved, ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive, SS, TS-15 (non-medical usage)pc
A0372Forcep 125mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4628Forcep 125mm toothed 1 x 2 teeth (non-medical usage)pc
P0363Forcep 132mm ABS (non-medical usage)pc
A4214Forcep 140mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3983Forcep 140mm gun shape SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3985Forcep 140mm knee shape SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4213Forcep 140mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4551Forcep 150mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) Normalpc
A3442Forcep 150mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) Superiorpc
A4550Forcep 150mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) Normalpc
A3441Forcep 150mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) Superiorpc
A4216Forcep 160mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3987Forcep 160mm fine sharp, ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive, SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3984Forcep 160mm gun shape SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3982Forcep 160mm Hemostatic curved head SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3981Forcep 160mm Hemostatic straight head SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3999Forcep 160mm medium fine tip, curved SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4046Forcep 160mm medium fine tip, curved, with guide pin, SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4215Forcep 160mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4045Forcep 200mm blunt curved head Dressing SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1526Forcep 200mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1527Forcep 200mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4049Forcep 250mm Blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3468Forcep 250mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A0373Forcep 300mm blunt SS (non-medical usage)pc
A0374Forcep 300mm sharp SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4160Fraction set Round,2×1/2,3×1/3,4×1/4,5×1/5,6×1/6,8×1/8,10×1/10.set
DA1391Free Fall Apparatus,”G” with Mechanical Gate without Timerset
DA4010Free Fall Apparatus,”G” with Timer and Light Gateset
A4730Free Fall Apparatus,”G” with Timer and Light Gate Cnset
DA3639Free Fall Apparatus,”G” with Timer and Mechanical Gateset
DA0375Friction Kit ,wooden planks typeset
DA0378Function of  Diaphragmset
A3329Function of  Diaphragm with smoking exp.set
DA2263Function of Earth Wiresset
DA1583Fungsi Transistor ( Function of Transistor )set
A3775Fuse 20mm 2A,3A.5A,10A,13A, (5pcs/pack)pack
A3062G.M.Tube with holder and cable,IEC Cat.No.PA-1885-050set
A4654Gas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” Eco F,2.1pc
A4654AGas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” Eco F,2.1 (36pcs/ctn)ctn
A4508Gas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” with Gas Block System F,2.1pc
A4508CGas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” with Gas Block System F,2.1 (36pcs/ctn)ctn
A4658Gas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” Xtra F,2.1pc
A4658AGas Cartridge 190g, “HmbG” Xtra F,2.1 (36pcs/ctn)ctn
A4487Gas Cartridge 190g, “International” F,2.1pc
A4487CGas Cartridge 190g, “International” F,2.1 (36pcs/ctn)ctn
A0495Gas Cartridge 190g, Campingaz C206 Butane cartridge France F,2.1pc
A0495BGas Cartridge 190g, Campingaz C206 Butane cartridge France F,2.1 (36pcs/ctn)ctn
A4342Gas Cartridge 450g, Campingaz CV470 Plus Butane/propane mix Cartridge F,2.1pc
A1606Gas Convection Apparatus sliding glass front metal box with 2 chimney stacksset
DA0487Gas Convection Apparatus with 2 opening on top  of plastic Boxset
DA1639Gas Convection Apparatus with upper and lower sliding windowset
DA0384AGas Jar Spoon (Deflagrating Spoon),Aluminium (10pcs/pack)pack
A1915Gas Law Demo app.pc
A4005Generator Audio 10Hz-1MHzunit
A1012Generator Signal Low Frequency 20Hz-20kHzunit
A3023Generator Signal RF, 100kHz-150MHz (up to 450MHz on Harmonics)unit
A2452Geo Board , Double sidedset
A3996Geometrical Block Acrylic 10x10x10mm Cube 100pcs/packpack
A2571Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Clear 5x5pcs/set sphere,cylinder,pyramid,cone,cube.set
A2762Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Clear Large 10 shapes/setset
A3874Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Clear Small 12 shapes/setset
A1718Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Colour 5x5pcs/set sphere,cylinder,pyramid,cone,cube.set
A3875Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Colour 6x5pcs/set sphere,cylinder,pyramid,cone,cube.cuboidset
A2894Geometrical Block Plastic Hollow Folding typeset
A3990Geometrical Block Wooden 10x10x10mm Cube 100pcs/packpack
A2423Geometrical Block Wooden 20x20x20mm Cube,Pyramid,Sphere 20mm 3x2pcs/setset
A4394Geometrical Block Wooden 20x30x100mmpc
A4348Geometrical Block Wooden 30x80x80mmpc
A4227Geometrical Block Wooden 40x40x40mmpc
A3632Geometrical Block Wooden 40x70x70mmpc
A3698Geometrical Block Wooden 50x110x150mmpc
A3316Geometrical Block Wooden 50x50x100mmpc
A4228Geometrical Block Wooden 60x60x60mmpc
DA1046Geometrical Steel Wire type 12 shapes/setset
DA0388Gerhana 4 Musimset
A2716Glass Ball Crystal D-16mm (50pcs/pack)pack
A2717Glass Ball Crystal D-25mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A3664Glass tube for Boyle’s law apparatus Advance with oil (A1357)set
A2377Globe Celestial Star QH 3408-2unit
A0693Globe Geological Structure φ320mm  3408set
A0710Globe Longitude & Latitude moulded plastic ribs M-3405set
DA1897Globe Longitude & Latitude plastic plate typeset
A1642Globe Outlines,Write-on, Dia-320mmset
A3779Globe Outlines,Write-on, Dia-320mm, with lightset
A0694Globe Physical embossed,Dia-320mm 3404-1set
A2904Globe Political,Dia-320mm Chineseset
A1860Globe Political,Dia-320mm Englishset
A2162Globe Political,Dia-320mm with Light Englishset
A0182Gravity Demo Tube Coin & Featherset
A4697Haemacytometer 60-102 Cnset
A3835Haemacytometer 60-102 Inset
A4459Haemacytometer RBC Blood Diluting Pipettes pc
A4460Haemacytometer WBC Blood Diluting Pipettes pc
A3867Haemometer,Sahli for determining the haemoglobin in bloodpc
A3202Hammer claw 25mm wooden handlepc
A2876Hammer cross pein 14mm wooden Handlepc
A3382Hammer Queen D-33mm with L-205mm flexible handle pc
A4647Hammer Queen D-54mm with L-350mm flexible handle pc
A3796Hammer, Ball-Pein Weight 3/4 lb wood handle pc
DA3092Hanoi Towerpc
A0397Hardness Tester – Aluminium rectagular block 38x50x9mmpc
A0398Hardness Tester – Brass rectagular block 38x50x9.5mmpc
A0399Hardness Tester – Copper rectagular block 40x50x10mmpc
A0457Hardness Tester – Iron rectagular block 38x50x9mmpc
DA0400Hardness Tester for materialsset
A4706Heater for electric hotplate Model DK-98-ll single join power 1000Wpc
A4707Heater for electric hotplate Model DK-98-ll single join power 2000Wpc
A4634Heater for Water Bath 4 holes Model DK-98unit
A4637Heater for Water Bath 6 Holes Digital 1 row (A2527)unit
A4635Heater for water bath 6 holes digital 2 row DK-98-1unit
A4638Heater for Water Bath 6 holes Digital 2 row thermostat with stirrer HH-6unit
A4636Heater for water bath Model HH4unit
A4334Heating element for heating mantles 250ml (A2666)pc
A4562Heating element for heating mantles 250ml (A3911)pc
A4335Heating element for heating mantles 500ml (A2667)pc
A4611Heating element for heating mantles 500ml (A3912)pc
A2668Heating Mantle 1000ml 300W Indiaset
A3913Heating Mantle 1000ml 350W Smithset
A3917Heating Mantle 1000ml 350W with Stirrer Smithset
A3910Heating Mantle 100ml 100W Smithset
A3914Heating Mantle 100ml 100W with Stirrer Smithset
A3878Heating Mantle 2000ml 450W Indiaset
A2666Heating Mantle 250ml 150W Indiaset
A3911Heating Mantle 250ml 150W Smithset
A3915Heating Mantle 250ml 150W with Stirrer Smithset
A2667Heating Mantle 500ml 200W Indiaset
A3912Heating Mantle 500ml 250W Smithset
A3916Heating Mantle 500ml 250W with Stirrer Smithset
A3909Heating Mantle 50ml 80W Smithset
A4644Heating Mantle Soxlet extraction with 6 energy regulator & 6 x 250ml, Smithset
A2708Heating Mantle Soxlet extraction with 6 energy regulator 6 x 100-350mlset
DA3769Holder Boiling Tube wooden typepc
A1420Holder Test Tube Chromed Iron plate wooden handlepc
A2650Holder Test Tube Cross section chromed Brass plate wooden handlepc
A4407Holder Test Tube Cross section chromed Iron plate wooden handlepc
A1112Holder Test Tube wire type 165mmpc
DA1113Holder Test Tube wooden typepc
A3364Hook Up Wire, Stripper and Spring Tips (Tender)set
DA0403Hook’s Law Apparatusset
A2303Hook’s Law Apparatus with 5pcs springset
DA0591Hot Wire Meter (Meter Dawai Panas) KBSMset
A2710Hotplate Round D150mm 1000W set
A4684Hotplate Round D185mm 1500W set
A0327Hotplate Round D200mm 1000W All-labsset
A3836Hotplate, 250x300mm 1000W All-labsset
A4416Hotplate/Heating Mantle, 125x125mm Ceramic top & D85mm ceramic top, 1000Wset
A4418Hotplate/Heating Mantle, 155x155mm Ceramic top & D85mm ceramic top, 2000Wset
A4419Hotplate/Heating Mantle, Double, 2x(125x125mm) Ceramic top & 2xD85mm ceramic top, 2x1000Wset
A3258Human Reproductive System, female, abdominal cavity, hanging Inset
A2588Human Reproductive System, male, abdominal cavity, hanging Cnset
A3259Human Reproductive System, male, abdominal cavity, hanging Inset
DA2887Hydraulic Brake system (car)set
DA2969Hydraulic press Glass cylinder typeset
A4630Hydraulic press model MS111.7set
DA0582Hydraulic press plastic cylinder typeset
DA0814Hydroelectric generatorset
A0406Hydrometer  0.650 – 1.000 x 0.005g/ml,Allapc
A2470Hydrometer  0.700 – 2.000 x 0.01g/ml Cnpc
A0407Hydrometer  0.800 – 0.900 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A0408Hydrometer  0.800 – 1.000 x 0.002g/ml.Allapc
A0409Hydrometer  0.900 – 1.000 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A0410Hydrometer  1.000 – 1.100 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A0411Hydrometer  1.000 – 1.200 x 0.002g/ml,Allapc
A0412Hydrometer  1.000 – 1.300 x 0.005g/ml,Allapc
A0413Hydrometer  1.000 – 1.500 x 0.005g/ml,Allapc
A0414Hydrometer  1.000 – 2.000 x 0.010g/ml,Allapc
A0415Hydrometer  1.100 – 1.200 x 0.001g/ml,Alla 301.110pc
A0419Hydrometer  1.200 – 1.250 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A0417Hydrometer  1.200 – 1.300 x 0.001g/ml,Alla 301.120pc
A0418Hydrometer  1.200 – 1.400 x 0.002g/ml,Allapc
A4417Hydrometer  1.200 – 1.500 x 0.005g/ml,Allapc
A0420Hydrometer  1.250 – 1.310 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A2463Hydrometer  1.300 – 1.400 x 0.001g/ml,Allapc
A0421Hydrometer Baume    0 – 10 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0422Hydrometer Baume    0 – 20 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0423Hydrometer Baume    0 – 70 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0424Hydrometer Baume  10 – 20 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0425Hydrometer Baume  15 – 25 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0426Hydrometer Baume  20 – 30 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A0427Hydrometer Baume  30 – 40 Be ,L-300mm,Allapc
A3662Hydrometer for Alcohol , 0-50%,50-100%  Div:1% L220±10mm (2pcs/set)set
A3542Hydrometer heavy baume 1.00 ~ 1.50 x0.01 (0 ~ 50 Be) Inpc
A0428Hydrometer heavy baume 1.00 ~ 2.00 x 0.01 (0 ~ 70 Be) Inpc
A4600Hydrometer heavy baume 1.00 ~ 2.00 x 0.05 (0 ~ 70 Be) Cnpc
A0429Hydrometer light baume 0.700 ~ 1.000 x 0.005 (-70 ~ 10 Be) Inpc
A0430Hydrometer pump type (battery)pc
A1688Hydrometer pump type (battery), Allapc
A3286Hydrometer Urine test meter 1.000 – 1.060 x0.001g/ml Allapc
A3268Hydrometer Urine test meter 1.000 – 1.060 x0.002g/ml Cnpc
A0431Hypsometer Regnaultspc
DA0432Illusion Optic Bookbook
DA0433Immersion Heater 12V 50Wpc
A3792Immersion Heater 240V 1000W ( Non SIRIM ) pc
A4522Immersion Heater 240V 300W ( Non SIRIM )pc
A4349Immersion Heater 240V 500W ( Non SIRIM )pc
DA1590Inclined Plane ( Satah Condong ) Lcset
A1626Inclined Plane ( Satah Condong ) MS 120-A Cnset
A3643Incubator 160L, 550W, +5+65ºC, 50x50x65cm, Smithunit
A3037Incubator 35L, 200W, +5+65ºC, 34x32x32cm, Smithunit
A3038Incubator 50L, 250W, +5+65ºC, 41.5x36x35.5cm, Smithunit
A3624Incubator 90L, 600W, +5+80⁰C, Resolution 0.1⁰C, 40x43x52cm, Stainless Steel, Smithunit
A2448Incubator for 7 Eggs Typeunit
A1869Indicator paper, Cobalt Chloride HmbG (Box/200 strips)box
A1869AIndicator paper, Cobalt Chloride HmbG (Box/200 strips) (10box/ctn)box
A0437Indicator paper, Lead Acetate, HmbGpkt
A1546Indicator paper, Litmus Blue 10 x 70mm HmbG (200 strips/box)box
A1546AIndicator paper, Litmus Blue 10 x 70mm HmbG (200 strips/box) (10box/ctn)ctn
A1547Indicator paper, Litmus Red 10 x 70mm HmbG (200 strips/box)box
A1547AIndicator paper, Litmus Red 10 x 70mm HmbG (200 strips/box) (10box/ctn)ctn
A2901Indicator paper, pH 0-14, Strip type HmbG (100 strips)box
A4572Indicator paper, pH 0-14, Strip type Johnson cat no.140.4 (100 strips)pkt
A0447Indicator paper, pH 0-14, Strip type MN 92110 (100 strips)box
A0447AIndicator paper, pH 0-14, Strip type MN 92110 (100 strips) (10box/ctn)ctn
A1406Indicator paper, pH 1-11, Book type MN (100 strips)pkt
A1870Indicator paper, pH 1-14, Book type HmbG (Pack/80 strips)pack
A2676Indicator paper, pH 1-14, roll type 7mm x 5m HmbGroll
A1621Indicator paper, pH 5.5-9.0, roll type 7mm x 5m MN*90229 (refill-3 reels/box)box
A0453Indicator paper, Starch & Pot. Iodide, HmbGpkt
A0455Induction Coil Electronicset
DA2418Induction Current generatorset
DA0456Inertial Balanceset
DA2672Inertial Balance with 4″ G Clampset
DA4681Inhaled and Exhaled Air Apparatus (Radas Hembusan Udara)set
P0717Inoculating Loop 10ul & needle, blue, non-sterile, ABS (5pcs/peel pack)(100peel pack/ Dispenser box) box
P0441Inoculating Loop 10ul & needle, blue, sterile, ABS (5pcs/peel pack)(100peel pack/ Dispenser box) box
DA3431Inoculating Loop 10ul, Nichrome wire loop with glass handle, non-sterilepc
P0267Inoculating Loop 10ul, yellow, non-sterile, ABS (20pcs/pack)pack
P0665Inoculating Loop 1ul & needle, off white, non-sterile, ABS (10pcs/pack)pack
P0525Inoculating Loop 1ul & needle, off white, sterile, ABS (10pcs/pack)pack
A0841Inoculating Loop Holder with Nichrome wire loop ID-4.5mm x 60mmset
A4655Inoculating Loop Nichrome wire loop Dia.2.5mm (50pcs/pack)pack
A4411Inoculating Loop Nichrome wire loop Dia.4.5mm (50pcs/pack)pack
DA3432Inoculating Needle with glass handlepc
DA1613Inoculating Needle, Platinum wire fused into glass rod with test tube 16 x150mmset
A3808Iron Bar Round Hard D20xL200mmpc
A3807Iron Bar Round Soft D20xL200mmpc
A2664Iron Bar Square 10 x 10 x 500mmpc
A2681Jet plastic, for Syringe 100ml luer-lock (non-medical usage)pc
DA0462Jockey brass,pvc sleeve with connecting wirepc
DA0461Jockey brass,pvc sleeve without connecting wirepc
A2669Joule Meter Mounted 12Vunit
A1396Joulemeter Digital Mounted with standunit
DA0458J-Tube detachable typepc
DA1816Kaleidoskop (400mm)set
A0469Key Cabinet, Large size 60 keysunit
DA2224Kick Step Stoolpc
A4014Kidney Tray L150xH35mm Stainless Steelpc
P0485Kidney Tray L150xH40mm white PPpc
A4015Kidney Tray L200xH40mm Stainless Steelpc
P0486Kidney Tray L200xH40mm white PPpc
P0516Kidney Tray L250xH50mm 700ml neutral PPpc
P0517Kidney Tray L250xH50mm 700ml yellow PP pc
P0487Kidney Tray L250xH50mm blue PPpc
A4016Kidney Tray L250xH50mm Stainless Steelpc
A4017Kidney Tray L300xH50mm Stainless Steelpc
A0472Kinectic Theory 3D Kit Inset
DA1108Kinectic Theory Kitset
A1783Kit Block Atribute set A hexagon,pentagon,square,triangle,round,ellipse (2 sizes ,100pcs each)set
A2369Kit Block Atribute set B (Kit Pengkelasan butang) square,triangle,round,ellipse (3 sizes,100pcs each)set
A2319Kit Block Fitting (48pcs/set),Eye,Mouth,Wheels,2H,2H Triangle,2H Radius,4H Lines,4H Square,4H Square W/Shafls  6H Lines,6H Triangle,8H Rectangle & 12H W/Shaflsset
A4275Kit Block Round Diameter 15mm (100pcs/pack)pack
DA5004Kit Electric primary, Simple Circuitset
DA0476Kit Electromagnetism set
DA0475Kit Electromagnetism – Solenoidset
DA0477Kit Elektrik Thn. 5 KBSRset
A3845Kit Rekabina Peti Suratset
A3846Kit Rekabina Rak Hiasan set
A0481Knife switch 1 way SPDT MS platedpc
A2396Knife Switch 1 way SPST Brass platedpc
A0482Knife Switch 1 way SPST MS platedpc
A0480Knife Switch 2 way DPDT MS platedpc
A1389Lab Coat,white cotton L-long sleeves C48″xS18″xL39.5″pc
A1543Lab Coat,white cotton L-short sleeves C48″xS18″xL39.5″pc
A1544Lab Coat,white cotton M-short sleeves C45″xS17.5″xL38″pc
A1594Lab Coat,white cotton S-short sleeves C42″xS17″xL38″pc
A1559Lab Coat,white cotton XL-short sleeves C51″xS18.5″xL39.5″pc
A4664Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton L-Long Sleeves C48″xS18″xL39.5″pc
A4494Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton L-Short Sleeves C48″xS18″xL39.5″pc
A4663Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton M-Long Sleeves C45″xS17.5″xL38″pc
A4493Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton M-Short Sleeves C45″xS17.5″xL38″pc
A4662Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton S-Long Sleeves C42″xS17″xL38″pc
A4492Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton S-Short Sleeves C42″xS17″xL38″pc
A4497Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton XL-Long Sleeves C51″xS18.5″xL39.5″pc
A4495Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton XL-Short Sleeves C51″xS18.5″xL39.5″pc
A4498Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton XXL-Long Sleeves C54″xS19″xL41″pc
A4496Lab Coat,white polyester/cotton XXL-Short Sleeves C54″xS19″xL41″pc
A0491Lab Jack,stainless steel,15 x 15cmset
A2292Lab Jack,stainless steel,20 x 20cmset
DA3785Labeling paper 20x20mm 300pcs/pack pack
DA0952Labeling paper 50x100mm 300pcs/packpack
DA4367Labels for Reagent Bottle size 2.5″x1″ 50pcs/pack (any chemical required)pack
DA0492Labels for Reagent, 15 chemical name, label size L65xW25mm, 30 labels/sheet, 15 sheets/packpack
A0497Lamp Bench MT-203 (bulb not included)set
DA0498Lamp House 12V, 36Vset
A4114Lapan Serangga Pemusnah dan Haiwan Bermanfaat, Malay/Englishset
A2768BLaser Pointer 405NM 5MW purple with batteries superpc
A2767BLaser Pointer 532NM 5MW green with batteries superpc
A0501BLaser Pointer 650NM 5MW red class lll with batteries super Black finishpc
A4352Laser Pointer 650NM 5MW red class lll without batteries super Silver finishpc
A0505Latexometer , 50 – 250 : 10/1, Allapc
A0506Latexometer , 50 – 450 : 10/1, Allapc
DA0507Lead Bromide apparatusset
A0510Lens Biconcave FL- 5cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4370Lens Biconcave FL- 5cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4377BLens Biconcave FL-10,15,20cm,D-50mm set of 3pcs In (Tender)set
A3104Lens Biconcave FL-100cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4377Lens Biconcave FL-100cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4371Lens Biconcave FL-10cm,D-50mm Inpc
A0512Lens Biconcave FL-15cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4372Lens Biconcave FL-15cm,D-50mm Inpc
A0513Lens Biconcave FL-20cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4373Lens Biconcave FL-20cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4374Lens Biconcave FL-25cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4375Lens Biconcave FL-30cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4376Lens Biconcave FL-50cm,D-50mm Inpc
A0516Lens Biconvex FL-    5cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4378Lens Biconvex FL-    5cm,D-50mm Inpc
A2828ALens Biconvex FL-  10,15,20cm,D-50mm (3pcs/set) (Tender)set
A4379Lens Biconvex FL-  10cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4380Lens Biconvex FL-  15cm,D-50mm Inpc
A0519Lens Biconvex FL-  20cm,D-50mm Cnpc
A4381Lens Biconvex FL-  20cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4382Lens Biconvex FL-  25cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4383Lens Biconvex FL-  30cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4384Lens Biconvex FL-  50cm,D-50mm Inpc
A4385Lens Biconvex FL-100cm,D-50mm Inpc
A3276Lens Cleaning Kit for Microscopeset
A3072Lens Cleaning Tissue 15x10cm 100pcs/packpack
A2977Lens Cylindrical Biconcave H-50 x 45mm FL-100mmpc
A1518Lens Cylindrical Biconcave H-50 x 45mm FL-150mmpc
A1520Lens Cylindrical Biconcave H-50 x 45mm FL-80mmpc
A0524Lens Cylindrical Biconcave,-7Dpc
A2978Lens Cylindrical Biconvex H-50 x 45mm FL-100mmpc
A1517Lens Cylindrical Biconvex H-50 x 45mm FL-150mmpc
A1516Lens Cylindrical Biconvex H-50 x 45mm FL-80mmpc
A0523Lens Cylindrical Biconvex,+7Dpc
A2915ALens Cylindrical P/convex,Biconvex,Biconcave FL-80,150mm,(6pcs/set)set
A1519Lens Cylindrical Plano convex H-50 x 45mm FL-150mmpc
A1521Lens Cylindrical Plano convex H-50 x 45mm FL-80mmpc
A1528Lens Cylindrical Plano convex H-50 x 50mm FL-100mmpc
A0508Lens Holder Adjustable plastic basepc
A0509Lens Holder Fixed plastic basepc
A2487Lens Meniscus +11D Dia-50mm, FL=+90mmpc
A2490Lens Meniscus +2.5D Dia-50mm, FL=+400mmpc
A2489Lens Meniscus +5.5D Dia-50mm, FL=+180mmpc
A2488Lens Meniscus +8D Dia-50mm, FL=+125mmpc
A2491Lens Meniscus -3D Dia-50mm, FL=-333mmpc
A0525Lens Plano Convex D-100mm FL-150mmpc
A4236Lens Plano Convex D-37mm,FL-15cmpc
A2450Lens Plano Convex D-50mm FL-100mmpc
A2451Lens Plano Convex D-50mm FL-150mmpc
A0526Lens Telescope Mount 3pcs/setset
A4798Lenz’s Law Model Open and Closed Hoopsset
DA4002Lever Kit,10 wooden beam,10 fulcrum,150 wooden block assorted sizes,10 Al rampset
DA0527Lever Kit,20 wooden beam,20 fulcrum,200 GI plate blanks 25mm squareset
A0529Life Cycle of Beeset
A0530Life Cycle of Cabbage Butterfly Chinese/Englishset
A4426Life Cycle of corn (in clear acrylic), Malay/Englishset
A2968Life Cycle of Cotton, dicot (Germination)set
A0531Life Cycle of Frog Chinese/Englishset
A2823Life Cycle of House Flyset
A0532Life Cycle of Locustset
A0389Life Cycle Of Maize, Chinese/Englishset
A2824Life Cycle of Mosquito set
A4428Life Cycle of paddy (in clear acrylic), Malay/Englishset
A4427Life Cycle of peanut (in clear acrylic), Malay/Englishset
A4112Life Cycle of peanut, dicot, Chinese/Englishset
A4171Life Cycle of peanut, dicot, Malay/Englishset
A4425Life Cycle of peas (in clear acrylic), Malay/Englishset
A4106Life Cycle of Rice, monocot (Germination)set
A0533Life Cycle of Silk Wormset
A1443Life Cycle of soybean, Chinese/Englishset
A4170Life Cycle of soybean, Malay/Englishset
A2967Life Cycle of Wheat, monocot (Germination)set
A3571Life Size Pelvis With 5pcs Lumbar Vertebraeset
A0535Light Box & Optical set Cat No. HL-2060-001 Hudson,IECset
A2748Light Box & Optical set with lens and Colour Filters Cnset
A1515Light Box & Optical set with lens and Colour Filters Inset
A3697Light Box only Metal with 3 slits without lens (Ray Box with 3 slits)set
A1514Light Box only Plastic with 3 slits without lensset
A0534Light Box only with Collimating lens & slit formers Cat No. HL-2060-020,Hudson,IECset
A2411Light Box Slits only (3pcs/set)set
A4719Light Box-Laser Ray Box & Optical setset
A3307Light Gate with Timer Digital, 4 digits 240-250Vset
A0537Light Meter Analog, Taiwanpc
A3950Light Pen ( Examination Torch )pc
DA0479Light Reflection kit (Kit Pantulan Cahaya)set
DA1006Lime Cell (Sel Buah Limau)set
A1585Linear Expansion kit *ES-83set
A3513Linear Inertia Kit Cnset
DA2206Linear Inertia Kit Lcset
A4827Linear Motion Kit-dynamic trolley, w/light gate and timer & Accessoriesset
DA0539Litar Elektrik Ringkas Thn. 4 (Simple Circuit)set
DA0540Litar Elektrik Ringkas Thn. 5 (Simple Circuit)set
DA0541Litar Elektrik Ringkas Thn. 6 (Simple Circuit)set
DA0542Litar Rumah ( Demo set )set
A4249Load Cell for Balance LT 1002unit
A4250Load Cell for Balance LT 2002unit
A4246Load Cell for Balance LT 202unit
A4247Load Cell for Balance LT 302unit
A4248Load Cell for Balance LT 602unit
DA2607Logic Circuit Kit (Tender -set of 4) set
DA2697Logic Circuit Kit (Tender -set of 5) 7408,7432,4001,4011,7486set
DA0390Logic Gate, Diod type  T5set
DA0391Logic Gate, IC type set of 9set
DA0392-1Logic Gate, IC type T5 – OR gateset
DA0392Logic Gate, IC type T5, set of 6set
DA0393Logic Gate, Switch type T5set
DA3750Machine Kit Simpleset
A0545Magdeburg Hemispheres cast iron typeset
A4166Magenta Box ( Box of 12 pcs )box
A4232Magnet Bar 100 x 12 x 5mm, Economypairs
A3546Magnet Bar 100 x 12 x 6mm, Alnicopairs
A0552Magnet Bar 100 x 14 x 6mm, superpairs
A1875Magnet Bar 100 x 15 x 10mm, Alnico LN-10pairs
A0549Magnet Bar 100 x 15 x 10mm, Alnico, Inpairs
A3547Magnet Bar 150 x 12 x 5mm, Economypairs
A2867Magnet Bar 150 x 15 x 10mm, Alnico LN-10pairs
A2517Magnet Bar 20 x10 x 5mmpc
A0546Magnet Bar 30 x 6 x 6mm, Alnicopc
A4230Magnet Bar 50 x 12 x 5mm, Economypairs
A3544Magnet Bar 50 x 12 x 6mm, Alnicopairs
A0547Magnet Bar 50 x 15 x 10mm, Alnicopairs
A0550Magnet Bar 50 x 15 x 10mm, Alnico LN-10pairs
A2818Magnet Bar 50 x 15 x 10mm, super T057pairs
A4231Magnet Bar 75 x 12 x 5mm, Economypairs
A3545Magnet Bar 75 x 12 x 6mm, Alnicopairs
A0548Magnet Bar 75 x 15 x 10mm, Alnicopairs
A0551Magnet Bar 75 x 15 x 10mm, Alnico LN-10pairs
A2819Magnet Bar 75 x 15 x 10mm, super T056pairs
A2910Magnet Bar 75 x 18 × 6.5mm, Ceramic, end polepc
A0559Magnet Button OD-30 x 5mm thickpc
A2909Magnet Ceramic Magnadur 19 x 19 x 5mm, side polepc
A0557Magnet Ceramic Magnadur 50 x 19 x 5mm, side polepc
A3922Magnet Flexible 50 x 50 x 2mm Thick, Bluepc
A3923Magnet Flexible 50 x 50 x 2mm Thick, Greenpc
A3924Magnet Flexible 50 x 50 x 2mm Thick, Redpc
A3925Magnet Flexible 50 x 50 x 2mm Thick, Yellowpc
A0554Magnet Horse Shoe H100 x W45/30 x w12 x T5.5mmpc
A4225Magnet Horse Shoe H107 x W75/47 x w15mm x T33mmpc
A4768Magnet Horse Shoe H75 x W37/29 x w11 x T5mm, Economypc
A1611Magnet Horse Shoe H75mm, Superpc
A1815Magnet Kit Junior setset
A3926Magnet Lodestone Specimen Dia 15-20mmpc
A4739Magnet Neodymium Block N35 L20*W20*T5mmpc
A4735Magnet Neodymium Block N35 L50*W20*T5mmpc
A4740AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D10*T2mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A4741AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D10*T4mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A4743AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D15*T10mm (5pcs/pack)pack
A4742AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D15*T6mm (5pcs/pack)pack
A4745AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D20*T10mm (5pcs/pack)pack
A4744AMagnet Neodymium Button N35 D20*T6mm (5pcs/pack)pack
A4747Magnet Neodymium Button N35 D30*T10mmpc
A4746AMagnet Neodymium Button N52 D25*T4mm (5pcs/pack)pack
DA0954Magnet Pole Tester (Pengesan Kutub Magnet)pairs
DA0805Magnet Pole Tester (Pengesan Kutub Magnet)set
A3481Magnet Ring 30x13x6mm 6pcs with standset
A3918Magnet Ring OD-13 x ID-5 x T10mm, Alcinopc
A3919Magnet Ring OD-19 x ID-5 x T12mm, Alcinopc
A3920Magnet Ring OD-25 x ID-5 x T15mm, Alcinopc
A0558Magnet Ring OD-25 x ID-6 x T5mmpc
A0560Magnet Ring OD-30 x ID-13 x T6mmpc
A3457Magnet Ring OD-32 x ID-18 x T5mmpc
A3126Magnet Ring OD32xID18xT5mm,OD72xID32xT10mm,(1pc each)set
A0561Magnet Ring OD-36 x ID-15.5 x T6mmpc
A3458Magnet Ring OD-72 x ID-32 x T10mmpc
A0566Magnet U-shape H108 x W75 x w15 x T33mmpc
A1876Magnet U-shape H30 x W45 x w11mm x T30mmpc
A0564Magnet U-shape H64 x W54 x w10 x T14mm, U081pc
A0565Magnet U-shape H81 x W62 x w10 x T20mm, Steelpc
A1607Magnetic Field 3D Demo set (Corak medan 3D demo set ) A5137pc
A2750Magnetic Field Chamber (Demonstrator J11033)set
A0567Magnetic Field Creator 10x120x220mmpc
A3586Magnetic Field of Force Demonstrator (2pcs/set)set
A1565CMagnetic Field set with magnet with Field Chamber (A2541 & A2750 )set
A2541Magnetic Field set with magnets etc All-labs set
A0171Magnetic Needlepc
A2882Magnetic suspension demonstrating apparatusset
DA3772Magnetism Kitset
A0575Magnifier Lens 10x , folding type pc
A1832Magnifier Lens D60-65mm w/Plastic frame Cnpc
A0576Magnifier Lens D75mm w/Plastic frame Cnpc
A3478Magnifier Lens D75mm w/Stainless Steel frame, plastic handle, superiorpc
A4731Magnifier Lens D75mm-3X, D22mm-45X, LED Light, Plastic Framepc
A2580Magnifier Lens D88mm-5X, D20mm-10X, LED Light, Plastic Frame, Desktoppc
A4369Magnifier Lens, D40mm w/Plastic framepc
A0578Magnifier Lens, D50mm w/Plastic frame Cnpc
DA0727Malaysia West (Semenanjung) Demo Modelset
A4825Maltese Cross Tube with Induction coil Kitset
A0579Manometer 400mm length on standset
A4769Manometer Digital,+/-2psi,accuracy+/- 0.3% FSO at 25C Smithpc
G0960Manometer, U-Tube with bent limbs only, ID-5mm x H-285mmpc
DA2888Maths-Drawing Compass Al typeset
DA1813Maths-Drawing Compass Iron typeset
DA2267Maths-Drawing Meter Rulepc
DA2373Maths-Drawing Protractorpc
DA1770BMaths-Drawing set (set of 4 )set
DA4234Maths-Drawing Set equilateral triangle 60 degreepc
DA2371Maths-Drawing Set square 30 degreepc
DA2372Maths-Drawing Set square 45 degreepc
DA0779Maths-Papan Garis Selariset
DA0784Maths-Papan Teorem 1 & 2set
DA0785Maths-Papan Teori Segitigaset
DA0786Maths-Papan Trigonometriset
DA1107Maths-Teorem Pythagras magneticbox
A2703Measuring Tape 12mm x 1.5 meter PVC typeunit
A0580Measuring Tape 30M,fibre glass typeunit
A3089Measuring Tape 50M,fibre glass typeunit
A3070Melting point apparatus RY-1 (analog) Smithunit
A3071Melting point apparatus RY-2 (digital) Smithunit
G1650Melting point Determination tube,one end closed 0.9-1.1*100mm 500pcs/vialvial
DA0581Mesin 4 jet hidraulik (System Hydraulic)set
A1434Meter Ammeter AC 0-10A Good Qualitypc
A1435Meter Ammeter AC 0-15A Good Qualitypc
A0583Meter Ammeter AC 0-1A, 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A0584Meter Ammeter AC 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A0585Meter Ammeter AC 0-5A, 0-15A Good Qualitypc
A3758Meter Ammeter AC/DC  0-1A, 0-15A  Good Qualitypc
A3757Meter Ammeter AC/DC 0-1A, 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A3759Meter Ammeter AC/DC 0-3A Good Qualitypc
A1837Meter Ammeter AC/DC 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A1386Meter Ammeter DC 0-10A Good Qualitypc
A1387Meter Ammeter DC 0-15A Good Qualitypc
A0586EMeter Ammeter DC 0-1A Economypc
A0586Meter Ammeter DC 0-1A Good Qualitypc
A0587EMeter Ammeter DC 0-1A, 0-5A Economypc
A0587Meter Ammeter DC 0-1A, 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A0588EMeter Ammeter DC 0-3A Economypc
A0588Meter Ammeter DC 0-3A Good Qualitypc
A0589EMeter Ammeter DC 0-5A Economypc
A0589Meter Ammeter DC 0-5A Good Qualitypc
A4847Meter Ammeter DC 0-5A Inpc
A0590Meter Ammeter DC 0-5A, 0-10A Good Qualitypc
A1746Meter Ammeter DC 0-5A, 0-15A Good Qualitypc
A2738Meter Ammeter Digital DC 0-19.99Apc
A4138Meter Ammeter Digital DC 0-19.99uApc
A2739Meter Ammeter Digital DC 0-199.9mApc
A2735Meter Ammeter Digital DC 0-199.9uApc
A4815EMeter Galvanometer 1-0-1mA, centre ‘G’ Economypc
A3125Meter Galvanometer 2.5-0-2.5mA, centre ‘mA’ Good Qualitypc
A2453Meter Galvanometer 2-0-2mA, 2-0-2A, 4-0-4V, centre ‘A-V’ Good Qualitypc
A2998Meter Galvanometer 3.5-0-3.5mA, centre ‘G’ Good Qualitypc
A2746Meter Galvanometer 3.5-0-3.5mA, centre ‘mA’ Good Qualitypc
A4000Meter Galvanometer 3-0-3V, centre ‘G’ Good Qualitypc
A2635EMeter Galvanometer 35-0-35µA, centre ‘G’ Economypc
A0592Meter Galvanometer 35-0-35mA, centre ‘mA’ Good Qualitypc
A2634Meter Galvanometer 35-0-35mV, centre mV’ Good Qualitypc
A2747Meter Galvanometer 50-0-50µA, centre ‘µA’ Good Qualitypc
A4451Meter Galvanometer 50-0-50mA, centre ‘mA’ Good Qualitypc
A3074Meter Galvanometer DC 50-0-50mV, 50-0-50µA, centre ‘µA-mV’ Good Qualitypc
A2412Meter Galvanometer,EDSPOTset
A0614Meter Microammeter DC 0-500µA Good Qualitypc
A0596Meter Microammeter DC -20-0-100µA Good Qualitypc
A3049Meter MicroAm-MiliVotlmeter DC -20-0-100µA, -20-0-100mV Good Qualitypc
A0597Meter Miliammeter AC 0-100mA Good Qualitypc
A0600Meter Miliammeter DC 0-100mA Good Qualitypc
A4850Meter Miliammeter DC 0-100mA Inpc
A0599Meter Miliammeter DC 0-10mA Good Qualitypc
A0598Meter Miliammeter DC 0-1mA Good Qualitypc
A2585Meter Miliammeter DC 0-500mA Good Qualitypc
A3998Meter Miliammeter DC 0-50mA Good Qualitypc
A0602Meter Voltmeter AC 0-10V Good Qualitypc
A2568Meter Voltmeter AC 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A2569Meter Voltmeter AC 0-20V Good Qualitypc
A3091Meter Voltmeter AC 0-5V Good Qualitypc
A0601EMeter Voltmeter AC 0-5V, 0-15V Economypc
A0601Meter Voltmeter AC 0-5V, 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A3127Meter Voltmeter AC/DC 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A3760Meter Voltmeter AC/DC 0-5, 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A3050Meter Voltmeter AC/DC 0-5V Good Qualitypc
A0603Meter Voltmeter DC 0-10V Good Qualitypc
A1388Meter Voltmeter DC 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A0604EMeter Voltmeter DC 0-1V Economypc
A0604Meter Voltmeter DC 0-1V Good Qualitypc
A2637EMeter Voltmeter DC 0-1V, 0-5V Economypc
A2637Meter Voltmeter DC 0-1V, 0-5V Good Qualitypc
A0605EMeter Voltmeter DC 0-3V Economypc
A0605Meter Voltmeter DC 0-3V Good Qualitypc
A0606Meter Voltmeter DC 0-3V, 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A0607EMeter Voltmeter DC 0-5V Economypc
A0607Meter Voltmeter DC 0-5V Good Qualitypc
A4849Meter Voltmeter DC 0-5V Inpc
A1859Meter Voltmeter DC 0-5V, 0-10V Good Qualitypc
A0608Meter Voltmeter DC 0-5V, 0-15V Good Qualitypc
A2736Meter Voltmeter Digital DC 0-19.99Vpc
A2737Meter Voltmeter Digital DC 0-199.9mVpc
A0615Meter, Miliammeter 0-100mA EDM,Japanpc
A0616Meter, Miliammeter 0-1mA EDM,Japanpc
A0617Meter, Voltmeter 0-3V  EDM,Japanpc
A0618Meter, Voltmeter 0-5V EDM,Japanpc
DA0620Micro Balance kitset
DA2108Microchip Demo setset
P0656Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/B, 125mm, Pore size 1.0µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0653Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/B, 25mm, Pore size 1.0µm  HmbG (25pcs/pack)pack
P0654Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/B, 47mm, Pore size 1.0µm  HmbG (25pcs/pack)pack
P0655Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/B, 90mm, Pore size 1.0µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0660Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/C, 125mm, Pore size 1.2µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0657Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/C, 25mm, Pore size 1.2µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0658Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/C, 47mm, Pore size 1.2µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0659Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/C, 90mm, Pore size 1.2µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0664Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/D, 125mm, Pore size 2.7µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0661Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/D, 25mm, Pore size 2.7µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0662Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/D, 47mm, Pore size 2.7µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
P0663Micro-Glass Fibre Filter GF/D, 90mm, Pore size 2.7µm HmbG  (25pcs/pack)pack
A0622Micrometer Screw Gauge 0-25mm x 0.01mm chromed mild steel Indiapc
A0623Micrometer Screw Gauge 0-25mm x 0.01mm in plastic box Cnpc
A3848Micrometer Screw Gauge Digital 0-25mm x 0.001mmpc
P0638Microporous Membrane Filter 25mm 0.22µm (Nylon-6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0636Microporous Membrane Filter 25mm 0.22µm (Nylon-66) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0639Microporous Membrane Filter 25mm 0.45µm (Nylon-6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0637Microporous Membrane Filter 25mm 0.45µm (Nylon-66) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0386Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.22µm (Nylon-66) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0388Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0652Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0650Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.45µm (Nylon-6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0649Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.45µm (Nylon-66) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0389Microporous Membrane Filter 47mm 0.45µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG  (100pcs/pack)pack
P0651Microporous Membrane Filter 90mm 0.22µm (Nylon-6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0647Microporous Membrane Filter 90mm 0.45µm (Nylon-6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0648Microporous Membrane Filter 90mm 0.45µm (Nylon-66) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
A4580Microscope Binocular 1000x CM2000B-IF,WF10x/22mm,Infinite Plan Achro.Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x Smithunit
A4801Microscope Binocular 1000x MB1-1000x LED, Eyepc WF10x,Plan Achromatic Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x unit
A3507Microscope Binocular 1000x MB1-1000x LED, Eyepc WF10x,Semi plan Achromatic Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x unit
A1466Microscope Binocular 1000x XS 402 Eyepc WF10x,Achromatic Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x unit
A1468Microscope Binocular 1600x MB1-1600x Eyepc WF10x,16x,Achromatic Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x unit
A4621Microscope Binocular 2000x 506-F,WF10x/18mm,WF20x/18mm,Finite Achro.Obj 4x,10x,40x,100x Smithunit
A4404Microscope Condenser with iris diapharm for MM3 / MB1pc
A0628Microscope Dissecting 20x-40x MDS1 Stereo unit
A0629Microscope Dissecting 30x MDS1 without light source Stereo unit
A1471Microscope Dissecting Stereo Zoom 7X-45X LED light unit
A0650Microscope Eyepiece   5x,for XSP-16pc
A0653Microscope Eyepiece 10x,for XSP-16pc
A4087Microscope Eyepiece 12.5x,for XSP-16pc
A3290Microscope Eyepiece 15x,for XSP-16pc
A0654Microscope Eyepiece 16x,for XSP-16pc
A4834Microscope Eyepiece Electronic 1.3 MP for MM2CMTunit
A1658Microscope Eyepiece Electronic 5 MP (with 23.2mm adapter interface)unit
A4090Microscope Eyepiece WF 10x ,for MB1pc
A4264Microscope Eyepiece WF 10x ,for MM1 / MM2pc
A2776Microscope Eyepiece WF 10x ,for MM2pc
A0655Microscope Eyepiece WF 10x ,for MM3pc
A0656Microscope Eyepiece WF 15x ,for MM3pc
A0657Microscope Eyepiece WF 15x ,for XS- 201pc
A4089Microscope Eyepiece WF 16x ,for MB1pc
A2777Microscope Eyepiece WF 16x ,for MM2pc
A4088Microscope Eyepiece WF 20x ,for XS- 201 / MB1pc
A4244Microscope Filter D31.5mm, bluepair 
A0630Microscope Lamp Attachment ,battery operatedset
A0659Microscope Mechanical Stage for MM3pc
A4261Microscope Mechanical Stage for SME-20 with condensorpc
A0660Microscope Mechanical Stage for XSP-16pc
A4748Microscope Monocular 1000x MM1ALED,WF25x,Obj4/10/40x,,v.diaph,AC/3*AA cell,HP Adptrunit
A2486Microscope Monocular 1600x XSP16A Mirror, Eyepc 5x,10x,16x,Obj 10x,40x,100x,Mov.scale stage,v.diaphragmunit
A1744Microscope Monocular 400x MM1 LED w/dimmer,WF10x,Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,Spring clip,V.diaphragm, Alllabsunit
A3483Microscope Monocular 400x MM2 LED w/dimmer, WF10x,195 Achr.Obj 4/10/40x,Spring clip,v.diaphragm, Alllabsunit
A3483BMicroscope Monocular 400x MM2CM LED w/dimmer, Eyepc WF10x,195 Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,M/stageunit
A3483EMicroscope Monocular 400x MM2CMT-D LED,Digital 5MP,WF10x,195 Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,M.stageunit
A0643Microscope Monocular 400x XSP12 Mirror,Eyepc10x,Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,Spring clip,variable diaphragmunit
A3483DMicroscope Monocular 400x/Phototube MM2CMT LED, Eyepc WF10x,195 Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,M/stageunit
A4690Microscope Monocular 600x MM3C LED, WF10x,WF15x,Achro.Obj 4/10/40x,Spring clip,v.diaphragmunit
A0643BMicroscope Monocular 600x XSP12 with Accessories Eyepiece 10x,15x,Objective 4x,10x,40x (tender) set
A0666Microscope objective 100x for MM2 / MM3pc
A0665Microscope objective 100x,for XSP-16pc
A4266Microscope objective 10x for MM1pc
A1536Microscope objective 10x for MM2 / MM3pc
A0663Microscope objective 10x,for XSP-16pc
A1407Microscope objective 40x (195 Achromatic) for MM2 / MM3pc
A4267Microscope objective 40x for MM1pc
A0664Microscope objective 40x,for XSP-16pc
A4265Microscope objective 4x for MM1pc
A1535Microscope objective 4x for MM2pc
A1535Microscope objective 4x for MM2pc
A0661Microscope objective 4x,for XSP-16pc
A3868Microscope objective 60x for MM3 / MB1pc
A3892Microscope Occular Micrometer D19mm, 10mm/100div. 1 div.=0.1mmpc
A3557Microscope Occular Micrometer D19mm, 5mm/50div. 1 div.=0.1mmpc
A1393Microscope Reflector Mirrorpc
A0670Microscope Slide Clippc
A3893Microscope Stage Micrometer 10mm/100div. 1 div.=0.1mmpc
A3558Microscope Stage Micrometer 1mm/100div. 1 div.=0.01mmpc
A0671Microscope Travellingunit
A3621Microscope Visualizer Eyepiece AdaptorUnit
A3723AMirror concave D5cm FL 10,20cm (2pcs/set)set
A2916AMirror concave D5cm FL 7.5,10,15,20cm (4pcs/set) (Tender)set
A3946Mirror concave D7.5cm FL 10cm pc
A3741AMirror concave D7.5cm FL 10cm & 20cm (each 1 pc)set
A3947Mirror concave D7.5cm FL 20cmpc
A0673Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 10cmpc
A0674Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 15cmpc
A0675Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 20cmpc
A0676Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 30cmpc
A1450Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 5cmpc
A3101Mirror concave Dia.-  5cm FL 7.5cmpc
A4217Mirror concave Dia.-10cm FL 10cmpc
A0672Mirror concave Dia.-10cm FL 30cmpc
A2917AMirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 10,20cm (each 1 pc) (tender)set
A0677Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 10cmpc
A0678Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 15cmpc
A0679Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 20cmpc
A0680Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 30cmpc
A1451Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 5cmpc
A4057Mirror convex Dia.-  5cm FL 7.5cmpc
A3948Mirror convex Dia.-7.5cm FL 10cm pc
A3742AMirror convex Dia.-7.5cm FL 10cm & 20cm (each 1 pc)set
A4218Mirror convex Dia.-7.5cm FL 10cm & 20cm (each 1 pc)set
A3949Mirror convex Dia.-7.5cm FL 20cmpc
DA4245Mirror plane 100 x 100mm with plastic framepc
DA2854Mirror plane 140 x 140mm x 3mm with wooden blockpc
DA4079Mirror plane 200 x 200mm x 3mm with plastic frame pc
A3314Mirror plane 300 x 300mm x 5mm pc
DA2927Mirror plane 5 sizes each 10pcs (7.5×2.5,7.5×7.5,10×7.5,15×5,15×2.5cm)pack
DA2665Mirror plane 50 x 100mm x 3mm (tender)pc
DA1541Mirror plane 50 x 125mm x 3mm with wooden blockpc
DA0157Mirror plane 50 x 150mm x 5mm (Cermin satah)(t)pc
DA2579Mirror plane 80 x 100mm with plastic framepc
A2713Model Human Acupuncture & moxibustion male w/right musculature plastic base, 178mmset
A4845Model Human Skeleton 180cm, transparent cartilage flexible spine, left muscle painted, Plastic stand set
DA2663Model Mesin Gerudi(Takal Dan Tali Sawat)pc
A0681Model of Alveolusset
A2393Model of Amoebaset
DA3601Model of Angiosperm Gametogenesis (TENDER)set
A0682Model of Arm ( elbow & muscular for demo) plasticset
DA0012Model of Arm,local (Physics)set
A1610Model of Atlas magnified (Nervous system in Spinal Cord)set
A0721Model of Blood Circulation (Peredaran Darah),elektricset
A3249Model of Blood circulation system, plat type, wooden plate, hanging Inset
A4223Model of Brain,bright pinkish w/arteries (7pcs) on base Inset
A2754Model of Brain,bright pinkish w/arteries (8pcs) natural on baseset
A3250Model of Cell Animal Inset
A3747BModel of Cell Animal Meiosis & Plant Meiosis In, A2947 / A3746 (1pc each)set
A2947Model of Cell Animal Meiosis Inset
A3255CModel of Cell Animal Mitosis & Plant Mitosis In, A3251 / A3252 (1pc each)set
A2752Model of Cell Animal Mitosis Cnset
A3251Model of Cell Animal Mitosis Inset
A3746Model of Cell Plant Meiosis Inset
A2753Model of Cell Plant Mitosis Cnset
A3252Model of Cell Plant Mitosis Inset
A3253Model of Cell Plant with stand Inset
A1577Model of Cell simpleset
A2301Model of Chromosome Human Inset
A4457Model of dicot root TSset
A3254Model of Digestive system, hanging wooden plate Inset
A1508Model of DNA Junior set, Puzzle kitset
A0689Model of DNA senior setset
A2508Model of Ear 3X plastic typeset
A0690Model of Ear 4X plastic typeset
A1842Model of Earth-quakeset
A1633Model of ES Changing Earth Crust (Gunung Lipatb dan Penghausan Tanah )set
A1632Model of ES Diastrophismset
A1630Model of ES folding constructure and its topographic feature evolutionset
A1629Model of ES Plate tectonics and surface configurationset
A1631Model of ES Rift constructureset
A2017Model of ES Volcano Big sizeset
A4537Model of Eye 5X Inset
A0691Model of Eye 6X (6 pcs)set
A0692Model of Flower,Peachset
A2136Model of Flower,Wheatset
A4811Model of Foot, Normal, Flat & Arched, set of 3set
A2893Model of Frogset
A2892Model of Giant lymphatic nodes with standset
A0695Model of Heartset
A2760Model of Heart and Lung Anabiosis full bodyset
A3073Model of Heart Life-sizeset
A2855Model of Heart middle (4 parts) 3Xset
A2943Model of Hip joint with baseset
A3043Model of Human body for CPR training  (male half body)set
A1898Model of Human Body,the basic patient manikinset
A1880Model of Human Foetus, Foetal Membrane and Uterus 1-7monthsset
A0699Model of Human Skeleton 168cm, Iron stand set
A2225Model of Human Skeleton 168cm, plastic standset
A3489Model of Human Skeleton 42cm unit
A4652Model of Human Skeleton 85cm QHset
A0698Model of Human Skeleton 85cm XCset
A0701Model of Human Torso 26cm 15 pcsset
A4661Model of Human Torso 42cm 11 pcs Maleset
A3559Model of Human Torso 55cm 19 pcs neutral set
A4651Model of Human Torso 85cm 18 pcs plasticset
A0703Model of Human Torso 85cm 19 pcs plasticset
A2223Model of Human Torso 85cm 23 pcs Dual sexset
A4619Model of Human Torso 85cm 24 pcs Dual sexset
A0704Model of Human Torso 85cm 44 pcsset
A2945Model of Hydra,anatomicalset
A0711Model of Jaw Lowerset
A0706Model of Jaws(L) with Tongue (32 teeth)  (L195xW165xH140mm) set
A4620Model of Jaws(M) with Tongue (28 teeth) (210x160x110mm)set
A1575Model of Kidney Electric (Emiction system)set
A2026Model of Kidney Giant(1pc) magnified, on base 20cm long, without adrenal glandset
A3257Model of Kidney Right,w/Adrenal Gland 2pcs Inset
A3824Model of Kidney,nephron,renal corpuscle set of 3 Inset
A1576Model of Knee Joint functional model XC-111set
A2326Model of Larynx w/tongue & front half manent Middle magnifiedset
A0708Model of Leaf Structureset
A3262Model of Leaf Structure Inset
A3462Model of Liver Lobule (microanatomy)set
A0709Model of Liver,Pancreas and Duodenum Modelset
A0722Model of Lung (Pernafasan Manusia),electric Good Qualityset
A4676Model of Lung (Pernafasan Manusia),electric Nomal Qualityset
A0712Model of Lung 5 parts,3B,Germanyset
A3263Model of Lung contains larynx, lungs, tubes, heart (7pcs) Inset
A3266Model of Lung Respiratory System with enlarged Alveoli on plate Inset
A0713Model of Lymphset
A4458Model of monocot root TSset
A2497Model of Nephron In small sizeset
A2328Model of Nerves system, wooden plateset
A1628Model of Neuron In large sizeset
A0716Model of Nose with base 150x100mm, plasticset
A2374Model of Paramecium with standset
A1551Model of Pregnancy Foetus 9th month Cnset
A1899Model of Pregnancy Pelvis with Foetus, 3 parts GD0366set
A1900Model of Pregnancy Pelvis with Foetus, 3 parts GD0367set
A2782Model of Pregnancy Series 8 models Cnset
A3260Model of Pregnancy Series 9 models Inset
A1467Model of Root Top, plant dicotset
A2376Model of Sarsset
A1608Model of Shoulder joint with base set
A0728Model of Skin,105X, plastic typeset
A3261Model of Skin,Inset
A3549Model of Skull with cervical spineset
A3574Model of Stem-Dicot Inset
A0730Model of Stem-Monocotset
A3825AModel of Stem-Monocot & Dicot In (1unit each)set
A3575Model of Stem-Monocot Inset
A0731Model of Stomach Inset
A2506Model of Stomach, Pancreas and duodenum on base Inset
A2016Model of Sun Structureset
A0733Model of Teeth set of 3 set
A4091Model of Teeth set of 5set
A2330Model of the consequences of smoking on human, hanging wooden plate (B type)set
A4623Model of Tongue labeledset
A2197Model of Transportation,die cast metal or plastic type,pack in plastic containerset
A0720Model of Urinary/Pelvis Female Section on Standset
A0719Model of Urinary/Pelvis Male Section on Standset
A2132Model of Urinary/Urogenital system on standset
A0736Model of vertebra Disarticulated column with wooden boxset
A2226Model of vertebral column with pevils, iron standset
A3806Model,Bicycle with working mechanical partsset
DA0740Model,Cable Car KBSRset
DA0742Model,Fan KBSRset
DA0741Model,Racing Car KBSRset
DA0744Model,Robot Striding KBSRset
A3241Moisture dish ID54mm x IH22mm stainless steel with coverpc
A0745Moisture dish ID70mm x IH21mm stainless steel with coverpc
A0746Moisture Meter pc
DA0016AMolecular model – (10 items/set)set
DA3793AMolecular model – (14 items/set)set
DA0017Molecular model – C6H12set
DA0018Molecular model – Diamondset
DA0019Molecular model – Grafitset
DA0020Molecular model – Sebatian (6 items/set)set
DA0021Molecular model – Sodium Chlorideset
DA0022Molecular model – Sulfurset
DA3843Molecular model -(O2,H2,H2O) (3 items/set)set
A1864Molecular set 100 polystyrene D-25mm Lcset
A0024Molecular set 120 plasticset
A2981Molecular set 144 plastic Cn (t)set
A0023Molecular set 174 plastic Cnset
A1686Molecular set 174 rubber type Cnset
A2983Molecular set 23 plastic Cn (t)set
A3291Molecular set Atomic orbitalsset
A2982Molecular set Hydrocarbon 63 plastic Cn (t)set
A1760Molecular set Inorganic/Organic (for student)set
A3292Molecular set Inorganic/Organic 108pcs (for teacher)set
A1595Molecular set Organic (for student)set
A3812Molecular set Polystyrene ball 12mm with Cube and Pyramid Plastic Containerset
A3788Molecular set Polystyrene ball 19mm & 40mm,25pcs each with plastic containerset
DA3095Motor TH37JB520 12V 30rpm mounted on base (Timing)set
A4395Mounting Cardboard ( 100mm x 150mm)pc
DA0595Moving Coil Meter (Meter Gelung Bergerak)set
A4648Muffle Furnace Ceramic Fiber 2L,+100+1200ºC,In.Chamber 200*120*80mm, Ext.450*685*600mm, Smithset
A3965Multimeter Analogue with buzzer Sunwa without batteryunit
DA0748Multimeter Boardset
A3009Multimeter Digital DT-830Bunit
A1412Net Insect,D35xL120cm, 2 stages adjustable Al handle.set
A2099Newton Ringset
A2493Newton’s Law- collision balls (cradle)unit
DA2182Notice Board Foam 3′ x 4′ with Al.Frameunit
A2889Number Counterunit
A4320O Ring OD11.5xID7.5mmpc
A4319O Ring OD9xID5mmpc
DA0762Oil Film kit 1/8set
A2958Opisometer (map measurer) Dial typepc
A3879Opisometer (map measurer) L125xD20mm Brass wheel Cnpc
DA0763Opisometer (map measurer) L125xD20mm Plastic wheel LCpc
DA4829Optic And Light Kit (Tender)set
A4831Optic Rail Set (Tender)set
A0765Optical Bench set Inset
A3288Optical Block Circular D75xT25mm, perspex pc
A1440Optical Block rectangular glass approx.100 x 45 x 18mmpc
A1835Optical Block rectangular glass approx.100 x 45 x 25mmpc
A1834Optical Block rectangular glass approx.100 x 60 x 19 mmpc
A1833Optical Block rectangular glass approx.114 x 62 x 15 mmpc
A3744Optical Block rectangular glass approx.115 x 65 x 18 mmpc
A2160Optical Block rectangular glass approx.140 x 70 x 20mmpc
A3279Optical Block rectangular glass approx.70 x 50 x 18mmpc
A0766Optical Block rectangular glass approx.75 x 50 x 18mmpc
A2971Optical Block rectangular perspex approx.100 x 45 x 25mmpc
A3076Optical Block rectangular perspex approx.114 x 73 x 19mmpc
A3134Optical Block rectangular perspex approx.115 x 65 x 20mmpc
A3270Optical Block rectangular perspex approx.65 x 45 x 10mmpc
A0767Optical Block rectangular perspex approx.75 x 50 x 18mmpc
A3077Optical Block semi circular approx.D140xT19mm, radius 70mm, perspexpc
A1463Optical Block semi circular D100xT16mm, perspexpc
A0770Optical Block semi circular D100xT18mm, glasspc
A3837Optical Block semi circular D76xT23.5mm, perspexpc
A3863Optical Block semi circular D80xT20mm, glasspc
A3470Optical Block semi circular D90xT16mm, perspexpc
A1656Optical Block semi circular D90xT18mm, glasspc
A2918Optical Block set,rect-115x65x20,rect-100x45x25,semi-D90xT16,circular-D75xT25, perspex (4pcs/pack)pack
A3272Optical Block Triangle Equilateral L65 x T18mm, acrylicpc
A3080Optical Block Triangle Equilateral L78 x T18mm, acrylicpc
A3079Optical Block,Biconcave L140xW45xT19mm, Radius 178mm, acrylic (3pcs only)pc
A3133Optical Block,Biconcave L75xW22xT20mm, Radius 100mm, acrylicpc
A3078Optical Block,Biconvex L140xW45xT19mm, Radius 178mm, acrylic (3pcs only)pc
A3132Optical Block,Biconvex L75xW18xT20mm, Radius 100mm, acrylicpc
A3135Optical Block,Triangle,Equi-58xT20mm,Right-39x65x76xT20mm,isosceles-53x53x75xT20mm acrylic (3pcs/pack)pack
A0771Optical Pin 50mm x 1.2 metal head 250pcs/boxbox
A0772Optical Pin 75mm x 1.2 metal head 250pcs/boxbox
A2133Oscilloscope 3″ single beam 10MHz model ST16Bunit
A2134Oscilloscope 5″ 2 beams 20MHz YB-4328unit
A4616Oscilloscope 5″ 2 beams 30MHz YD4330unit
A3641Oscilloscope Digital 5″ 2 beams 25MHz CA2025CLunit
A4694Oscilloscope Probe only for A2133, model ST16Bunit
A3019Oven Drying 136L, 2050W, +10+250ºC, 55x45x55cm, Smithunit
A3016Oven Drying 30L, 850W, +10+250ºC, 34x32x32cm, Smithunit
A3017Oven Drying 35L, 850W, +10+250ºC, 34×32.5x32cm, Smithunit
A3018Oven Drying 50L, 1100W, +10+250ºC, 42×39.5x35cm, Smithunit
A4617Oven Drying 71L, 1550W, +5+300ºC, 45x35x45cm, Smithunit
A3035Oven Drying 80L, 1550W, +10+250ºC, 45x40x45cm, Smithunit
A3118Oven Drying/Incubator 30L, 850W, +5⁰~80⁰± 0.5ºC, +80⁰~220º± 1º C, 34×32.5x32cm, Smithunit
A4366Oven Vacuum 50L, 1400W, +10-200ºC, 133Pa, 41.5x37x34.5cm, 2 tier, Stainless Steel, Smithunit
A3777Pad Finger Print 50x70mm set
DA2098Papan Litar Elektrikset
A1829Parallel Plate Capacitor, Disc D230mm x 1.7mm with accessoriesset
A0789Pascal Ball App,glass type (liquid pressure)pc
A0790Pascal’s Ball App.metal type (liquid pressure) MS111-1pc
A4775PC Board for Balance Electric(LT1002E)unit
A4776PC Board for Balance Electric(LT2002)unit
A4770PC Board for Balance electronic LT202unit
A4771PC Board for Balance electronic LT302unit
A4774PC Board for Balance electronic LT602unit
A4773PC Board for Balance electronic LT602Eunit
A4397Pendulum Ballistic demonstrating apparatuspc
A0797Pendulum bob brass 12mm pc
A0798Pendulum bob brass 18mm pc
A0798APendulum bob brass 18mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A4789Pendulum bob brass 20mm pc
A4789APendulum bob brass 20mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A0799Pendulum bob brass 25mmpc
A1418Pendulum bob brass 28mm 100gmpc
A1417Pendulum bob copper 25mmpc
A1419Pendulum bob copper 28mm 100gmpc
A3312Pendulum bob iron 18mm pc
A2621Pendulum bob iron 25mm chrome platedpc
A0800Pendulum bob lead 12mmpc
A0801Pendulum bob lead 20mmpc
A0801APendulum bob lead 20mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A0802Pendulum bob lead 25mmpc
DA0818Pepejal & Isipadu kitset
DA2514Periscope 40x400mm PVCset
DA0819Periscope Simple (Periskop Ringkas KBSM)set
A2200Petroleum Distillationset
DA2262Petroleum Fractions and their usespc
A4657pH meter digital pH 0.00-14.00 x 0.01 Ambient Temp (0-60ºC) Smithpc
A4578pH meter digital pH 0.0-14.0 Ambient Temp (0-50ºC), Expert pH pocket tester Eutechpc
A3502PH Meter Model pH 0.0-14.0, Tettler (w/carry case)pc
A3503PH Meter-Electrode only for A3502pc
A0827pH tester Analogue ( Soil )pc
A3870Pin 125mm Arrow shape Dissecting SSpc
A3460Pin 125mm Bent plastic handle (10pcs/pack)pack
A4585Pin 125mm Pointed Bent Dissecting SSpc
A3490Pin 125mm Pointed Straight Dissecting SSpc
A0252Pin 125mm Straight plastic handle (10pcs/pack)pack
A2654Ping Pong Multicolour, 6pcs/setset
A1446Pipe Clay 2″ normalpc
A1445Pipe Clay 2″ superiorpc
A2711Pipette Bulbs capacity 12ml rubber (5pcs/pack)pack
A2712Pipette Bulbs capacity 22ml rubber (5pcs/pack) pack
A2408Pipette Bulbs capacity 6ml rubber (5pcs/pack)pack
A4219Pipette Bulbs Double ball with net,red rubber for automatic burettes and flash chromatography columns.pc
A3265Pipette Bulbs Single ball without net,red rubber for automatic burettes and flash chromatography columns.pc
A3342Pipette Controller Easy large volume TETTLERpc
A3341Pipette Controller Electromotion TETTLERpc
A3711Pipette Controller Levo Pluspc
A4287Pipette Filler Bulb type 50ml chemical resistant Rubber Standard pc
A4220Pipette Filler Bulb type 50ml chemical resistant Rubber Universal type pc
A0836Pipette Filler Bulb type 50ml Rubber Standard 900.001 Allapc
A2437Pipette Filler Bulb type 50ml Rubber Universal 900.002 Allapc
A0837Pipette Filler Bulb type 50ml Steel ball Rubber Standardpc
P0274Pipette Tips 0,5 -10ul, crystal, Eppendorf type (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0273Pipette Tips 0,5 -10ul, crystal, Gilson (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0644Pipette Tips 0.1-10ul, crystal, for A3898 Tettler (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0276Pipette Tips 100 -1000ul, blue, Eppendorf type, Universal (500pcs/pack)pack
P0275Pipette Tips 100 -1000ul, blue, Gilson type, Universal (500pcs/pack)pack
P0594Pipette Tips 100 -1000ul, Gilson type, Universal, Graduated 100/250/500/1000ul (500pcs/pack)pack
P0279Pipette Tips 1000 – 5000ul, neutral, Finn type (250pcs/pack)pack
P0364Pipette Tips 1000 – 5000ul, neutral, for Eppendorf type and HmbG  (300pcs/pack)pack
P0398Pipette Tips 1000 – 5000ul, neutral, Gilson type (250pcs/pack)pack
P0309Pipette Tips 1000-10000ul, neutral, for Tettler(100pcs/pack)pack
P0539Pipette Tips 1000-5000ul, neutral, for Tettler (100pcs/pack )pack
P0687Pipette Tips 1000ul, blue, GQ HmbG A11000 (500pcs/pack)pack
P0688Pipette Tips 1000ul, blue, sterile, GQ HmbG A11100 (100pcs/rack)pack
P0683Pipette Tips 10ul, crystal, GQ HmbG A10010 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0684Pipette Tips 10ul, crystal, sterile, GQ HmbG A11010 (96pcs/rack)pack
P0697Pipette Tips 1250ul, blue, sterile, GQ HmbG A11102 (96pcs/rack)pack
P0510Pipette Tips 2 – 200ul, neutral, Finn type, Universal (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0266Pipette Tips 2 – 200ul, yellow, Eppendorf type, Universal (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0152Pipette Tips 2 – 200ul, yellow, Gilson type, Universal (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0593Pipette Tips 2 – 200ul, yellow, Gilson type, Universal, Graduated 10/20/50/100ul (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0368Pipette Tips 20 – 300ul, neutral, Eppendorf type (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0685Pipette Tips 200u, yellow, GQ HmbG A10200 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0686Pipette Tips 200ul, yellow, sterile, GQ HmbG A11200 (96pcs/rack)pack
P0301Pipette Tips Box 1000ul x 100 holes for blue tips Universal, jointed cover, PPpc
P0606Pipette Tips Box 1000ul x 100 holes for blue tips Universal, separated cover, PPpc
P0710Pipette Tips Box 10ul x 96 holes for crystal tips Gilson type, jointed cover with lock, PPpc
P0315Pipette Tips Box 10ul x 96 holes for crystal tips Gilson type, jointed cover, PPpc
P0300Pipette Tips Box 200ul x 96 holes for yellow tips Universal, jointed cover, PPpc
P0576Pipette Tips Box 5000ul x 28 holes, jointed cover, PPpc
P0577Pipette Tips w/filter 0,5 -10ul, crystal, Gilson type (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0580Pipette Tips w/filter 100 -1000ul, blue, Gilson type (500pcs/pack)pack
P0579Pipette Tips w/filter 2 – 200ul, yellow, Gilson type (1000pcs/pack)pack
A4024Pipettor Micro 0.2-2ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A4505Pipettor Micro 0.5-10ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Dragonlabunit
A3611Pipettor Micro 0.5-10ul, 4 digits, variable volume, HWLABunit
A4243Pipettor Micro 1000-5000ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Gilson type, Chinaunit
A0627Pipettor Micro 1000-5000ul, 3 digits, variable volume, HmbGunit
P0102Pipettor Micro 1000-5000ul, 3 digits, variable volume, kartell*1325unit
A3902Pipettor Micro 1000-5000ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A3901Pipettor Micro 100-1000ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A4507Pipettor Micro 100-1000ul, 4 digits, variable volume, Dragonlabunit
A3899Pipettor Micro 10-100ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
P0100Pipettor Micro 10-100ul,3 digits, variable volume, kartell* ( 1 unit only)unit
A3375Pipettor Micro 1-10ml, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A3898Pipettor Micro 1-10ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A4347Pipettor Micro 20-200ul, 3 digits, variable volume, 8-channels, Autoclavable HWLAB (Order on request)unit
A4506Pipettor Micro 20-200ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Dragonlabunit
A3900Pipettor Micro 20-200ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A3613Pipettor Micro 20-200ul, 4 digits, variable volume, HWLABunit
A4025Pipettor Micro 2-20ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A3615Pipettor Micro 500-5000ul, 4 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
A4430Pipettor Micro 50-200ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Gilson type, China  ( 1 unit only )unit
A4026Pipettor Micro 5-50ul, 3 digits, variable volume, Tettlerunit
DA4830Planck’s Constant Determination Kit-LED Seriespc
A0791Plane Elevation kit (set 1)set
DA1850Plane Elevation kit (set 2)set
DA4555Plane Elevation kit (set 3)set
DA2208Plane in 3D Objectset
A0840Plankton Net Lcpc
DA0499Plant Nutrient Experiment Set (Larutan Kultur) ,China  glassset
DA0500Plant Nutrient Experiment Set (Larutan Kultur) ,Duran glassset
A2704Plasticine (2boxes/pack)pack
A4280Plate Aluminium 0.1 x 30 x 50mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A2700Plate Aluminium 0.8mm x 600 x 300mm pc
DA0277Plate Aluminium 1.2mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
A1488Plate Aluminium 1.55x20x100mmpc
A1489Plate Brass 0.5mm x 20mm x 100mmpc
DA0278Plate Brass 1.2mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
A3277Plate Brass 10mm x 75mm x 75mmpc
A3805Plate Brass 4.5mm x 100mm x 100mmpc
A2524Plate Copper 0.06mm x 30mm x 50mm (10pcs/pack)pack
C1373Plate Copper 0.1mm x 20mm x 100mm (8pcs/pack)pack
C1254Plate Copper 0.1mm x 20mm x 70mm (10pcs/pack)pack
DA0279Plate Copper 0.7mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
A1490Plate Copper 0.7mm x 20mm x 100mmpc
A0211Plate Copper 0.7mm x 20mm x 70mmpc
A0209Plate Copper 0.7mm x 40mm x 50mmpc
C1514Plate Copper 0.8mm x 100mm x 200mmpc
DA0210Plate Copper 1.2mm x 40mm x 50mm with binding postpc
A3804Plate Copper 4.5mm x 100mm x 100mmpc
A4104Plate Iron 0.7mm x 20mm x 100mmpc
DA0280Plate Iron 1.2mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
DA3787Plate Iron Diameter-120mm x thickness 6mm with supporting Rod 7mmx120mmpc
A1545Plate Lead 0.8 x 20 x 100mmpc
A3800APlate Lead 0.8 x100 x 200mmpc
DA0281Plate Lead 0.8mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
C0715Plate Silver 0.2 x 30 x 50mm 99.9%pc
C1386Plate Silver 0.2 x 30 x 75mm 99.9%  (tender) pc
A4749Plate Stainless Steel 0.8mm x 20mm x 100mmpc
C1513Plate Tin 99.95% T0.8mm x W100mm x L200mmpc
A1491Plate Zinc 0.15~0.25mm x 20mm x 100mm (10pcs/pack)pack
A1249Plate Zinc 0.15~0.25mm x 20mm x 70mm (10pcs/pack)pack
C1253Plate Zinc 0.15~0.25mm x 30mm x 50mm (10pcs/pack)pack
DA0463Plate Zinc Galvanized 1.2mm x 2″ x 5″ with binding postpc
A2522Plate Zinc Galvanized 200 x 100 x 1.0mm(painted black & white each)pairs
A2877Plier combination ( 6″)160mm claw-toothed with wire cutterpc
A2705Plug 3 pin 13Aunit
A0843Plug key one way (switch)pc
A0844Plug key two way (switch)pc
A0847Polaroid pairs Labtechpair
A0847APolaroid pairs Labtech (10pairs/pack)pack
A0848Polystyrene ball 12mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A0849Polystyrene ball 19mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A0850Polystyrene ball 25mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A1782Polystyrene ball 32mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A0851Polystyrene ball 38mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A0852Polystyrene ball 50mm (50pcs/pack)pack
DA0854Pond Net Lcpc
DA4023Pooter OD80mm ID40mm PSset
DA4013Potometer Apparatus on standset
DA4331Potometer Ganong with Plastic Holderset
A3477Potometer Ganong with thermocol box superior on wooden standset
DA0856Power Line Terminalpc
A2131Power supply 0-25V, 5-8A AC/DC,Chinaunit
A1650Power supply 13V   4A Auto,ALS-PS0413 (Plug selector)unit
A2570Power supply 13V   4A Auto,ALS-PS0413S (Switch selector)unit
A1652Power supply 13V   8A Auto,ALS-PS0813 (Plug selector)unit
A1653Power supply 13V 10A Auto,ALS-PS1013 (Plug selector)unit
DA0862Power supply 13V 5A Auto,Labtechunit
A0867Power supply 13V 8A Unilabunit
A4455Power supply 13V CP10A Auto (Plug selector)unit
A4452Power supply 13V CP4A Auto (Plug selector)unit
A4453Power supply 13V CP6A Auto (Plug selector)unit
A4454Power supply 13V CP8A Auto (Plug selector)unit
A3595Power supply 13V/Separated 2V stabilizer 8A Auto,ALS-PS0813Z (Plug selector)unit
A0860Power supply 25V AC/DC,shaw,UKunit
DA4700Power supply 2V   Stabilizedunit
A1454Power supply E.H.T. IEC,LB-2615-001unit
A1749Power supply E.H.T.DC0-6KV 2mA,AC6.3V 3A,input 250V ALS-EHT6KVunit
A0866Power supply H.T. shaw,UKunit
A2468Power supply wire with 3 pin plug and socket for autoclave set
A4415Pressure Bulbs, complete with airflow valve & end valve type, black, rubber for Dial Sphygmomanometerpc
DA4133Pressure Laws Apparatus c/w Bourdon gauge (Hukum Tekanan)set
DA1475Pressure Laws Apparatus c/w Manometer (Hukum Tekanan)set
A1902Primary-Animal Model Kitset
A2164Primary-Animals Model set of 16set
A2797Primary-Electric Kit (A) J80239set
A2794Primary-Electrostatic Kit (A) J80238set
A2740Primary-Force & Mechanical junior set J80215set
A1753Primary-Fruit&Vegetable Modelsset
A2792Primary-Heat Kit (A) J80219set
DA1754Primary-Light & Dark Kit (B)set
A2793Primary-Magnet Kit (A) J80246set
A0787Primary-Magnet Kit Faraday (B)set
A2796Primary-Sink & Float Kit (A) J80216set
DA1847Primary-Sink & Float Kit (B)set
A2799Primary-Sound Kit (A) J80218set
DA4682Primary-Spring Kitpc
DA2853Primary-Water Kitset
DA0869Principle of Transformerset
A3055APrism 50×50x70mm 90º×45º×45º & 63×63×63mm  60º×60º×60º Glass (tender)set
A0870Prism Equilateral 25mm (Face & Length) glasspc
A0872Prism Equilateral 38mm (Face & Length) glasspc
A0873Prism Equilateral 38mm (Face & Length) perspexpc
A0876Prism Equilateral 50mm (Face & Length) glasspc
A0880Prism Equilateral 60mm (Face & Length) perspexpc
A3056Prism Equilateral 60mm (Face & Length) with filling vent and stopper hollow glasspc
A1427Prism Equilateral 63mm (Face x Length) glasspc
A0875Prism Right Angle 38x38x55mm Face x 35mm Length, 90×45×45º, perspexpc
A0874Prism Right Angle 38x38x55mm Face x 38mm Length, 90×45×45º, glasspc
A0879Prism Right Angle 50×50x70mm Face x 50mm Length, 90×45×45º, glass Cnpc
A0878Prism Right Angle 50×50x70mm Face x 50mm Length, 90×45×45º, glass Inpc
A4531Prism Right Angle 50×50x70mm Face x 70mm Length, 90×45×45º, glass Cnpc
A3666Probe stainless steel for Thermometer Oven A2336, Allapc
A3847Projek Membuat Memo Holderset
A3494Propeller plane rubber band poweredpc
DA1772Protractor Plastic 200mm with a holepc
A4140Protractor Plastic 95mm with a holepc
A2690APulley detachable single,double,triple each 1 pcset
DA2276Pulley on Boss Head horizontalpc
DA0881Pulley on Boss Head verticalpc
A1750Pulley on Clamp normalpc
A3551Pulley on Clamp Superiorpc
DA0882Pulley on Clamp, pulley D-50mm frame L-114mm Lcunit
A3028APulley set (sheave Pulleys),Tender Cn (5pcs/set)set
A3093APulley set (Tandem Pulleys),Tender Cn (3pcs/set)set
A3066APulley set (Tandem Pulleys),Tender Cn (4pcs/set)set
A3029Pulley, Double in Line Pl 30mm,25mm Cnpc
DA0886Pulley, Double in Line Pl 50mm,38mmpc
A1698Pulley, Double in Line Pl 50mm,40mm Cnpc
DA0884Pulley, Double Sheave PI 50mm Lcpc
A3025Pulley, Double Sheave Pl 30mm Cn pc
A1696Pulley, Double Sheave Pl 50mm Cn pc
A2404Pulley, Double Sheave, Detachable, Pl 50mmpc
A3027Pulley, Single Sheave Al 30mm Cn pc
DA0883Pulley, Single Sheave PI 50mm Lcpc
A3024Pulley, Single Sheave Pl 30mm Cn pc
A1695Pulley, Single Sheave Pl 50mm Cn pc
A2403Pulley, Single Sheave, Detachable, Pl 50mmpc
A2953APulley, Single,Double,Triple (sheave) each 5 pcs with thread Cnset
A3030Pulley, Triple in Line Pl 30mm,25mm,25mm Cnpc
A1699Pulley, Triple in Line Pl 50mm,40mm,30mm Cnpc
DA0885Pulley, Triple Sheave PI 50mm Lcpc
A3026Pulley, Triple Sheave Pl 30mm Cnpc
A1697Pulley, Triple Sheave Pl 50mm Cn pc
A2405Pulley, Triple Sheave, Detachable, Pl 50mmpc
A1858Pump Pressure foot operated meter reading(0-10kg/cm2 / 0-150lbs/in2) Metalpc
P0113Pump Solvent Transfer, hand operated, Metal, kartell*2006pc
A0025Pump Vacuum – Oil 1literlitre
A2523Pump Vacuum – Oil 500ml500ml
A4589Pump Vacuum Diaphragm, Oilfree, 30L/min, 0.085Mpa(150mbar), 180Wunit
A1549Pump Vacuum Dual Stage, 2.5m3/h, 1.5CFM, Pa 6.7×10-2, 0.33HP, 250Wunit
A4787Pump Vacuum Single Stage, 5.1m3/h, 2.5CFM, Pa 2, 0.25HP, 180Wunit
A1018Pump Vacuum Single Stage, w/meter, 1.5m3/h, 1.0CFM, Pa 10-30, 0.16HP, 120Wunit
A0363Pump vacuum, water jet, Borosilicate glassset
A0362Pump vacuum, water jet, Brassset
P0280Pump vacuum, water jet, PP, HmbGpc
A3826Pump Vacuum/Suction Machine,Single Stage,w/meter,Oilfree,0-575mmHg±10,12 Ltrs/min (non-medical)unit
A2398Pump Water Demonstration (Force Pump) Dia 20mm x 330mm with standset
A2399Pump Water Demonstration (Lift Pump) Dia.20mm x 330mm with standset
DA0737Pump Water Demonstration modelset
A2359Rack Boiling Tube D32mm/10place L17.5″, Wooden, economypc
A0904Rack Boiling Tube D32mm/12place L21″, Wooden, economypc
A2357Rack Boiling Tube D32mm/6place W70xL250xH110mm, Wooden, economypc
A2358Rack Boiling Tube D32mm/8place L15″, Wooden, economypc
DA2868Rack Book metal L230xW100XH230mmpc
DA2015Rack Book with caster wheels, 6 sloping Metal traysset
A0889Rack Burette 26 places vertical wooden Lacquerset
P0323Rack Centrifuge Tube 0.2ml 96 places with Cover PPpc
P0584Rack Centrifuge Tube 0.5/1.5ml 60 places with Cover PPpc
P0324Rack Centrifuge Tube 0.5ml 72 places with Cover PPpc
P0391Rack Centrifuge Tube 0.5ml 98 places with Cover PPpc
P0392Rack Centrifuge Tube 1.5ml 100 places with Cover PPpc
P0302Rack Centrifuge Tube 1.5ml 72 places with Cover PPpc
P0456Rack Centrifuge Tube 15/50ml D17mm/30H,D28mm/20H, Universal, ABSpc
P0393Rack Centrifuge Tube 15ml 49 places with Cover Cardboard Freezingpc
P0523Rack Centrifuge Tube 4 sizes,D7.5mm/32H,D11.5mm/32H,D16mm/12H,D30mm/4H, PPpc
P0394Rack Centrifuge Tube 50ml 16 places with Cover Cardboard Freezingpc
A1166Rack Centrifuge Tube 50ml Sq.35mm 8H for conical bottom tube, Blue, wire typepc
P0585Rack Centrifuge Tube, Floating, 0.5/1.5ml, 8 places each Circular, soft polyfoam disposablepc
A4346Rack Centrifuge Tube, Floating, 1.5ml 4×4 places, Rectagular, PPpc
P0339BRack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 100 places jointed Cover PP Bluepc
P0339GRack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 100 places jointed Cover PP Greenpc
P0357Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 100 places separated Cover PPpc
P0397Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 100 places with Cover Cardboard Freezingpc
P0337Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 50 places separated Cover PP (Holder for Cuvette 10x10mm)pc
P0395Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 64 places with Cover Cardboard Freezingpc
P0338Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 81 places separated Cover PPpc
P0396Rack Cryovial Tubes 2.0ml 81 places with Cover Cardboard Freezingpc
P0358Rack Cryovial Tubes 5.0ml 36 places separated Cover PPpc
DA3665Rack Cuvette 32 places Acrylicpc
A0890Rack Dropping Bottle wooden L430 x W75 x H90mmpc
P0588ARack Drying Double 2×27 places, 400x550mm, PPpc
A4466ARack Drying Double 2×52 places, 700x550mm, PPpc
DA0892Rack Drying Double 2×83 places, 400 x 580mm (16″ x 23″), with plastic tray, Stand typepc
DA3971Rack Drying for Slide, 12 rows, 76x200x7.5mm acrylicpc
A0891Rack Drying Single 102 places, L550mmxW230mmxH630mm, removable metal tray, Stand typeset
P0588Rack Drying Single 27 places, 400x550mm, PPpc
A2825Rack Drying Single 32 places, 290 x 400mm, Hanging typepc
A4466Rack Drying Single 52 places, 700x550mm, PP pc
A3883Rack Drying Single 55 Places 360 x 650mm Stand typepc
A1954Rack Drying Single 83 places, 400 x 580mm, Hanging type pc
P0049Rack Drying Spare Pegs for Kartell Drying Rack Cat.1213 11pcs/packpack
DP0570Rack Hydrometer 12h xD17mm, L200xW110xH205mm, acrylicpc
DP0586Rack McCartney Bottle 40h x D22mm, acrylicunit
DP0587Rack McCartney Bottle 40h x D29mm, acrylicunit
P0149Rack Nessler tube for 6 x 100ml tubes, D35.5mm, L293xW90xH165mm unit
A3466Rack Petri Dish D100mm, 3 columns, W300xH360mm, steel wire epoxy coated unit
DP0618Rack Petri Dish for 120mm Plastic Petri Dish,  Acrylicunit
DP4678Rack Petri Dish for 60mm Plastic Petri Dish, Acrylicunit
DP0620Rack Petri Dish for 65mm Plastic Petri Dish, Acrylicunit
DP0148Rack Petri Dish for 90mm Glass Petri Dish,  Acrylicunit
DP0146Rack Petri Dish for 90mm Plastic Petri Dish, Acrylicunit
A0893Rack Pipette 20 holes wooden Lacquerpc
A4554Rack Pipette 30 places vertical/horizontal Plasticpc
P0242Rack Pipette 44 holes Round type PPpc
P0224Rack Pipette 94 holes Rotary type PPpc
A4113Rack Pipettor 8 places round type PPunit
A1742Rack Reagent Btl (10 x 250ml), L425xW150xH130mm, Epoxy Wirepc
A0895Rack Reagent Btl Double layers (10 x 250ml), L450xW150xH200mm, wooden pc
A3474Rack Reagent Btl Single (10 x 250ml), L825xW100xH190mm, Glass base, wooden pc
A0894Rack Reagent Btl Single (6 x 250ml), L470xW100xH100mm, wooden pc
A4552Rack Reagent Btl Single (6 x 250ml), L490xW85xH140mm, Arcylicpc
A4084Rack Reagent Btl Single (6 x 500ml), L550xW115xH100mm, wooden, economypc
P0459Rack Test Tube D10-13mm/80place (102 pegs) Plastic Cnpc
A3587Rack Test Tube D13mm/25place Z-shape Stainless Steelpc
DP0621Rack Test Tube D13mm/30place L210 x W62 x H120mm Acrylic Lcpc
A3592Rack Test Tube D13mm/50place Detachable PSpc
A3588Rack Test Tube D13mm/50place Z-shape Stainless Steelpc
P0234Rack Test Tube D13mm/90place PP Cnpc
P0137Rack Test Tube D13mm/90place Universal White Ct PPpc
A4224Rack Test Tube D15mm/6place, L10″ (without drying pins), Wooden, economypc
DP0436Rack Test Tube D16mm/18place Slanted Acrylic Lcpc
A3235Rack Test Tube D16mm/24place L200xW80xH114xT0.7mm Aluminiumpc
P0235Rack Test Tube D16mm/60place PP Cnpc
P0139Rack Test Tube D16mm/60place Universal White Ct PPpc
DP0573Rack Test Tube D16mm/6place L210 x W70 x H130mm Acrylic Lcpc
P0460Rack Test Tube D17-20mm/40place (55 pegs) Plastic Cnpc
A3589Rack Test Tube D17mm/25place Z-shape Stainless Steelpc
A3591Rack Test Tube D17mm/50place Detachable PSpc
A3590Rack Test Tube D17mm/50place Z-shape Stainless Steelpc
P0542Rack Test Tube D19mm/8place,D25mm/4place with16 pegs White Round PPpc
P0236Rack Test Tube D20mm/40place PP Cnpc
P0143Rack Test Tube D20mm/40place Universal White Ct PPpc
A4410Rack Test Tube D22mm/10place, L15″, Wooden, economypc
P0244Rack Test Tube D22mm/4place,D30mm/2place Plasticpc
A0897Rack Test Tube D22mm/6place,D32mm/2place, L12″, Wooden, economypc
A0900Rack Test Tube D22mm/8place,D32mm/2place, L15″, Wooden, economypc
P0237Rack Test Tube D25mm/24place PP Cnpc
A3008Rack Test Tube D26mm/12place L205xW77xH114xT0.7mm Aluminiumpc
P0238Rack Test Tube D30mm/21place PP Cnpc
DP0574Rack Test Tube D43mm/6place L370 x W70 x H260mm Acrylic Lc (for Digestion Tube D42xL300mm)pc
A4530Rack Test Tube Sq15mm/100place L174 x W174 x H67mm Epoxy Blue Wire typepc
A3625Rack Test Tube Sq18mm/50place L205 x W110 x H105mm Epoxy Wire typepc
A3006Rack Test Tube Sq20mm/50place L236 x W120 x H105mm Epoxy Wire typepc
A3007Rack Test Tube Sq26mm/24place L215 x W125 x H105mm Epoxy Wire typepc
A3046Rack Test Tube Sq26mm/50place L315 x W145 x H117mm Epoxy Wire typepc
A4504Rack Test Tube/Centrifuge D10~18mm 5×10 place with silicon rubber pad ABSpc
A0903Rack Test-Tube D22mm/10place, D32mm/2place, L17.5″, Wooden, economypc
DA4679Rack Thermometer 37 places Acrylicpc
P0612Rack Urine Bottle 5 places, L300xW62xH67mm, Acylicpc
DP0583Rack Volumetric Flask 1000ml 3 places Acylicpc
DP0581Rack Volumetric Flask 100ml 5 places Acylicpc
DP0582Rack Volumetric Flask 250ml 4 places Acylicpc
DA4821Radio Active Decay Analoguepc
DA1846Radio Receiver Simple (Penerima Radio Ringkas)set
A2406Radiometer, crookes single – pc
A1687Rain Gauge brass 300 x 125mm with plastic jarset
A0908Rain Gauge Jar with graduationpc
A2844Rain Gauge Plastic with Jarset
A0907Rain Gauge Stainless Steel with Jarset
A0909Ratemeter for G.M.Tube,shaw,UKunit
DA0910Ray Optic kit (2 sets/pack)pack
DA0468Reaction Carset
DA4828Real Depth And Apparent Depth Kitset
A2744Rectifier – bridge silicon 2A 1000V mounted on basepc
A3663Red colour oil for use with Boyle’s Law Apparatus500ml
A1912Refractometer  0-100 ppt of NaCl ( ‰ )  and 1.000 to 1.070 Specific Gravitypc
A1913Refractometer 0-28% Salinitypc
A1908Refractometer 0-32% Brixpc
A1909Refractometer 28-62% Brixpc
A1910Refractometer 45-82% Brixpc
A1911Refractometer 58-90% Brixpc
DA0385Relay Demo Model (Geganti) KBSM T5set
P0340Reservoir for Reagent 50ml 148 x 61 x 26cm Non-sterile (10pcs/pack)pack
P0592AReservoir for Reagent 50ml 148 x 61 x 26mm sterile (10pcs/pack)pack
A0932Resistance Apparatuspc
DA4807Resistance Board Mixed Materialpc
A0934Resistance box plug type 1,110 ohmset
A0935Resistance box plug type 11,110 ohmset
A0933Resistance box plug type 110 ohmset
A2651Resistance box plug type 2110 ohmset
A0936Resistance coil   1 ohmpc
A2679AResistance coil   1,2,5,10 ohm (4pcs/set)set
A0937Resistance coil   2 ohmpc
A0938Resistance coil   3 ohmpc
A0939Resistance coil   5 ohmpc
A0940Resistance coil 10 ohmpc
A1408Resistance coil 50 ohmpc
DA4805Resistance Equal Length Resistance Boardpc
DA3274Resistor   5-100 ohm, 0.5watts on baseset
DA3273Resistor 10-100 ohm, 2-5watts on baseset
DA2107Resistor Pack ( Form 6 )set
A2905Resistors 1/4w ( set of 6 ) (tender)set
A4167Resonance Apparatus completed with standset
A1904Resonance Demo set J05022 ( Barton Pendulum )set
DA4592Resonance Tube Apparatus “Alllab”set
A0941Resonance Tube Glass Tubing ID/OD-15/20x1000x2.5mm with 2 stopper 15mmpc
DA4103Respirometer Apparatus on standset
A4022Respirometer Simple typeset
DA0946Retort Base Mild Steel 4.8″ x 8″(121.92 x 203.2 x 6mm) 1.4kgpc
DA2742Retort Base Mild Steel 6.0″ x 9.6″(152 x 243 x 6mm)pc
DA2743Retort Base Mild Steel 8.0″ x 12.0″ (203 x 305 x 6mm)pc
A1736Retort Base Plastic  Anti Acid/Alkaline /Rust L9″ x W6″ x T1″pc
A4833Retort Boss head c/w brass screw Inpc
DA0075Retort Boss head c/w brass screw Labtech Lcpc
A4832Retort Boss head c/w Iron screw Inpc
DA2993Retort Boss head c/w plastic head 6mm screw Lcpc
A0076Retort Boss head plastic PSE (stock 7pc only)pc
A4713Retort Boss head swivel clamp holder Inpc
A3248Retort Clamp  Al alloy painted Inpc
DA0168Retort Clamp Al alloy Labtech Lcpc
A4368Retort Clamp Al alloy polished Inpc
A2900Retort Clamp Al alloy, Four finger, extension swivel, Epoxy coated (Universal)pc
A4273Retort Clamp Three finger swivel (large) chrome pc
A4408Retort Ring 120mm with Boss Head Ironset
A4409Retort Ring 140mm with Boss Head Ironset
A0944Retort Ring ID/OD 40/60,65/84,80/100 with Boss Head, set of 3 Aluminium Cnset
A0943Retort Ring ID/OD 66/80mm with Boss Head Iron Cnpc
DA3585Retort Ring ID/OD 70/86mm Galvanized Steel Rod Lcpc
A3864Retort Ring ID/OD 83/100mm with Boss Head Iron Cnpc
DA4012Retort Rod Aluminium 11.1mm x 1000mm lengthpc
DA0951Retort Rod Aluminium 11.1mm x 600mm lengthpc
DA0953Retort Rod Aluminium 11.1mm x 750mm lengthpc
DA4569Retort Rod Aluminium 12.7mm x 1000mm length for Base A1736pc
DA4526Retort Rod Aluminium 12.7mm x 750mm length for Base A1736pc
DA4095Retort Rod chromed polish shaft 12mm x 600mm lengthpc
A0945Retort Stand Cast Iron 100 x 160mm,Steel Rod – 10 x 500mmset
A4096Retort Stand Cast Iron 125/140 x 200mm,Steel Rod – 10 x 600mmset
DA0949ARetort Stand,MS Base- 4.8″ x 8 ” x 6mm, Al Rod- 750mmset
DA0947ARetort Stand,MS Base- 4.8″ x 8″(122 x 203 x 6mm) Al Rod-11 x 600mmset
A4158Rheostat 11 Ohms 10″ 4.8A (250 x 30mm) Inpc
A0914Rheostat 11 Ohms 6″ 3.3A Cnpc
A0913Rheostat 11 Ohms 6″ 3.3A Inpc
A1409Rheostat 1200 Ohms 6″ 0.3A pc
A0918Rheostat 15 ohms 12″ 5Apc
A0917Rheostat 15 Ohms 6″ 2.8A Inpc
A0920Rheostat 25 Ohms  6″ 2.0A Cnpc
A4159Rheostat 25 Ohms 12″ 3.6Apc
A0922Rheostat 25 Ohms 12″ 5.0Apc
A2920BRheostat 25 Ohms 12″ 5.0A, 50 Ohms 10″ 2.0A (2pcs/set) (tender)set
A0919Rheostat 25 Ohms 6″ 2.0A Inpc
A0923Rheostat 35 Ohms 6″ 2Apc
A0924Rheostat 35 Ohms 6″2.0Apc
A0927Rheostat 50 Ohms 10″ 2.0A,pc
A0926Rheostat 50 Ohms 6″ 1.5Apc
A0925Rheostat 50 Ohms 6″ 1.6Apc
A0929Rheostat 60 Ohms 6″ 1.5Apc
A0928Rheostat 60 Ohms 6″ 2.0Apc
A4156Rheostat 66 Ohms 6″ 1.5Apc
A4083Rheostat 66 Ohms 6″ 2.0Apc
A4336Ripple Tank complete wave set with 20 accessories Cat No. 2211.00, IECset
DA0956Ripple Tank dual purposeset
DA2088Ripple Tank dual purpose-accessories onlyset
DA0957Ripple Tank kitset
DA3784Ripple Tank kit (tender)set
A4701Ripple Tank kit with power supply Indiaset
DA3693Ripple Tank Lamp setset
DA0959Ripple Tank motor controllerpc
DA0958Ripple Tank Motor with wooden bar and dippers for DA0956pc
DA4708Ripple Tank Motor with wooden bar and dippers for DA0957pc
DA4077Ripple Tank with Screen – Glass block and accessories onlypc
A4712Ripple Tank with Screen Cn (New Model)set
A0960Ripple Tank with Screen Digitalset
A2931Rubber Cone No.1B Blue, bottom OD13 / upper OD20mmpc
A2932Rubber Cone No.2B Blue, bottom OD 20 / upper OD29mmpc
A4727Rubber Cone No.3G Green, bottom OD26.36 / upper OD41.90mmpc
A2859Rubber Cone No.4G Green, bottom OD30.56 / upper OD50mmpc
A2933Rubber Cone No.5B Blue, bottom OD 35 / upper OD52mmpc
A2934Rubber Cone No.6B Blue, bottom OD 42 / upper OD61mmpc
A2935Rubber Cone No.7B Blue, bottom OD 48 / upper OD68mmpc
A2936Rubber Cone No.8B Blue, bottom OD 53 / upper OD77mmpc
A2857Rubber Cone set of 6set
A2856Rubber Cone set of 8set
A3794Rubber Sheet with cloth 300 x 200 x 4.8mmpc
A3014Rule Meter, 100cm x 5.6mm x 25mm normal with metal endspc
A4688Rule Meter, 100cm x 6mm x 25mm Hardwood with metal endspc
A3013Rule Meter, Length-30cm x Width-25mm x Thickness-6.5mm Nuwood with metal endspc
A4285Rule Meter, Length-50cm x Width-25mm x Thickness-6.5mm Hardwoodpc
A0973Rule Meter, Length-50cm x Width-25mm x Thickness-6.5mm Nuwoodpc
DA2749Rule Meter,50cm magneticpc
DA2714Rule Meter,83cm magneticpc
A4286Rule Meter,Length-100cm x Width-25mm x Thickness-6.5mm Hardwoodpc
A0974Rule Meter,Length-100cm x Width-25mm x Thickness-6.5mm Nuwoodpc
A3553Safety-Apron HDPE Disposable 1143x813x0.013mm (100pcs/pack)pack
A3333Safety-Bag Biohazard 160 x 200mm 6″x9″ with ziplock LDPE (100pcs/pack)box
A3334Safety-Bag Biohazard 300 x 400mm with 2 cotton draws for easy string LDPE (10pcs/pack)pack
A3335Safety-Bag Biohazard 500 x 750mm with 2 cotton draws for easy string LDPE (10pcs/pack)pack
P0190Safety-Container for depose of Needles Securtank,kartell*2930pc
A4622Safety-Container for sharps disposal 10L Squarepc
A4172Safety-Container for sharps disposal 3L roundpc
A4412Safety-Container for sharps disposal 5L Rectangularpc
A4413Safety-Container for sharps disposal 8L roundpc
A2791Safety-Disposable face masks cloth blue earloop 3 plies (50pcs/box)box
A2964Safety-Disposable face masks cloth blue tie on 3 plies (50pcs/box)box
A4729Safety-Disposable face masks student cloth white earloop 3 plies (20pcs/box)box
A1599Safety-Disposable medical face masks cloth blue earloop 3 plies (50pcs/box)box
A3839Safety-Disposable surgical face masks cloth tie on 3 plies (50pcs/box)box
P0050Safety-Eye wash bottle 500ml with solutionpc
A1955Safety-Face Shieldpc
A1965Safety-Fire Blanket,1200 x 1200mm gelatinizedunit
A3798Safety-Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder D110 x appx.H378mm 3.3Kg unit
A2227Safety-First Aid contents only M1209set
A2591Safety-First Aid Kit with box (14 items) P0310set
A2097Safety-First Aid Kit with box (29 items) M1209set
A3439Safety-Glove Crusader Flex Ansell ActivArmr 42-474 (Resistant up to 200°C / 400°F) Size:9 Length:14″ pair
A1764Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powder free L size (100pcs/box)box
A1765Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powder free M size (100pcs/box)box
A1766Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powder free S size (100pcs/box)box
A4503Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powder free XL size (100pcs/box)box
A4502Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powder free XS size (100pcs/box)box
A0250Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powdered L size (100pcs/box)box
A0251Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powdered M size (100pcs/box)box
A1429Safety-Glove Latex Disposable powdered S size (100pcs/box)box
A4340Safety-Glove Nitrile Disposable powder free L size (100pcs/box)box
A4339Safety-Glove Nitrile Disposable powder free M size (100pcs/box)box
A4338Safety-Glove Nitrile Disposable powder free S size (100pcs/box)box
A4587Safety-Glove Nitrile Disposable powder free XL size (100pcs/box)box
A4588Safety-Glove Nitrile Disposable powder free XS size (100pcs/box)box
A2392Safety-Glove Nitrile Heavy Duty ‘L’ flocklined chem-resistpair
A2391Safety-Glove Nitrile Heavy Duty ‘M’ flocklined chem-resistpair
A2975Safety-Glove Nitrile Heavy Duty ‘S’ flocklined chem-resistpair
A4765ASafety-Glove PE Disposable 0.8g Free size (100pcs/pack)pack
A4766ASafety-Glove PE Disposable 1g Free size (100pcs/pack)pack
A4603Safety-Glove Polyster Nitrile coated size 9pair
A2965Safety-Glove Rubber coated ‘M’pair
A3437Safety-Glove Vinyl Disposable powder free L size (100pcs/pack)pack
A3436Safety-Glove Vinyl Disposable powder free M size (100pcs/pack)pack
A3435Safety-Glove Vinyl Disposable powder free S size (100pcs/pack)pack
A4272Safety-Hand Protectors Silicon Rubber with grip withstand -50⁰C to +250⁰Cpc
A4607Safety-Pouch Autoclave Sterilization 135mm x 290mm Self-seal, colour change indicators (200pcs/box) box
A3889Safety-Pouch Sterilization 115mm x 240mm Self-seal, colour change indicators (200pcs/box)box
A3891Safety-Pouch Sterilization 150mm x 230mm Self-seal, colour change indicators (200pcs/box) box
A1623Safety-Respirator Chemical Cartridge (U0302-SW-RC202) pc
A3384Safety-Respirator Single w/chemical cartridge for Spray painting & Organic vapours of low toxicity.Cnset
DA3130Safety-Screen Acrylic sheet ,610 x 760mmset
A0975Safety-Screen Aluminium L630 x H400mm x 0.7mmset
A3778Safety-Screen Aluminium L750 x H250mm x 0.7mmset
A0976Safety-Screen galvanized sheet L750 x H250mm x 0.7mmset
A1588Safety-Spectacle clear lens, plastic safeware (U0202-ET-218)pc
A4290Sand paper Abrasive waterproof 280mm x 225mm No.240pc
A4365Saw Blade high speed flexible steel pc
A2510ASaw Blade high speed flexible steel (10pcs/pack)pack
A3722ASaw Blade high speed flexible steel (12pcs/pack)pack
A2878Saw with wire frame ,blade 150mm,total length 225mmpc
A3015SBC Lampholder- 2 Bulb Holder, SBC mounted on Basepc
A0979Scalpel Blade No.10 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)box
A0979AScalpel Blade No.10 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2019.06)box
A1882AScalpel Blade No.10A carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2019.07)box
A1382Scalpel Blade No.11 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)box
A1382AScalpel Blade No.11 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2019.06)box
A0980AScalpel Blade No.12 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box) (Exp.2018.11 or 2020.09)box
A1752Scalpel Blade No.15 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)box
A1752AScalpel Blade No.15 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2020.09)box
A0981Scalpel Blade No.20 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2024.09 or 2025.05)box
A1480Scalpel Blade No.21 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2024.09)box
A0982AScalpel Blade No.22 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2019.06)box
A0982Scalpel Blade No.22 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2025.05)box
A0983Scalpel Blade No.23 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2024.09)box
A0984Scalpel Blade No.24 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)box
A1883AScalpel Blade No.25 carbon steel (non-medical usage) (100pcs/box)(Exp.2019.07 or 2020.09)box
A0985Scalpel Handle No.3 overall length 130mm SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4838Scalpel Handle No.3 overall length 130mm SS (non-medical usage) Superiorpc
A0986Scalpel Handle No.4 overall length 130mm SS (non-medical usage)pc
A4839Scalpel Handle No.4 overall length 130mm SS (non-medical usage) Superiorpc
A0987Scalpel Handle No.5 overall length 130mm SS (non-medical usage)pc
A0988Scalpel Handle with blade,113 x 38mm SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1410Scissors 115mm sharp/sharp,opened shanks (non-medical usage)pc
A2644Scissors 125mm blunt/blunt,closed shanks straight (non-medical usage)pc
A0989Scissors 125mm sharp/blunt,closed shanks (non-medical usage)pc
A0990Scissors 125mm sharp/curve,closed shanks (non-medical usage)pc
A0992Scissors 125mm sharp/sharp,closed shanks (non-medical usage)pc
A2718Scissors overall length-130mm blunt with plastic handle pc
A1483Screen Tripod 5′ x 5′ white Steel casing DMCunit
A1484Screen Tripod 6′ x 6′ white Steel casing DMCunit
A1482Screen tripod ‘all’ 50″,Classic matt whiteunit
A1529Screen tripod Drapper 60″,Consul matt whiteunit
A1617Screen Wall 6′ x 6′ white Steel casing DMCunit
A1773Screen Wall 8′ x 8′ white Steel casing DMCunit
A3319Screw Driver Cross head 3x100mm size 2pc
A3164Screw Driver Cross head,8x305mmpc
A3161Screw Driver Flat head,3x127mmpc
A3162Screw Driver Flat head,5x203mmpc
A3163Screw Driver Flat head,6x305mmpc
A2875Screw Driver Flat,3x127mm,5x203mm,6x305mm,cross head,6x254mm (4pcs/set)set
A3318Screw Driver Precision (Flat-1,1.2,1.8,2.4mm cross-3,3.5mm) for Hobby,Jewelry,Electronics (6pcs/set)set
A3168Screw Driver Test Pen 3.0x52x140mm, slotted, Brand Philips pc
A0788Sealing Film ,Parafilm  4″ x 125 ft USAroll
A0788ASealing Film ,Parafilm  4″ x 125 ft USA (120 rolls/pack) (Cash)pack
DA3434Sealing Film Dispenser Box plasticunit
DA2898Secchi Discset
A3538Seeker 125mm Bent Dissecting SS (non-medical usage)pc
A3242Seeker 125mm Bent with plastic handle (non-medical usage)pc
A3539Seeker 125mm straight Dissecting SS (non-medical usage)pc
A1003Seeker 125mm Straight with plastic handle (non-medical usage)pc
DA2834Semiconductor Resistor 100,230,1k,10k,22k,100k Ohm 1/4 W (6pcs/set)set
A1906Sensor Demo setset
DA1004Sextant KBSM T3set
A3555Shaker  Incubator SI-100 Smithunit
A3446Shaker Orbital Smithunit
A2866Shaker Test Tube, Vortex  Mixer, Smithset
DA1959Shovel with metal blade and plastic handleunit
A4534Sieve D200mm 1000micron Brasspc
A4463Sieve D200mm 106micron Brasspc
A4462Sieve D200mm 125micron Brasspc
A4461Sieve D200mm 150micron Brasspc
A4535Sieve D200mm 2057micron Brasspc
A4532Sieve D200mm 250micron Brasspc
A4536Sieve D200mm 4000micron Brasspc
A2684Sieve D200mm 45micron Brasspc
A4533Sieve D200mm 500micron Brasspc
A4614Sieve D200mm 63micron Brasspc
A4615Sieve D200mm 75micron Brasspc
A2274Sieves D140mm, soil, Stainless Steel ( 0.5,1.0,2.0mm / 500,1000,2000micron ) (3pcs/set)set
A4539Skeleton of Bat mountedset
A1025Skeleton of Cat mountedset
A4548Skeleton of Chicken mountedset
A1020Skeleton of Fish set
A1021Skeleton of Frogset
A1509Skeleton of Lizardset
A1022Skeleton of Pigeonset
A1023Skeleton of Rabbit loose set
A1024Skeleton of Rabbit mountedset
DA0809Skin Sensitivity Tester (Penguji Kepekaan Kulit)set
A4728Skull of Cat Model, clear plasticset
A1026Skull of Goat mountedset
A4546Skull of Rabbit Model, clear plasticset
G0934Slide Staining Jar w/lid, Coplin type, 5 slides, glasspc
G0937Slide Staining Jar w/lid, for Staining Rack 20 slides Papanicolau type, glasspc
P0120Slide Staining Jar w/lid, for Staining Rack 20 slides Papanicolau type, TPXpc
G0938Slide Staining Jar w/lid, for Staining Rack 30 slides, glasspc
G1478Slide Staining Jar w/lid, for Staining Rack 60 slides, glasspc
G0935Slide Staining Jar w/lid, Hellendahl type, 9 slides, glasspc
G0936Slide Staining Jar w/lid, Schifferdecker type, 10-20 slides, glasspc
P0121Slide Staining Jar w/lid, Schifferdecker type, 10-20 slides, TPXpc
A3572Slide Staining Rack, 20 slides, Papanicolau type, Stainless Steelpc
A3573Slide Staining Rack, 30 slides, Stainless Steelpc
A4341Slide Staining Rack, 60 slides, Stainless Steelpc
P0522Slides Dispenser, 50 slides, Automatic HmbGpc
P0115Slides Dispenser, 50 slides, Automatic,kartell*540pc
P0556Slides Folder, 20 Slides, Carboard type, with 2 hinged door and index printed on cover ( 5pcs/pack)pack
P0545Slides Mailer, 1 slide, Cardboard type (50pcs/box)box
P0549Slides Mailer, 1 slide, horizontal type, neutral, PP (100pcs/box)box
P0546Slides Mailer, 2 slides, Cardboard type (50pcs/box)box
P0550Slides Mailer, 2 slides, horizontal type, neutral, PP (100pcs/box)box
P0552Slides Mailer, 2 slides, vertical type, blue, flip-top lid, PP (100pcs/box)box
P0553Slides Mailer, 2 slides, vertical type, neutral, flip-top lid, PP (100pcs/box)box
P0547Slides Mailer, 3 slides, Cardboard type (50pcs/box)box
P0551Slides Mailer, 3 slides, horizontal type, neutral, PP (100pcs/box)box
P0116Slides Mailer, 3 slides, plastic,kartellpc
P0554Slides Mailer, 3 slides, vertical cylindrical type, neutral, screw cap, PP (100pcs/pack)pack
P0548Slides Mailer, 4 slides, Cardboard type (50pcs/box)box
P0555Slides Mailer, 5 slides, vertical type, neutral, flip-top lid, PP (100pcs/pack)pack
P0117Slides Mailer, 5 to 10 slides, plastic,kartell*922pc
P0670ASlides Storage Box 100 slides ABS vertical type with PS dust coverset
A0489Slides Storage Box 100 slides ABS w/cork sheetpc
A1426Slides Storage Box 100 slides Woodenpc
A3708Slides Storage Box 12 slides ABS w/cork sheetpc
A3709Slides Storage Box 25 slides ABS w/out cork sheetpc
A2279Slides Storage Box 50 slides ABS w/cork sheetpc
A1425Slides Storage Box 50 slides Woodenpc
DA0119Slides Storage Cabinet 1000 slides Woodenunit
P0122Slides Tray holds 20 slides, white, PS Cnpc
A1040Slinky Spring, Dia-75mmx100mm, Metalpc
DA1041Smoke Box kitset
DA1042Smoke Cell (local)set
DA2724Smoke Cell (Tender)- Whitley Bayset
DA1428Smoking apparatus (The consequences of smoking)set
DA1709Soil Corerset
DA0816Soil Filter (Penuras Pasir)set
A4814Solar Cell Car mini, Assembly kitset
DA1009Solar Cell with Motor (Fan)set
DA1008Solar Cell-Energy Exchange kitset
DA0792Solar Heater (water) demo setset
DA0793Solar Heater with bowlset
DA2306Solar Panel set with plastic container (tender)set
DA1019Solar Systemset
DA3762Solar System (A1843) with Chart (B0024L)set
A1843Solar System Demo set set
DA3953Solenoid 10 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D50xL230mm set
DA4294Solenoid 100 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D55xL230mm set
DA3954Solenoid 20 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D50xL230mm set
DA3955Solenoid 30 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D50xL230mm set
DA3710Solenoid 300 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D55xL230mm set
DA3956Solenoid 40 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D50xL230mm set
DA4804Solenoid 400 turns & 800 turns wire copper swg 24 D55 x L230mm with Garlvanometer (Tender)set
DA3957Solenoid 50 turns  with terminals copper wire SWG24 D50xL230mm set
DA2879Solenoid Magnetising and Demagnetisingset
DA1047Sonometer with pulleyset
DA2707Sonometer with Spring Balance (Tender)set
DA2955Sound Kitset
A2881Sound propagation demonstrating apparatusset
DA4277Sound Reflection and Absorption Kitset
A3995Spare Wheel for A0395 Glass Tubing Cutterpc
DA1049Spark Counterset
A0287Spark Ignitor,Electronic battery typepc
A1500Spark Ignitor,Electronic battery type GQpc
A2314Spark Ignitor,Piezo electric,Indiapc
A1907Spark Plug Demo setset
A1050Spatula 100mm Small Spoon/Flat, SSpc
A2646Spatula 100mm x 20mm x 1mm SS with 100mm wooden handle pc
A3581Spatula 120mm Large Spoon/Flat, Glazed Porcelain pc
A2685Spatula 150mm 2 sides Flat SS pc
P0123Spatula 150mm Large Spoon/Flat, Red, PPpc
A4682Spatula 150mm Large Spoon/Flat, SS Inpc
DA1051Spatula 150mm Large Spoon/Flat, SS Lcpc
A2648Spatula 150mm x 25mm x 1mm  SS with 100mm wooden handle pc
A3509Spatula 160mm 1 side Large Spoon, SS pc
A3510Spatula 160mm Large Spoon/Small Spoon, SS pc
P0126Spatula 178mm Cervical Pap-test ,kartell (50pcs/pack)pack
P0124Spatula 180mm Large Spoon/Flat, Red, PPpc
DA0668Spatula 180mm Large Spoon/Small Spoon, SS pc
A2686Spatula 200mm 2 sides Flat SS W22xT1mmpc
P0125Spatula 200mm Large Spoon/Flat, Blue, PPpc
DA1056Spatula 200mm Large Spoon/Flat, SS Lcpc
A4549Spatula 200mm Large Spoon/Flat, Thick 0.5mm, SS, Economy Inpc
A2683Spatula 200mm Large Spoon/Flat, Thick 1mm, SS, Superior INpc
P0330Spatula 200mm Large Spoon/Small Spoon, Green, PPpc
A2649Spatula 200mm x 25mm x 1mm  SS with 100mm wooden handle pc
A2647Spatula 250mm x 35mm x 1mm  SS with 100mm wooden handle pc
A1053Spatula Chattaway 150mm Flat/Bent SSpc
A1057Spatula Chattaway 200mm Flat/Bent SSpc
A1054Spatula Micro Chattaway 150mm Flat/Bent SSpc
A4120Spatula Micro Chattaway 150mm Flat/Spoon SSpc
A1940Spatula Micro Chattaway 200mm Flat/Bent SSpc
A4567Spatula Micro Chattaway 200mm Flat/Long Scoop SSpc
A1058Spatula Micro Chattaway 200mm Flat/Spoon SSpc
A1441Spatula Nuffield 150mm ,7mm x 145mm SSpc
A4566Spatula Scoopula 180mm, Half Round SS pc
DA2701Speaker 3″ 8 Ohm mounted (tender)-Large Basepc
DA2701-1Speaker 3″ 8 Ohm mounted (tender)-Medium Basepc
A1889Specimen of Bird Pigeon (aves) in formalineset
A1627Specimen of Chicken Embryo Development,7Xset
A2384Specimen of Crab hermit preservedset
A2443Specimen of Earth worm Dissectionset
A2380Specimen of Fish Jelly set
A2383Specimen of Fish Sharkset
A1886Specimen of Fish,Crucian in formalineset
A2447Specimen of Frog dissected, Digestive Systemset
A1887Specimen of Frog dissected, in formalineset
A4643Specimen of Minerals 50 typesset
A2444Specimen of Mussel Dissection set
A2445Specimen of Rabbit Nervous System set
A4518Specimen of Rocks & Minerals 50 typesset
A0961Specimen of Rocks 50 typesset
A2442Specimen of Sea Anemone set
A2381Specimen of Spider preservedset
A2382Specimen of Starfish Asteris sp(awet) in formalineset
A3226Spectral Lamp – Helium Lamp only PA3797-104 IECpc
A3227Spectral Lamp – Mercury Lamp only PA3797-101 IECpc
A3834Spectral Lamp – Power Supply HL3794-101unit
A3228Spectral Lamp – Sodium Lamp only PA3797-102 IECpc
A3851Spectral Lamp Power Supply for Sodium lampset
A3065Spectral Lamp Power Supply with Sodium Lamp Cnset
A3058Spectral Lamp Power Supply with Sodium Lamp IEC ‘CH3792-125 IECset
A3064Spectral Lamp Power Supply with Sodium,Mercury & Helium Lamps Cnset
A3059Spectral Lamp Power Supply with Sodium,Mercury & Helium Lamps IECset
A2414Spectrometer Intermediate,Dense Flint Glass Prism,Prism Clamp & Diffraction Grating holder,wooden boxset
A3895Spectrum Tube, 5 types/set, CO2,Helium,Nitrogen,Mercury,oxygen, Chinaset
A1063Spectrum Tube, 6 types/set, Argon,helium,Nitrogen,mercury,Hydrogen,Neon. Chinaset
A1358Spherometer diameter 45mm pitch 1mm x 0.01mm Brassset
A3491Spirit Level 230mm magnetic pc
A1065Spirometer Bag 30x30x30cmpc
DA3381Spool Pulley diameter 40mm x 30mm x 6mm bore aluminiumpc
DA0817Sprayer Model (Penyembur)set
A1297ASpring 2 long loops, OD23xL80mm SWG1.3mm, Ext25mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1838ASpring 2 loops, OD13xL36mm SWG0.8mm, Ext15mm/100g (Hook’s law) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4501ASpring 2 loops, OD15xL20mm SWG0.7mm, Ext30mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A3841ASpring 2 loops, OD15xL22mm SWG0.5mm, Ext235mm/100g (nickel plated) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4446ASpring 2 loops, OD15xL50mm SWG0.5mm 2 loops Ext460mm/100g (20pcs/pack)pack
A4344ASpring 2 loops, OD15xL70mm SWG0.8mm, Ext27mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A2521ASpring 2 loops, OD16xL40mm SWG0.7mm, Ext43.75mm/100g (50pcs/pack)pack
A2176Spring 2 loops, OD20xL3000mm SWG1.6mm, Ext90mm/100g (1pc/pack)pc
A1578ASpring 2 loops, OD5xL100mm SWG0.4mm, Ext80mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1580ASpring 2 loops, OD5xL150mm SWG0.4mm, Ext110mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1579ASpring 2 loops, OD5xL220mm SWG0.4mm, Ext90mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1066ASpring 2 loops, OD6xL100mm SWG0.5mm, Ext25mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1067ASpring 2 loops, OD6xL150mm SWG0.5mm, Ext45mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1068ASpring 2 loops, OD6xL220mm SWG0.5mm, Ext45mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1581ASpring 2 loops, OD7xL200mm SWG0.5mm, Ext45mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1481ASpring 2 loops, OD8xL100mm SWG0.6mm, Ext38mm/100g  (10pcs/pack)pack
A1582ASpring 2 loops, OD8xL70mm SWG0.6mm, Ext21mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A3813Spring Kit Dia.D16/18/20 x L60mm and D16 x L40/60/80 (tender) 20pcs each type per setset
A1557ASpring loop/hook, OD7xL220mm SWG0.6mm, Ext40mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1966ASpring loop/hook, OD8xL100mm SWG0.6mm, Ext30mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1556ASpring loop/pointer-L80mm, OD6xL100mm SWG0.6mm, Ext5mm/100g  (10pcs/pack)pack
A4447ASpring loop/pointer-L80mm, OD6xL200mm SWG0.6mm, Ext45mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A3978ASpring open coil, 2 loops, OD15xL50mm SWG0.7mm, Ext460mm/100g (20pcs/pack)pack
A3876Spring open coil, 2 loops, OD20xL2000mm SWG1.6mm, Ext90mm/100g (1pc/pack)pc
A4558ASpring open coil, 2 loops, OD32xL130mm SWG0.9mm, Ext 350mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A2424ASpring open coil, w/out loops,OD15xL50mm SWG0.5mm, Ext8.33mm/100g (10pcs/pack)pack
A1625Spring set of 5 – 0.5,1,2,3,5Nset
A2216Springs set of 17 types of different springset
DA4783Springs set of 5 types of different spring (5pcs/set)set
DA1069Stability kit ( Wooden Horse ) 3types/setset
A1070Stackable Plugs with wire,shaw,UKpairs
A4759Stand Plastic for Model of Human Skeleton 168cm for A2225set
A2581Stand White Board Portable, for 3′ x 4′ MW/CAunit
A4711Standard Weight 21pcs(10,20,20,50,100,200,200,500)mg,(1,2,2,2,5,10,20,20,50,100,200,200,500,)g, S.Sset
A3032Standard Weight set 1.1kg(10g,20g×2,50g,100g×5,500g)set
A2291Standard Weight set 1kg(10g,20g×2,50g,100g×2,200g,500g,)set
A4710Standard Weight set 500g(10g,20g×2,50g,100g×2,200g)set
A4709Standard Weight24pcs(1,2,2,5,10,20,20,50,100,200,200,500)mg(1,2,2,5,10,20,20,50,100,200,200,500)g SSset
A1072Stethoscope double disc Cnset
A1071Stethoscope dual disc Brass chrome plated Inset
A1073Stevenson Screenset
A4474Stirrer Magnetic 1L w/Heater 120x120mm Smithunit
A1762Stirrer Magnetic 1L w/Heater D135mm All-labsunit
A1763Stirrer Magnetic 1L w/Heater D150mm HJ All-labsunit
A4473Stirrer Magnetic 1L w/out heater D128mm Smithunit
A3112Stirrer Magnetic 1L with Heat-collecting cavity Dia.195 x Depth 80mmunit
A4475Stirrer Magnetic 2L w/Heater 170x170mm Smithunit
A3331Stirrer Magnetic 2L w/Heater, ceramic 175x175mm Smithunit
A4631Stirrer Magnetic 2L w/out heater 120x120mm Smithunit
A4632Stirrer Magnetic 5L w/out heater 170x170mm Smithunit
A4476Stirrer Magnetic 5L with heater, Ceramic 190x190mm Smithunit
A3580Stirrer Overhead 15L Smithset
A4528Stirrer Overhead 20L 240Vset
A3578Stirrer Overhead 2L Smithset
A4529Stirrer Overhead 40L 240Vset
A3579Stirrer Overhead 8L Smithset
A3658Stirring Bar D10×L35mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3657Stirring Bar D11×L30mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3659Stirring Bar D14×L40mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3660Stirring Bar D19×L50mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3653Stirring Bar D5×L10mm Egg-Shape PTFE coated pc
A3854Stirring Bar D5xL15mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3855Stirring Bar D6xL20mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3969Stirring Bar D8×L15mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3967Stirring Bar D8×L20mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A3856Stirring Bar D8xL25mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3857Stirring Bar D8xL30mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3858Stirring Bar D8xL35mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3859Stirring Bar D8xL40mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3860Stirring Bar D8xL45mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3861Stirring Bar D8xL50mm Octagon-Shaped PTFE coated pc
A3656Stirring Bar D9×L28mm Egg-Shape PTFE coatedpc
A2415Stirring Bar Retrievers, D10xL200mm, core D13.5xL40mm, PTFE coatedpc
A4763Stirring Bar Retrievers, D7xL200mm, core D10xL30mm, PTFE coatedpc
A3885Stirring Bar Retrievers, D7xL320mm, core D10xL30mm, PTFE coatedpc
A2022Stirring Bar with ring D10xL100mm PTFE coatedpc
A4844Stirring Bar with ring D10xL50mm PTFE coatedpc
A2425Stirring Bar with ring D6xL15mm PTFE coatedpc
A2658Stirring Bar with ring D6xL20mm PTFE coatedpc
A4006Stirring Bar with ring D7xL15mm PTFE coatedpc
A2018Stirring Bar with ring D7xL25mm PTFE coatedpc
A2198Stirring Bar with ring D8xL30mm PTFE coatedpc
A4007Stirring Bar with ring D8xL35mm PTFE coatedpc
A2897Stirring Bar with ring D8xL40mm PTFE coatedpc
A4259Stirring Bar with ring D8xL50mm PTFE coatedpc
A2019Stirring Bar with ring D9xL28mm PTFE coatedpc
A2020Stirring Bar with ring D9xL35mm PTFE coatedpc
A2021Stirring Bar with ring D9xL45mm PTFE coatedpc
A2426Stirring Bar with ring D9xL60mm PTFE coatedpc
DA3433Stirring Rod D10 x L300mm burned edge Glasspc
DG1621Stirring Rod D4 x L300mm burned edge Glasspc
DA4185Stirring Rod D4 x L90mm burned edge for Cuvette Glasspc
DA4396Stirring Rod D5 x L170mm burned edge Glasspc
DA4456Stirring Rod D5 x L200mm round edge Glasspc
DG1624Stirring Rod D5 x L300mm burned edge Glasspc
DG0922Stirring Rod D6 x L200mm burned edge Glasspc
P0131Stirring Rod D6 x L250mm 2 types flattened ends PP kartellpc
DA3833Stirring Rod D6 x L300mm burned edge Glasspc
DG0744Stirring Rod D7 x L150mm grinded edge Glasspc
A1074Stop Clock 60s Indiapc
G0829Stopper Glass Hollow, hexagonal head, 14/23, Economypc
G0822Stopper Glass Hollow, hexagonal head, 19/26, GQpc
G0529Stopper Glass Hollow, hexagonal head, 24/29, Economypc
G0711Stopper Glass Hollow, hexagonal head, 29/32, GQpc
G1562Stopper Glass Solid, 24/29, GQpc
A4793Stopper Natural Cork 13mm (D13/17 x H23mm)pc
A4793AStopper Natural Cork 13mm (D13/17 x H23mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1563Stopper Natural Cork 15mm (D15/20 x H26mm)pc
A1563AStopper Natural Cork 15mm (D15/20 x H26mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4076Stopper Natural Cork 16mm (D16/20 x H26mm)pc
A4076AStopper Natural Cork 16mm (D16/20 x H26mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A0220Stopper Natural Cork 17mm (D17/20 x H27mm)pc
A0220AStopper Natural Cork 17mm (D17/20 x H27mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A0221Stopper Natural Cork 18mm (D18/23 x H25mm)pc
A0221AStopper Natural Cork 18mm (D18/23 x H25mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4794Stopper Natural Cork 21mm (D21/25 x H29mm)pc
A4794AStopper Natural Cork 21mm (D21/25 x H29mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4795Stopper Natural Cork 23mm (D23/27 x H30mm)pc
A4795AStopper Natural Cork 23mm (D23/27 x H30mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A4796Stopper Natural Cork 31mm (D31/35 x H34mm)pc
A4796AStopper Natural Cork 31mm (D31/35 x H34mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
A4797Stopper Natural Cork 33mm (D33/37 x H34mm)pc
A4797AStopper Natural Cork 33mm (D33/37 x H34mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
P0195Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, blue, kartell*88309-04 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0673Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, blue, kartell*88309-04 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0198Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, neutral, kartell*88309-00 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0676Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, neutral, kartell*88309-00 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0201Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, red, kartell*88309-10 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0674Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, red, kartell*88309-10 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0200Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, yellow, kartell*88309-06 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0675Stopper PE for test tube 11-13mm, flange type, yellow, kartell*88309-06 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0199Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, blue, kartell*88305-04 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0677Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, blue, kartell*88305-04 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0194Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, neutral, kartell*88305-00 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0678Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, neutral, kartell*88305-00 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0197Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, red, kartell*88305-10 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0679Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, red, kartell*88305-10 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0196Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, yellow, kartell*88305-06 (1000pcs/pack)pack
P0680Stopper PE for test tube 15-17mm, flange type, yellow, kartell*88305-06 (50pcs/pack)pack
P0403Stopper PE for test tube 16mm, flange type, white, Cn (100pcs/pack)pack
P0404Stopper PE for test tube 16mm, high grip type, purple, Cn (100pcs/pack)pack
P0296Stopper PP D11/14 x H20mmpc
P0297Stopper PP D13/15 x H20mmpc
P0298Stopper PP D16/19 x H23mmpc
P0512Stopper PP D17.5/21 x H28mmpc
P0513Stopper PP D20.5/23 x H28mmpc
P0514Stopper PP D20.5/23 x H31.5mmpc
P0613Stopper PP D20.5/24 x H31mmpc
P0437Stopper PP D20/26 x H32mmpc
P0614Stopper PP D21/25.5 x H37.5mmpc
P0615Stopper PP D23/27.5 x H30mmpc
P0438Stopper PP D26/30 x H30mmpc
P0439Stopper PP D31/35 x H40mmpc
P0295Stopper PP D9/10 x H18mmpc
A0993BStopper Rubber 11mm   solid (D11/14 x H22mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A0993AStopper Rubber 11mm   solid (D11/14 x H22mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1052Stopper Rubber 11mm 1 hole (D11/14 x H22mm) pc
A2217BStopper Rubber 12mm   solid (D12/15 x H22mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A2217AStopper Rubber 12mm   solid (D12/15 x H22mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1149BStopper Rubber 13mm   solid (D13/16 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1149AStopper Rubber 13mm   solid (D13/16 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1286BStopper Rubber 13mm 1 hole (D13/16 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1286AStopper Rubber 13mm 1 hole (D13/16 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1287BStopper Rubber 13mm 2 hole (D13/16 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1287AStopper Rubber 13mm 2 hole (D13/16 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1288BStopper Rubber 15mm   solid (D15/18 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1288AStopper Rubber 15mm   solid (D15/18 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1289BStopper Rubber 15mm 1 hole (D15/18 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1289AStopper Rubber 15mm 1 hole (D15/18 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1290BStopper Rubber 15mm 2 hole (D15/18 x H24mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1290AStopper Rubber 15mm 2 hole (D15/18 x H24mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1291BStopper Rubber 17mm   solid (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1291AStopper Rubber 17mm   solid (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1256BStopper Rubber 17mm 1 hole (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1256AStopper Rubber 17mm 1 hole (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1257BStopper Rubber 17mm 2 hole (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1257AStopper Rubber 17mm 2 hole (D17/20.5 x H26mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1258BStopper Rubber 19mm   solid (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1258AStopper Rubber 19mm   solid (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1259BStopper Rubber 19mm 1 hole (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1259AStopper Rubber 19mm 1 hole (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1260BStopper Rubber 19mm 2 hole (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A1260AStopper Rubber 19mm 2 hole (D19/22.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1261AStopper Rubber 21mm   solid (D21/24.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1262BStopper Rubber 21mm 1 hole (D21/24.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1262AStopper Rubber 21mm 1 hole (D21/24.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1263BStopper Rubber 21mm 2 hole (D21/24.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1263AStopper Rubber 21mm 2 hole (D21/24.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1264BStopper Rubber 23mm   solid (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1264AStopper Rubber 23mm   solid (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1265BStopper Rubber 23mm 1 hole (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1265AStopper Rubber 23mm 1 hole (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1266BStopper Rubber 23mm 2 hole (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
DA1266AStopper Rubber 23mm 2 hole (D23/26.5 x H28mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1267AStopper Rubber 25mm   solid (D25/29 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1267BStopper Rubber 25mm   solid (D25/29 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
DA1268AStopper Rubber 25mm 1 hole (D25/29 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1268BStopper Rubber 25mm 1 hole (D25/29 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
A1269AStopper Rubber 25mm 2 hole (D25/29 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1269BStopper Rubber 25mm 2 hole (D25/29 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
DA1270AStopper Rubber 27mm   solid (D27/31 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1270BStopper Rubber 27mm   solid (D27/31 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
DA1271AStopper Rubber 27mm 1 hole (D27/31 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1271BStopper Rubber 27mm 1 hole (D27/31 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
A1272AStopper Rubber 27mm 2 hole (D27/31 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1272BStopper Rubber 27mm 2 hole (D27/31 x H32mm) (5pcs/pack)pack
DA1273Stopper Rubber 29mm   solid (D29/33 x H32mm)pc
DA1273AStopper Rubber 29mm   solid (D29/33 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1274Stopper Rubber 29mm 1 hole (D29/33 x H32mm)pc
DA1274AStopper Rubber 29mm 1 hole (D29/33 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1275Stopper Rubber 29mm 2 hole (D29/33 x H32mm)pc
DA1275AStopper Rubber 29mm 2 hole (D29/33 x H32mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1276Stopper Rubber 31mm   solid (D31/36 x H35mm)pc
A1276AStopper Rubber 31mm   solid (D31/36 x H35mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1277Stopper Rubber 31mm 1 hole (D31/36 x H35mm)pc
DA1277AStopper Rubber 31mm 1 hole (D31/36 x H35mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1278Stopper Rubber 31mm 2 hole (D31/36 x H35mm)pc
DA1278AStopper Rubber 31mm 2 hole (D31/36 x H35mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1279Stopper Rubber 33mm   solid (D33/38.5 x H39mm)pc
A1279AStopper Rubber 33mm   solid (D33/38.5 x H39mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1280Stopper Rubber 33mm 1 hole (D33/38.5 x H39mm)pc
DA1280AStopper Rubber 33mm 1 hole (D33/38.5 x H39mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1281Stopper Rubber 33mm 2 hole (D33/38.5 x H39mm)pc
A1281AStopper Rubber 33mm 2 hole (D33/38.5 x H39mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1282Stopper Rubber 35mm   solid (D35/41 x H44mm)pc
DA1282AStopper Rubber 35mm   solid (D35/41 x H44mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1283Stopper Rubber 35mm 1 hole (D35/41 x H44mm)pc
DA1283AStopper Rubber 35mm 1 hole (D35/41 x H44mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1284Stopper Rubber 35mm 2 hole (D35/41 x H44mm)pc
A1284AStopper Rubber 35mm 2 hole (D35/41 x H44mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
DA1285Stopper Rubber 40mm   solid (D40/48 x H49mm)pc
A3564Stopper Sponge Silicone D14/18 x H36mm solidpc
A3565Stopper Sponge Silicone D15/19 x H34mm solidpc
A3566Stopper Sponge Silicone D17/22 x H38mm solid/1 holepc
A3567Stopper Sponge Silicone D18/23 x H50mm solid/1 holepc
A3568Stopper Sponge Silicone D23/27 x H58mm solid/1 holepc
A3569Stopper Sponge Silicone D25/32 x H40mm solid/1 holepc
A3570Stopper Sponge Silicone D27/37 x H53mm solid/1 holepc
A3561Stopper Sponge Silicone D9/13 x H28mm solidpc
A1561Stopper Wooden 10mm (D10/13 x H12mm)pc
A1561AStopper Wooden 10mm (D10/13 x H12mm) (100pcs/pack)pack
A0218Stopper Wooden 13mm (D13/17 x H25mm)pc
A0218AStopper Wooden 13mm (D13/17 x H25mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A4790Stopper Wooden 15mm (D15/20 x H26mm)pc
A4790AStopper Wooden 15mm (D15/20 x H26mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A4791Stopper Wooden 17mm (D17/20 x H27mm)pc
A4791AStopper Wooden 17mm (D17/20 x H27mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A4792Stopper Wooden 18mm (D18/20 x H21mm)pc
A4792AStopper Wooden 18mm (D18/20 x H21mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A2732Stopper Wooden 21mm (D21/25 x H29mm)pc
A2732AStopper Wooden 21mm (D21/25 x H29mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1502Stopper Wooden 22mm (D22/25 x H20mm)pc
A1502AStopper Wooden 22mm (D22/25 x H20mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A0223Stopper Wooden 23mm (D22-23/26-27 x H28-30mm)pc
A0223AStopper Wooden 23mm (D22-23/26-27 x H28-30mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A0224Stopper Wooden 25mm (D25/30 x H31mm)pc
A0224AStopper Wooden 25mm (D25/30 x H31mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1457Stopper Wooden 26mm (D26/32 x H30mm)pc
A1457AStopper Wooden 26mm (D26/32 x H30mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A0225Stopper Wooden 27mm (D27/32 x H33mm)pc
A0225AStopper Wooden 27mm (D27/32 x H33mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A0226Stopper Wooden 29mm (D29-30/34-35 x H33mm)pc
A0226AStopper Wooden 29mm (D29-30/34-35 x H33mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A0230Stopper Wooden 35mm (D35/41 x H44mm)pc
A0230AStopper Wooden 35mm (D35/41 x H44mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1459Stopper Wooden 50mm (D50/53 x H45mm), 2 Holespc
A1459AStopper Wooden 50mm (D50/53 x H45mm), 2 Holes (50pcs/pack)pack
A0216Stopper Wooden 9mm (D9/11 X H15mm)pc
A0216AStopper Wooden 9mm (D9/11 X H15mm) (10pcs/pack)pack
A0216BStopper Wooden 9mm (D9/11 X H15mm) (50pcs/pack)pack
A1076Stopwatch 30x2s diamond 504 pc
A1077Stopwatch 60x1s diamond 505 pc
A4734Stopwatch Digital 1 row 6 digits Display, 2 memory, w/ AAA Batterypc
A4414Stopwatch Digital 1 row 6 digits Display, 2 memory, w/LR44 battery (multi-Battery LR44/AAA)pc
A2454Stopwatch Digital 2 row 16 digits, 10 memory, w/CR2032 battery, Alllabspc
DA3052Stroboscope Hand with 1 discset
DA1081Stroboscope Hand with 3 discsset
DA1048Stroboscope motorize with 3 discsset
A3343Stroboscope motorize with 3 discs Adj. speed.LB3854-002set
DA2419Stroboscope motorize with fanset
DA3053Stroboscope motorize without discset
A2179Stroboscope Xenonset
DA2378Sundial kit pc
DA3096Support Stand Setset
A2180Switch 5 Amp pc
A2995Switch Push Onpc
DA3010Switch Push On with bananas plugspc
A1089Syringe 100ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A3530Syringe 10ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A1086Syringe 10ml luer-slip centre without needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A1083Syringe 1ml luer-slip centre with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A4184Syringe 2.5ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A1084Syringe 2.5ml luer-slip with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A3531Syringe 20ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A3531ASyringe 20ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage) 10pcs/packpack
A1087Syringe 20ml luer-slip eccentric without needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A4695Syringe 50ml luer-lock without needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A1088Syringe 50ml luer-slip with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A3529Syringe 5ml luer-lock with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
A1085Syringe 5ml luer-slip with needle plastic (non-medical usage)pc
P0374Syringe Filter 13mm 0.22µm (N6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0382Syringe Filter 13mm 0.22µm (PES) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0378Syringe Filter 13mm 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0690Syringe Filter 13mm 0.22µm (PVDF) Hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0375Syringe Filter 13mm 0.45µm (N6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0383Syringe Filter 13mm 0.45µm (PES) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0379Syringe Filter 13mm 0.45µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0691Syringe Filter 13mm 0.45µm (PVDF) Hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0376Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (N6) disposable HmbG(100pcs/pack)pack
P0641Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (N6) disposable Sterile HmbG (50pcs/pack)pack
P0384Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (PES) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0666Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0380Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0692Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22µm (PVDF) Hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0377Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (N6) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0642Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (N6) disposable Sterile HmbG (50pcs/pack)pack
P0385Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (PES) disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0667Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0381Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (PTFE) hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0693Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45µm (PVDF) Hydrophilic disposable HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
P0634Syringe Filter Holder reusable  (for membrane filter 25mm) HmbG (10pcs/pack)pack
A1096Syringe glass 100ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1092Syringe glass 10ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1093Syringe glass 20ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1090Syringe glass 2ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1094Syringe glass 30ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1095Syringe glass 50ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A1091Syringe glass 5ml Cn (non-medical usage)pc
A3882Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 100ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A3880Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 100ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A3830Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 10ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A4118Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 10ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A4039Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 250ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A4040Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 250ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A3831Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 25ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A4041Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 500ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A4042Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 500ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A3832Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 50ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A4574Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 50ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A3888Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 5ul Blunt End glass Cnpc
A3829Syringe Microliter Fixed needle 5ul Sharp End glass Cnpc
A2171Syringe needle 21G x 1″ (0.80x25mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A2172Syringe needle 21G x 1.5″ (0.80x38mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A2173Syringe needle 22G x 1″ (0.70x25mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A2174Syringe needle 23G x 1″ (0.60x25mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A3471Syringe needle 23G x 1.5″ (0.60x38mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A3469Syringe needle 24G x 3/4″ (0.55x20mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A2175Syringe needle 25G x 1″ (0.50x25mm) (non-medical usage)pc
A4356Syringe needle 25G x 3/4″ (0.50x25mm) (non-medical usage)pc
DA1097Tangent Galvanometer with coil 0/2/50/500 turns (Earth Magnetic Field Apparatus) Alllabsset
DA3644Tangent Galvanometer with coil -10/0/10/20/30 turns (Earth Magnetic Field Apparatus) Alllabsset
DA3822Tangrams Logic Gameset
A2845Tape Indicator, Autoclavable 19mm x 50M HmbGroll
DA3959Target Board 30x100cm with metal stand pc
DA1098Telegraph Demo Model T5set
DA1099Telephone Demo Modelset
DA2586Telephone Receiverset
DA3090Telescope Mount with lenspc
DA1100Telescope Mount without lenpc
A1101Telescope, D – 60mm, F – 800mmunit
A1102Telescope, D – 80mm, F – 900mmunit
A0717Tellurian Orbit electricset
A0718Tellurian Orbit manual (Trippensee)set
A1738Teltron Demountable Discharge Tube unit
A1105Teltron Perrin Tube U19154unit
DA1740Teltron TEL 501 Universal Stand “Local made”unit
A1103Teltron TEL 520 Planar Diod Tube U19150unit
DA1109Termogandingan T4set
A4115The eight benefit and harmful Insect specimens, Chinese/Englishset
DA0401Thermal Conductivity ( Heat Conduction in metal rod with pins and wax ) set
A2534Thermal Conductivity Appratus with 5 conduction rods Star shaped set
DA1116Thermal Conductivity kit with 5 conduction rods and thermal paperset
DA3128Thermistor Probe with 2 Binding Postset
DA3363Thermistor Unit with stackable plugs and 100cm leadset
DA1110Thermocouple (Termokapel)set
A2335Thermo-Hygrometer -50+70C, In/Out, Max/Min, Humidity, Allapc
A2896Thermo-Hygrometer -50+70C, In/Out, Max/Min, Humidity, Clock, HTC-2pc
A4235Thermo-Hygrometer -50+70C, Max/Min, Humidity, Clock, HTC-1pc
A1856Thermol Flask 200 x 73mmpc
A2462Thermometer +0+80:1.0ºC Soil Green Protective Sheath Allapc
A3012Thermometer +20+150:1.0ºC Mercury Cnpc
A3042Thermometer +25+55:0.1ºC Digital Infrared E-Strongpc
A3100Thermometer +32+43:0.1ºC Digital Infrared with stand ES-T03pc
A1121Thermometer +32+43ºC,Digital Clinical Cn pc
A1121AThermometer +32+43ºC,Digital Clinical Cn (12pcs/box)box
A2461Thermometer +35+42:0.2ºC Digital Infrared, Ear/Forehead/Object surface Cnpc
A1122Thermometer +35+42ºC Mercury Clinical immersed reading type Cnpc
A1123Thermometer +35+42ºC Mercury Clinical triangular type Cnpc
A1464Thermometer -1+101:0.1ºC, L-610mm, Mercury Precision, Allapc
A2339Thermometer -1+101:0.2ºC, L-450mm, Mercury Precision Allapc
A1130Thermometer -1+51:0.1ºC, L-480mm, Mercury Precision, w/Cert., Allapc
A1131Thermometer -1+51:0.2ºC, L-480mm, Mercury Precision, Allapc
A1893Thermometer -10+110:0.5ºC Mercury, printed graduation Superior Cnpc
A1133Thermometer -10+110:0.5ºC Spirit, printed graduation Cnpc
A4699Thermometer -10+110:1.0ºC Mercury, printed graduation Superior Cnpc
A4718Thermometer -10+110:1.0ºC Spirit, printed graduation GQpc
A3371Thermometer -10+250:1.0ºC Mercury, engraved graduation Cn pc
A1120Thermometer -10+360:2.0ºC L-282mm Mercury Allapc
A1523Thermometer -10+360:2.0ºC Mercury, printed graduation Cnpc
A2332Thermometer -10+50:1.0ºC Wet/Dry (humidity) All Labspc
A1127Thermometer -10+500:2.0ºC L-405mm Mercury High Range w/Cert. Allapc
A4751Thermometer -20+110:1.0ºC L-305mm Blue Liquid, Total Imm Allapc
A3085Thermometer -20+110:1.0ºC L-312mm Mercury, Total Imm Allapc
A3084Thermometer -20+110:1.0ºC L-312mm Spirit, Partial Imm.76mm Allapc
A3083Thermometer -20+110:1.0ºC L-312mm Spirit, Total Imm Allapc
A3951Thermometer -20+150:1.0ºC L-312mm Mercury, Total Imm Allapc
A3287Thermometer -20+150:1.0ºC L-312mm Spirit, Total Imm Allapc
A1126Thermometer -20+50:1.0ºC Wet/Dry (humidity) Cnpc
A1129Thermometer -40+50ºC Max-Min Allapc
A1128Thermometer -40+50ºC Max-Min Cnpc
A1624Thermometer -40+50ºC,-20+120ºF Room wooden stand Cnpc
A1124Thermometer -5+100ºC,273K-373K Spirit Demonstration typepc
A1711Thermometer -5+105:0.2Cº, L-450mm, Mercury Precision, Cnpc
A4073Thermometer -5+105:0.2Cº, L-450mm, Mercury Precision, White Back Indiapc
A4512Thermometer Dial +0+120ºC, Dial D45mm, S.S probe 130mm, Allapc
A4515Thermometer Dial +0+300ºC, Dial D50mm, S.S probe 150mm, Allapc
A4516Thermometer Dial +50+100ºC, Dial D45mm S.S probe 125mm, Coffee & Milk, Allapc
A4517Thermometer Dial +50+100ºC, Dial D45mm S.S probe 200mm, Coffee & Milk, Allapc
A4513Thermometer Dial +54+88ºC, Dial D50mm, S.S probe 145mm, Allapc
A4514Thermometer Dial -20+104ºC, Dial D50mm, S.S probe 300mm, Allapc
A4511Thermometer Dial -40+70ºC, Dial D45mm, S.S probe 130mm, Allapc
A2337Thermometer Digital -40+300:0.1ºC for Cooking, Max/Min, Data Hold, Cable 110cm, Allapc
A1125Thermometer Digital -50+200:0.1ºC, Allapc
A2503Thermometer Digital -50+200:0.1ºC, Max/Min, water proof, Allapc
A1759Thermometer Digital -50+200:0.1ºC, T model, Allapc
A2336Thermometer Digital -50+300:0.1ºC Oven, Max/Min, Timer, Alarm, Data Hold, S.S cable 100cm, Allapc
A2333Thermometer Digital -50+300:1ºC for Cooking, Timer, Alarm, Allapc
A2460Thermometer Digital -50+70:0.1ºC for Aquarium, In/out door, Cable 300cm, Allapc
A4510Thermometer Digital -50+70:0.1ºC for Freezer/Fridge, Max/Min, In/Out, cable 1m, Allapc
DA2691Thermometer Platinum Resistance (constantan wire)pc
DA1111Thermoscope Simple (Termoskop Ringkas)set
A4327Thimbles Glass Microfibre ID-22mm x  Ext. Length-80mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3840Thimbles Cellulose ID-22mm x  Ext. Length-80mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3598Thimbles Cellulose ID-28mm x  Ext. Length-100mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3599Thimbles Cellulose ID-30mm x  Ext. Length-100mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A4703Thimbles Cellulose ID-33mm x  Ext. Length-100mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3600Thimbles Cellulose ID-41mm x  Ext. Length-123mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3597Thimbles Cellulose ID-28mm x  Ext. Length-80mm x Single Thickness Smith (25pcs/pack)pack
A3315Thread No.2, 100% Terylene 45g/99m/reel white Handy Twinereel
DA3881Ticker Tape Dispenser for D190-210mm paper.unit
DA3877Ticker Tape Dispenser for D70-75mm paper.unit
A1135Ticker Tape paper D190mm W10mm plain typeroll
A1134Ticker Tape paper D210mm W10mm L-50m carbonized typeroll
A2268Ticker Tape paper D70mm W18mm plain type chinaroll
A3454Ticker Tape paper D75mm W17mm carbonized typeroll
A4332Ticker Tape Timer 6-12V AC Inset
A1605Ticker Tape Timer 6V with G-clamp and weightset
A1640Ticker Tape Timer 8-12v Cat.No.LB-2670-001 IECset
DA1136Ticker Tape Timer junior 12Vset
DA1137Ticker Tape Timer senior 8-12Vset
DA0139Ticker, Carbon Disc – 40mm (100pcs/pack)pkt
A4733ATimer Laboratory Digital 3 functions push-on mode w/Battery AAA Smithpc
A1140Timer Laboratory Digital 3 functions with push-on Mode Allapc
A4094Timer Laboratory Digital 3 functions with slide Mode Allapc
A2455Timer Sand egg 3 minpc
A2456Timer Sand egg 30 minpc
A2457Timer Sand egg 60 minpc
A1641Timer/Frequency Counter,Continuous Count,Count over 100S/10S/1S,freq.10Hz-1MHz,LB 4063-001 IECpc
DA3111Timing Belt length 50cmpc
DA3088Timing Pulley Diameter 40mm bore 6mm with Motor mounted on base set
DA3098Timing Pulley only Diameter 40mm bore 6mm pc
DA3097Timing Pulley with Flywheel mounted on baseset
DA3815Tissue Culture Demonstration Kit,Carrot,Potato and Tobaccoset
A4182Tissue Grinding Pestle Disposable, Sterile, L210mm, conical head D8.4xL21mm (50pcs/pack) pack
A4051Tissue Grinding Pestle Disposable, Sterile, L70mm, conical head D6.2xL9.5mm (50pcs/pack) pack
A4121Tissue Grinding Pestles PP, double ended, conical head, for 0.5ml/1.5ml centrifuge tubes (12pcs/pack)pack
A4029Tissue Grinding Pestles PTFE conical head D8.4xL21mm, Stainless steel handle 210mmpc
DA3463Tissues Print setset
A1142Tong Beaker stainless steel R6.0xL300mm Bow with asbestos Inpc
A3245Tong Crucible Iron wire  chrome plated R5.5xL400mm Bowpc
A1143Tong Crucible Iron wire chrome plated R4.0xL150mm Bowpc
A1144Tong Crucible Iron wire chrome plated R4.0xL210mm Bowpc
A3373Tong Crucible Iron wire chrome plated R7.5xL600mm Bowpc
A3669Tong Crucible stainless steel R5.0xL200mm Straight Inpc
A1145Tong Crucible stainless steel Rod Dia.4.5xL200mm Bowpc
A2890Tong Crucible stainless steel Rod Dia.4.7xL300mm Bow Inpc
A3244Tong Crucible stainless steel Rod Dia.5.5xL350mm Bowpc
A1147Tong Flask stainless steel R5.5xL265mm Bow with asbestos Inpc
A2843Torch Light 2 cells AA, Cnunit
A2722Torch Light 2 cells D, LED, Cnunit
A4817Towel wiping cloth 40g 32x68cmpc
A4817ATowel wiping cloth 40g 32x68cm (20pcs/pack)pack
A4822Towel wiping cloth 60g 32x70cm pc
A4822ATowel wiping cloth 60g 32x70cm (20pcs/pack)pack
DA3301Track Curve with steel standpc
DA1743Track Loop the Loop with wooden basepc
DA1148Transformation boardset
DA0180Transformer Coil 120 turns with socket (0, 60, 120)pc
DA0181Transformer Coil 2400 turns with socket (0,1200, 2400)pc
DA2696Transformer Coils set of 8 with C-core (60-5000 turns)set
DA4820Transformer Demonstration with 4 Coil, 72,600,1200,6000 turns (Tender)set
A1702Transformer Demonstration, Coils 2400,65&130 turns with U-coreset
DA3811Transistor as Amplifier with Ear Phone and Mic Power : 6Vset
DA2662Transistor set (set of 3) set
A3356Transmission experiment set of 8set
DA2137-1Transmission Gear set mounted type set of 6-BCset
DA2137Transmission Gear set mounted type set of 6-BIset
DA1830Transmission Gear set unmounted 10T,20T,30T,40T,50T set of 50pcsset
DA0803Transmission of Electrical Power(Pengagihan Electrik T3)set
DA1495Transparency -D Sains-T2 Dunia melalui deria kita (40pcs)set
DA1589Transparency -D Sains-T3 Elektrik & elektromagnet (39pcs)set
DA1493Transparency -D Sains-T3 Pembiarkan & pertumbuhan (38pcs)set
A2582Tray Aluminium L200 x W150 x H30 mm x T0.7mmpc
A2899Tray Aluminium L253 x W178 x H70mm x T0.6mm pc
P0434Tray Plastic L1060 X W715 X H300mmpc
P0287Tray Plastic L230 X W165 X H42mmpc
A3743Tray Plastic L372 x W300 x H90mmpc
A2584Tray Plastic L500 x W300 x H30mm Dissecting Whitepc
P0286Tray Plastic L530 X W385 X H160mmpc
DA0254Tray Rubber L328/310xW240/220xH47/40mm Dissectingpc
A3453Tray S/Steel L330 x W266 x H63 mm (13″x10.5″x2.5″) pc
A3453ATray S/Steel L330 x W266 x H63 mm (13″x10.5″x2.5″) with vinyl pad Dissectingset
DA2759Tray Wooden L450 x W300 x H30mm Dissecting Boardpc
A1152Tripod Stand 200mm stainless steelpc
DA1155Tripod Stand, 220mm pressed ms plate type,pc
DA1156Trolley Demostration pairs
DA2921Trolley Dynamic ( 1 with spring, 1 without spring) with Runway 8ftset
DA0259Trolley Dynamic (1 with spring, 1 without spring)set
DA2693Trolley Dynamic (with spring) 1pc/packpc
DA0261Trolley Dynamic (with spring) 2pcs/packpairs
A0260Trolley Dynamic (with spring) 2pcs/pack, IEC MF0945-001pairs
DA0262Trolley Dynamic (without  spring)pc
A2281Trolley Dynamic with Aluminium Runway 1.7mset
A4698Trolley Dynamic-Trolley only, for A2281set
DA2083Trolley Lab, 2 tiers, Large metal traysset
DA2440Trolley Lab, 3 tiers, Deep metal traysset
DA3786Trolley Lab, 3 tiers, Fitted metal trays L1070xW610xH935set
DA1735Trolley Lab, 3 tiers, Metal trays, Simple typeset
DA1587Trolley Lab, 3 tiers, Plastic trays, Simple type (Shelves not heat resistant)set
DA4011Trolley Lab, 3 tiers, Removable metal trays L1070xW610xH935set
DA1487Trolley OHP light dutyset
DA1485Trolley OHP with drawers heavy dutyset
DA1416Trolley Runway 1′ x 5’x 9mm wooden with metal frame pc
DA1158Trolley Runway 1′ x 8′ x 18mm wooden with metal frame pc
A4155Tubing Plastic ID15*OD18mm L=500mm1pc
P0159Tubing PVC ID4*OD6mm, non-toxic, autoclavable,Isoflex kartell (20meter/pack)pack
A4557Tubing Rubber ID20*OD25mm GQ (app.2.8meter/kg)kg
A0965Tubing Rubber ID3*OD6mm, Red (15meter/pack)pack
A0966Tubing Rubber ID5*OD8mm, black (10meter/pack)pack
A0968Tubing Rubber ID5*OD8mm, Red, GQ (10meter/pack)pack
A3739Tubing Rubber ID5*OD8mm, Red, GQ (15meter/pack)pack
A2741Tubing Rubber ID5*OD8mm, Red, GQ (5meter/pack)pack
A0967Tubing Rubber ID6*OD9mm, black (10meter/pack)pack
A1657Tubing Rubber ID6*OD9mm, Red, GQ (10meter/pack)pack
A0969Tubing Rubber ID6.5*OD9.5mm, Red (10meter/pack)pack
A0970Tubing Rubber ID8*OD11.2mm, Red, GQ (10meter/pack)pack
A2949Tubing Rubber ID8*OD13mm black (10meter/pack)pack
A0971Tubing Rubber ID8*OD13mm black (30meter/pack)pack
A0972Tubing Rubber ID9.5*OD13.5mm, Red, GQ (10meter/pack)pack
A1017Tubing Silicone ID10*OD14mm (5meter/pack)pack
A3560Tubing Silicone ID15*OD20mm (5meter/pack)pack
A1013Tubing Silicone ID2*OD4mm (5meter/pack)pack
A4122Tubing Silicone ID3*OD5mm (5meter/pack)pack
A1014ATubing Silicone ID5*OD7mm (5meter/pack)pack
A1015ATubing Silicone ID6*OD9mm (5meter/pack)pack
A4674Tubing Silicone ID7*OD10mm (1.3meter/pack)pack
A1016ATubing Silicone ID8*OD12mm (5meter/pack)pack
A3339Tubing Vacuum ID10*OD30mm (2meter/pack)pack
A3340Tubing Vacuum ID12*OD36mm (2meter/pack)pack
A3338Tubing Vacuum ID8*OD24mm (2meter/pack)pack
A2515Tuning Fork set of   8 , Steel type with resonance box & hammerset
A1163Tuning Fork set of 13 , Steel type with resonance box & hammerset
DA1165Udara Pengalir Habaset
A4490Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L,40kHz,Output 360W,digital timer & heat,Degas,w/Semiwave modeunit
A4488Ultrasonic Cleaner 3.2L,40kHz,Output 180W,digital timer & heat,Degas,w/Semiwave modeunit
A4489Ultrasonic Cleaner 6.5L,40kHz,Output 180W,digital timer & heat,Degas,w/Semiwave modeunit
DA3365Universal Lead Set- 17 Leadsset
DA4693Unsur Mempengaruhi Benda Hidupset
A4767UV Hand Held disinfection Stickunit
A2420Vacuum pump plate 200 Diameter c/w standset
A1167Van de Graaff Beltpc
A4618Van de Graaff Generator,manual Indiaunit
A1170Van de Graaff Generator,motorized All Labsunit
A1171Van de Graaff Generator,motorized Indiaunit
DA1479Various type of Meterset
DA0460Various Type of Switch KBSRset
DA0459Various Type of Switch Secondaryset
A4486Vinyl pad for L300 x W250 x T6mm Tray S/Steel Dissectingpc
A1172Visking Tubing Dialysis,Cellulose 10M,size 2 Inflat D14.3/26mm (10meter/pack)pack
A2504Visking Tubing Dialysis,Cellulose 30M,size 2 Inf Dia 14.3/26mm (30meter/pack)pack
A2441Vivarium  L290 x W460 x H280mmset
A1173Voltameter Hoffman with stand Inset
A3970Volumeter for Form Six Experimentset
DA3964V-Track Width-25.4mmxthickness-2.5mmxLength-1000mm Aluminiumpc
A1175Water Bath 1 hole, 2L, Digital Cnunit
A1708Water Bath 4 holes, 2 rows, 12.7L, Digitalset
A4612Water Bath 4 holes, 2 rows, 14.6L, Digital, stretching inner chamber, Alllabsset
A1174Water Bath 6 holes, 2 rows, 19L, Digital, Alllabsset
A4613Water Bath 6 holes, 2 rows, 22.5L, Digital, stretching inner chamber, Alllabsset
A3487Water Bath Circulation, 22.5L, Circulation 4L/min, Digitalset
A3767Water Bath Shaking, 34L, 30-150rpm, Digitalset
A1969Water Bath with stirrer 4 holes, 2 rows, 14.6L, Digital, Alllabsset
A2527Water Bath with stirrer 6 Holes, 1 row, 23L, Digital, w/holding Ascessories, Alllabsset
A1970Water Bath with stirrer 6 holes, 2 rows, 19L, Digital, Alllabsset
A1177Water Deioniser B114 with 4-C114, Elgastatset
A1178Water Deioniser C114  refil, Elgastatpc
A1178BWater Deioniser C114  refil, Elgastat (4pcs/pack)pack
A1179Water Level apparatusunit
A1180Water Rocket air pressurizedset
DA4519Water Rocket Launcher Kit air pressurized Cable Releaseset
DA2939Water Rocket Launcher Kit air pressurized Pin Releaseset
A4363Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Boiler For W4L Water Still (P21901)unit
A4362Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Condenser for W4L Water Still (P21911)unit
A4753Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Glass Water Nozzle Tube W4L (P21926)unit
A4756Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -O-Ring Size 109 (small) (P21615)unit
A4401Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -PTFE Stopcock (P21625)unit
A4402Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Screw Cap With Aperture GL14 (P21634)unit
A4752Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Screw Cap With Aperture GL18 (P21630)unit
A4704Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Slilicone Gasket For GL14 (P21644)unit
A4704Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Slilicone Gasket For GL14 (P21644)unit
A4758Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Spring For Boiler Strap (P21809)unit
A4361Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Stainless Steel Heater With Build-in Thermostat (P21703)unit
A4755Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Stainless Steel Hexagon Bolt 1/4 x 1/2 (P21826)unit
A4624Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Stand For W4L (P21802)unit
A4403Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Straight Plastic Hose Connection For GL14 (P21635)unit
A4757Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Strap For Boiler (P21805)unit
A4364Waterstill Horizontal Spare Part -Triangular Rubber Gasket (P21602)unit
A1570Waterstill horizontal W4L,HmbG ( Blue Printing )set
A1184Waterstill Manesty type, 3L-4L/hr, hanging, Stainless Steel, Lcset
A4691Waterstill Vertical, 5L/hr, Alarm, Automatic water replenishment, Stainless Steel, Cnset
A4047Waterstill Vertical, 5L/hr, Stainless Steel, Cnset
A2721Wave App shows Transverse & Longitudinal wave (24 discs)set
DA2997Wave App shows Transverse wave (19 balls) Lcset
A2402Wave App shows Transverse wave (24 discs)set
A1187Weight Hanger   2gm,brasspc
A1188Weight Hanger   5gm,brasspc
A1189Weight Hanger  10gm,brasspc
A1190Weight Hanger  20gm,brasspc
A4808Weight Hanger  25gm,brasspc
A1191Weight Hanger  50gm,brasspc
A1192Weight Hanger 100gm,brasspc
A0382Weight Hanger 1Kg Iron for Slotted weight Indiapc
A4465Weight Hanger 500gm,brasspc
A4268Weight Ring, PVC Vinyl coated Lead, ID-48mm for flask 125-700mlpc
A4269Weight Ring, PVC Vinyl coated Lead, ID-56mm for flask 250ml-1Lpc
A4270Weight Ring, PVC Vinyl coated Lead, ID-61mm for flask 700ml-2Lpc
A4271Weight Ring, PVC Vinyl coated Lead, ID-74mm for flask 1-4Lpc
A1198Weight Slotted 100gm brass ID5mmpc
A1195Weight Slotted 10gm brass ID5mmpc
A4126Weight Slotted 1gm brass ID/OD 5/12.8 ,T-1.46mmpc
A0381Weight Slotted 1kg Iron Indiapc
A1196Weight Slotted 20gm brass ID5mmpc
A4809Weight Slotted 25gm brass ID5mmpc
A1193Weight Slotted 2gm brass ID5mmpc
A1197Weight Slotted 50gm brass ID5mmpc
A1194Weight Slotted 5gm brass ID5mmpc
A2673Weight slotted moulded Iron,1kg x 4 with 1 Hangerset
A3068Weight slotted moulded Iron,4x100g,2x200g,2x500g,2x1kg &1kg hanger (4.8kg)set
A1298Weight w/hook, 100g, cylindrical D22xL32mm, brasspc
DA2499Weight w/hook, 100g, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
A1512Weight w/hook, 150g, cylindrical D32xL23mm, brasspc
DA2922Weight w/hook, 1kg, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
DA2500Weight w/hook, 200g, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
A1513Weight w/hook, 250g, cylindrical D32xL38mm, brasspc
A1205Weight w/hook, 2kg, cylindrical, ironpc
DA2501Weight w/hook, 300g, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
A1206Weight w/hook, 3kg, cylindrical, ironpc
A2104Weight w/hook, 400g, cylindrical, ironpc
DA2502Weight w/hook, 500g, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
A4429Weight w/hook, 50g, cylindrical D25xL11mm, brasspc
DA2498Weight w/hook, 50g, hexagonal, chromed ironpc
DA3958Weight w/hook, cylindrical D30xL45mm, brasspc
DA4716Weight w/hook, square cuboid L20xW20xH50mm, iron, Lcpc
DA4717Weight w/hook, square cuboid L50xW20xH20mm, iron, Lcpc
A3681Weight w/ring, 100g, hexagonal, ironpc
A3685Weight w/ring, 1kg, hexagonal, ironpc
A3682Weight w/ring, 200g, hexagonal, ironpc
A3684Weight w/ring, 500g, hexagonal, ironpc
A3680Weight w/ring, 50g, hexagonal, ironpc
A4386BWeight, set Slotted    2gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A4392BWeight, set Slotted    5gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A4393BWeight, set Slotted  10gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A4389BWeight, set Slotted  20gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A4390BWeight, set Slotted  50gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A4391BWeight, set Slotted 100gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A3997Weight, set Slotted 200gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A3740Weight, set Slotted 500gm x 9, hanger x 1,brassset
A3512Wheatstone Bridge with jockey Cnset
DA1207Wheatstone Bridge with jockey Lcset
A3330Wheatstone Bridge with slider Cnset
A1415Wheel Set,5 types,10 each with 25 rodsset
DA4276White Board 3′ x 4′pc
A4449White Board 3′ x 4′ Magneticpc
DA1496White Screen 150 x 100mmpc
DA3810White Screen 200 x 300mmpc
DA3635White Screen 300 x 300mmpc
DA1683White Screen with pointerpc
A1814Wimshurt Machineset
A1644Wind Vane & Anemometer with standset
DA1755Wind Vane Standset
DA1210Wind Vane with roof stand Lcset
A4226Winged Infusion Set,needle 18G x 1.2″(1.20x32mm) 18″ Linepc
A1707Wire Aluminium 1.0mm,250g/reel250gm
A2509Wire Aluminium with copper coating PVC coated  Black/Red 2*23/0.14  (30meter/pack)pack
A3706Wire Aluminium with copper coating PVC coated Black approx. (30M/pack) (tender)pack
A3707Wire Aluminium with copper coating PVC coated Red approx. (30M/pack) (tender)pack
A1704Wire Brass swg 26 0.45mm,250g/reel250gm
A4229Wire constantan SWG 16 (100gm/reel)100gm
A3725Wire constantan SWG 16 [(500gm/reel)500gm
A1212Wire constantan SWG 20 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1213Wire constantan SWG 22 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1214Wire constantan SWG 24 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1215Wire constantan SWG 26 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1216Wire constantan SWG 28 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1217Wire constantan SWG 30 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1218Wire constantan SWG 32 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1219Wire constantan SWG 34 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1220Wire constantan SWG 36 (100gm/reel)100gm
A3596Wire copper enamelled SWG 14 (250g/reel)250gm
A1745Wire copper enamelled SWG 16 (250g/reel)250gm
A1221Wire copper enamelled SWG 18 (250g/reel)250gm
A1222Wire copper enamelled SWG 20 (250g/reel)250gm
A1223Wire copper enamelled SWG 22 (250g/reel)250gm
A1224Wire copper enamelled SWG 24 (250g/reel)250gm
A1225Wire copper enamelled SWG 26 (250g/reel)250gm
A1226Wire copper enamelled SWG 28 (250g/reel)250gm
A1227Wire copper enamelled SWG 30 (250g/reel)250gm
A1228Wire copper enamelled SWG 32 (250g/reel)250gm
A1229Wire copper enamelled SWG 34 (250g/reel)250gm
A1230Wire copper enamelled SWG 36 (250g/reel)250gm
A3321Wire Copper single core Black SWG26 0.5mm, 100meter/reel, 360greel
A3774Wire Copper single core Red SWG26 0.5mm, 100meter/reel, 360greel
A1231Wire Gauze 125 x 125mm ceramicpc
A1232Wire Gauze 150 x 150mm ceramicpc
A1398Wire Manganin SWG 28 100g100gm
A1235Wire nichrome SWG 20 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1236Wire nichrome SWG 22 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1237Wire nichrome SWG 24 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1238Wire nichrome SWG 26 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1239Wire nichrome SWG 28 (100gm/reel)100gm
A2847Wire nichrome SWG 28 (125gm/reel)125gm
A1240Wire nichrome SWG 30 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1241Wire nichrome SWG 32 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1242Wire nichrome SWG 34 (100gm/reel)100gm
A1243Wire nichrome SWG 36 (100gm/reel)100gm
A0842Wire Platinum SWG 28, D-0.38mm x 30cm30cm
A2699Wire Stripper pc
DA0781Wooden Board (Papan Lapis) 30 x 30 x0.5cmpc
DA4003Wooden Board 10x210x300mm (A4 size)pc
A4148Wooden Board 19x200x610mmpc
A3275Wooden Board 25x100x400mmpc
A4150Wooden Board Friction 19x100x150mm with Angle Hookset
A4149Wooden Board Friction 19x100x150mm with Hookset
DA4778Wooden Board Friction 76mm x 76mm x 18mm with 2 Hookspc
DA4299Wooden Board MDF 40cm x 50cm x 9mmpc
A4289Wooden Board MDF 9x100x100mmpc
DA4298Wooden Board Plywood 10cm x 10cm x 9mmpc
A3884AWooden Splints 150x18x1.6mm Grade A (Tongue Depressor) (Wooden Spatula) (100pcs/box)pack
A3980Wooden Splints 150x18x1.6mm Grade A (Tongue Depressor) (Wooden Spatula) HmbG (100pcs/pack)pack
A3884BWooden Splints 150x18x1.6mm Grade B (Tongue Depressor) (Wooden Spatula) (100pcs/box)pack
A3897Wooden Splints 190x6x1.5mm (100pcs/pack)pack
DA4295Wooden Wedgepc
DA1244Wormery/Terrarium L220 x W40 x H340mmset
A4823Young Experiment Kit ,double slit & Diffraction Grating 100,300 & 600 linesset
DA1245Young Slit Singlepc
DA1246Young Slits 0.1mmpc
DA1247Young Slits 0.5mmpc
DA1248Young Slits 1.0mmpc