A2872 Forcep 110mm curve blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM4.25
A1397 Forcep 110mm curve sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM4.50
A1867 Forcep 110mm straight blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM4.25
A1868 Forcep 110mm straight sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM5.25
P0179 Forcep 115mm autoclavable PP *500 (non-medical usage) RM15.90
A4472 Forcep 120mm flat and wide tips SS (non-medical usage) RM11.25
A0370 Forcep 125mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM4.75
A2761 Forcep 125mm curve blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM5.50
A1383 Forcep 125mm curve sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM5.50
A3986 Forcep 125mm fine sharp (Tine pincers common) SS ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive (non-medical usage) RM7.50
A3988 Forcep 125mm fine sharp/curved (Tine pincers refined) SS TS-15  ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive (non-medical usage) RM12.00
A3989 Forcep 125mm fine sharp/straight (Tine pincers refined) SS TS-14  ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive (non-medical usage) RM10.00
A0372 Forcep 125mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM4.75
A4560 Forcep 125mm toothed 1 x 2 teeth ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive (non-medical usage) RM10.00
A4628 Forcep 125mm toothed 1 x 2 teeth non- magnetic RM6.75
P0363 Forcep 132mm autoclavable PP KJ820 (Tweezer) (non-medical usage) RM1.50
P0533 Forcep 140mm blunt autoclavable PP (non-medical usage) RM6.25
A4214 Forcep 140mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM4.50
A3983 Forcep 140mm gun shape SS (non-medical usage) RM6.25
A3985 Forcep 140mm knee shape SS (non-medical usage) RM6.25
A4213 Forcep 140mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM5.25
A4551 Forcep 150mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) Normal RM4.25
A3442 Forcep 150mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) Superior RM6.50
A4550 Forcep 150mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) Normal RM4.30
A3441 Forcep 150mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) Superior RM6.50
A3999 Forcep 160mm RM25.00
P0534 Forcep 160mm blunt autoclavable PP (non-medical usage) RM6.70
A4216 Forcep 160mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM6.40
A3987 Forcep 160mm fine sharp (Tine pincers common) SS  ANTI magnetic/acid/corrosive (non-medical usage) RM11.00
A3984 Forcep 160mm gun shape SS (non-medical usage) RM7.50
A3982 Forcep 160mm Hemostatic curved head SS (non-medical usage) RM37.50
A3981 Forcep 160mm Hemostatic straight head SS (non-medical usage) RM37.50
A4215 Forcep 160mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM7.30
A4046 Forcep 160mm with medium fine tips with guide pined  curved SS (non-medical usage) RM25.00
A4045 Forcep 200mm blunt curved head Dressing SS (non-medical usage) RM10.00
A1526 Forcep 200mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM10.50
A1527 Forcep 200mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM10.50
A4049 Forcep 250mm Blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM9.50
A3468 Forcep 250mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM9.50
A0373 Forcep 300mm blunt SS (non-medical usage) RM12.50
A0374 Forcep 300mm sharp SS (non-medical usage) RM12.50



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